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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Let me be the first to make some helpful corrections: the Phillies are 13-14, and Braves have lost one in a row.

On the other hand, "Ian Snell-tough" is pretty sharp!

Thanks. I'll take it up with my copy editor.

An observation: the Braves lead the league in bald pitchers.

I guess everyone's washing the dishes while Lidle pitches...

The Phils definitely are looking more alive now. They look looser and they're getting clutch pitching and good hitting. Still a little sloppy, but hey. If they hold on tonight, they'll be .500...and I didn't think they'd get there nearly so soon. It's an appropriate milestone because the season feels like it's finally beginning anew a month after the fact.

Just hope I'm not speaking too soon.

Haha, I watched this time. Lidle had a very nice game tonight. Very nice. Fewest earned runs he's given up this season (2), both in the first inning. His ERA is now down to 4.17. Starting pitching is starting to remind me of last season, with Myers and Lidle having the most consistent first few months. Lieber has pitched better than his line, but he hasn't been the same pitcher that won 17 games.

Great win. I am very happy about this game. I just wish Pat Burrell and Mike Lieberthal would run out groundballs. It's really annoying when the pitcher hustles more than the starting LF and C.

on another note, i respect cory lidle so much more for his comments about barry bonds.

Good win! Five in a row! It's so much quieter after a win here. I missed the game but it looked like the pitching has continued it's good run.

Also, nice to see Howard get his stroke back, that run of LHPs really hurt him.

So if Lieberthal can't play for a few days due to the knee-capping, do the Phillies call up Ruiz? Do they have anybody else on the current roster who can catch?

Unleash King Cole.

Dang! Are these the Phillies? They use Fultz, Cormier and Geary in the 7th and 8th and Rhoses in the 9th and it *still* works. That's when you know things are going right.

Be all that as it may, the Braves didn't look too sharp, and that certainly helped.

It's good that the Phillies are making bone-headed plays (Fasano's fakeout, Burrell's base running blunder) and still winning. Just think when they actually start playing solid fundamental baseball from start to finish in a ball game, this team might just win more often. Oops...I think I just got bad!

Burrell can hit, and he's helping the team, but all he's only a single or homerun guy anymore. He should have had a double last night on his single to the wall. I was talking to Corey on the phone while watching it, and we decided if Burrell had to tag up from a fly out to center fielder Juan Pierre, that Pierre could actually sprint the ball to the plate to get Burrell out rather than throw sad?

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