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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Rubber match, i cant wait, may the best team win, and LETS GO METS!

Arbuckle seems to do well with rounds 1-3, but after that he gets shaky.

Oh yeah baby, Go METS!

From what I can tell Arbuckle has done a decent job in the amateur draft. My only complaint in player development has been the lack of talent developed by the Phillies coming from Latin America and Asia. It seems the Phils are well behind the rest of the league here. I am not sure if this was Arbuckle's responsibility or this falls on Montgomery, Wade, others, or all of the above. I hope players like Brito and Ruiz develop into contributers, but nearly all of the talent developed under Arbuckle has been American.

Since Gillick is clearly working in a limited time span, it'd be too bad to lose him to the Royals. I'd much rather see Arbuckle take over than Amaro, which seems to be a foregone conclusion as of right now. But, you can't blame him for wanting to run his own show, either.

Hopefully they can get this one in tonight.

New to the blog, but wanted to let you know how impressed I am. Very cool stuff. Keep up the great work.

Go Phils.

All of you Mutts fans can BITE ME!!!

Go PHILS!!!!!!!

I think that losing Arbuckle would not be good, he has been doing a good job considering how he had Ed Wade to deal with.

Arbuckle's going to be gone sooner or later; is there any team he hasn't interview with for GM yet? I think he's done a decent job, but then again the Phillies have not had the luxury during his tenure of being able to fill needs in-season with farm players. So I don't think the world will end when he's finally out the door.

I think the term' phenom' officially needs to be removed from Gavin Floyd. He's somewhere in between that and 'burnout' at the moment. I predict he'll be out of the majors before he's 30.

Thanks, Scott. Welcome to the party.

HOLY F, did you see what hppnd to Rowand?

When Trachsel got behind in the count to Utley, you could feel that HR coming.

Through 5: The stuff Floyd is busting in on left-handers is filth.

am I the only one hoping Rowand busts out a Rip Hamilton-style plastic faceguard when he returns?

They need to call this game immediately.

Marzano during rain delay: "Rowand is the leader of this club." And you know what? He's right. That play he made, running into a damn wall, could turn into one of those definitive moments in a season. The Inquirer is already calling it "one of the greatest catches in Phillies history." In one instant, he created a moment we'll talk about for years, even if they go on to lose this game. Not to many players on this team can say the same thing.

To be fair, I think they can't call the game immediately. It's a rule. As good as it would be to win a game as a result of the weather, that would be like winning a heavyweight fight because the other boxer's flight was cancelled. Wait it out and finish this one. No cheapies.

So I have this memorial service to attend at 5:00 (Arizona time), I figure I can at least take in the top of the first. I'm getting dressed, Floyd's walking people left and right, full count, full count, full count, jeez I gotta go already Gavin, come hand's on the doorknob when Nady hits the drive and Rowand turns around and NO he did not catch that ball Jesus Christ he caught it!!!!!! And blood is pouring and Harry Kalas is screaming and man that was a great moment to stubbornly stick around for. If that can't work the whole team up, nothing but nothing can. That was one of the most electrifying defensive plays I've ever witnessed.

God Bless Pat Gillick for bringing this guy Rowand to the Phils. If he doesn't inspire the rest of the team, nobody will.

All I can say is WHAT A CATCH!!!

And I don't care if it's a shortened game, a 'W' is a 'W'!!

Reminds me of a famous movie I watched once...

Rocky: "My nose is broke."

Mickey: "Aaahh... it's an improvement..."

Have a nice, wet trip back up the turnpike, losers.

A win is a win. This was a cheap one though, no two ways about it. Gotta give Rowand credit for saving it in the first. Clutch. Probably would've been different if it was a battle of the bullpens.

Harry called the catch a 'game-saver' in the first. That it was. He doesn't make it, they lose.

I think that will simply be known as 'the catch' for years to come. Seriously.

So - it's goodbye, Geary. Probably not the best move, but I guess Gillick can't release everyone he acquired in the off-season.

I know Geary had the option, but I'm not sure who the Phillies turn to now if a starter goes less than 4 innings. Madson and Franklin can go 3 or 4 but would be wasted in long relief. Fultz isn't cut out for it mostly because he is lefthanded and doesn't have the stuff to get RH out over multiple innings. Santana? My feeling is he is only a 1 or 2 inning guy. I know long relief is not a major concern, but it appears we don't have anyone to put in that role w/o weakening the back end of the pen.

Oh well, they can still trade Cormier, bring up Geary, and put Fultz into the situational lefty role.

Santana is strictly a one inning pitcher. Fultz is now your long reliever by default.

With two ex-starters in the bullpen (Madson and Franklin), I don't think the Phils are hard up for a swingman/long reliever. I don't think it's a huge waste to have Franklin pitch 3 or 4 innings in an emergency, especially since Madson just presumably took his role. And anyway, Ryan Franklin is hardly Goose Gossage to begin with, so a few relief innings burned in mop-up duty isn't the end of the world.

"The Catch" was amazing. I still can't believe he caught that ball. Rowand brings much needed grit to this team and he should be a Phillies fan favorite from here out (not that he already wasn't). I hope he doesn't get DLed, and can come back in a few days.

I must say Victorino is a wonderful 4th outfielder. His speed is electrifying. Watching him fly around the bases is a treat! To think he was a Rule 5...just hope letting Booker go wasn't a big mistake.

I seem to be one of the few who really wanted to see Booker given a chance. When he learned the split finger pitch last year in Triple AAA he was rackin' up the K's...I think he will do the same for KC.

Let's Go Hamels! Let's Go Phillies!

I like the Geary move. I always feel a bit shaky when Geary's on the mound. Not sure why. He just looks like he's about to get shelled. I'm sure you stats guys have something more tangible.

Franklin can handle the long relief. Beside, I think long relief is a bit overrated. Most of the time when you need 3-4 innings out of the pen, the game is pretty much over anyhow. Exhibit A: Wednesday night. Phils down 8 run when the long reliever steps in.

It's not too bad if you have to use Franklin for that long, or Fultz.

There's enough depth to get away with it once a week.

And for heaven' sake can we please end the Fassano charade? I really, really like the guy. The bit during the delay last night with him touring South Philly was excellent. But he can't hit. He can't catch. He can't throw.

They better start Ruiz with Cole tonight.

regarding Fasano, I think the appropriate response is something El-P once said: "you're not a vet, you're just old."

The catch was amazing, I liked how Comcast replayed Kenny Lofton's interview last year saying that he would never run into that wall becasue it's too hard, and then showed Rowand running face first at full speed into it. You could feel the team pick it up after that play. The guy is everything they said he would be and more.

i don't like the geary move. i understand he was the only player with options, but gordon aside, he was the hottest pitcher in the pen. he hasn't allowed a run in his las 7 appearances. i would prefer to have geary now than santana ever. given the depth of young relievers in AAA, i think santana is expendable in a move through waivers. i would just give him to the texas rangers for nothing, they seem to think that is a good move...

You guys feeling it? I'm feeling it. It might be bird flu, or the Ebola virus, but I think it's PENNANT FEVER! I mean, Rowand makes the catch of the year to save three runs, and it starts to rain heavily 30 seconds after the 3rd out in the 5th inning. Now, if Hamels can give us his best Dontrelle (or, for you older guys, Fernando) impersonation, we've really got something.

Two Out, bases loaded. Rowand runs into the wall while making the catch, breaks his nose and hangs onto the ball! This game winning catch against the division leader is the stuff of legend. Rowand already had the winning attitude. Now he will forever be the personification of that attitude. I've been a Phillies fan since the early 1960's and I cannot think of a Phillies "play" to top "the catch". I'd rate Jim Bunning's 1964 Father's Day Perfect Game as the top "Game". and the 1980 NLCS with Houston as the top "Series", now Rowand has the top "Play"! This could be the catalyst to make this a special season. Go Cole Hamels!

With the Phillies offense, long relief is very important. If this team is down 4 or 5 early on, they easily have enough offense to come back provided they don't give up any more runs. Also, if Fultz comes in and gets bombed, that means they have to burn up the bullpenn even more.

If Franklin becomes the long man, than we really gain nothing by putting Madson at the back end. I've never thought much of Franklin, but he has been an effective bullpen arm and has been great when he doesn't have to work back-to-back games. Madson struggled down the stretch last year and has been ineffective this year. If Madson becomes the long man, Franklin will probably be overused and, therefore, ineffective.

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