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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


And the frillies still bite!

The Mets must have the most immature fans in baseball. It's like they're all 12. I guess when they mature they become Yankee fans.

And then, of course, claim they always were.

If the Phillies lost the game last night on a bad defensive play a la Heilman, would Phils fans go to a Mets fan site and say that the Mets bite?

I hope not.

speaking of mature NY fans, how about Johnson getting booed last night? of course, it'll be forgotten soon. after all, it's not like pundits dig up things sports fans do years after the fact to make them look rude and obnoxious.

Mets fans, or at least the ones who have barged onto this site, don't know the meaning of the word 'respect'. That is why people can't stand them - it has nothing to do with their 'success'.

Both sites provided the link to the others, therfore, barging on to the other team's site was expected. However, only the more devoted and loyal fans posted on both their own team's site and the others. And for the record yankees fans are more immature than Met fans.


Well, maybe that was a mistake.

Well there you go. If you didn't post on a Mets side, you're not a loyal fan of the Phillies.

What the *hell* is with Ryan Howard's defense this year?

Jim Thome could've handled that.

Hell of a way to end a losing's like Opening Day all over again. At least it's a good way to determine which long reliever to dump on Friday.

I guess I'll be the firs tto say I told u so on the dont resign Lidle thing lol.

Dudes, it just one game.

How about Tommy Glavine? He looks as sharp as ever after all these years. He should win 300 easily. One of the smartest pitchers of all time - no shame to lose to him.

No shame at all. This wasn't a game they were going to win. Those of you that watched will need to fill me on the positives and negatives.

Well - Lidle got tattooed, but the defense was equally bad in the first three innings...Howard made two bad errors, the worst being a botched throw on a force attempt at second base with the bases loaded and no outs in the third.

Of the long relievers that followed, Geary was easily the best. The game felt like it was over from the second inning on; the crowd was as quiet as the last game of the season in Pittsburgh. Oh, and Burrell added one of his 10-0 homerun specials to pad his stats. (Ha, y'all knew I wasn't going to let that escape the way, interesting how Wagner seems to be targeting ol' Pat in his comments about how the Phils lacked leadership and urgency to win at times. Yeah, I think he may be onto somehing...)

No shame losing to Glavine is correct, if you guys lost 3-2, since when is getting killed like there is no tommorow no shame, yeah against another pitcher, you would have scored 14 runs, give me a break!

Ryan Howard is looking more and more like Dick Stuart, the fabled Dr. Strangeglove of the 60's. In fact he's on pace for 29 E's this year, which would match Stuart's 1963 peak.

The Mets have the most immature fans? Are you kidding. This coming from a Philadelphia sports fan. You cheered when Michael Irving lay motionless, you boo at santa claus. And there are many other infamous immature moments for Philly fans. Second rate city, second rate team.

Hi Phans,

Howy here. Sorry about the tosses, but as you know already: I pretty much suck big time. It's not too bad though, cause the Mets are still in town, and I know you Phans won't boo me till they leave. By the way, don't you just think I'm so clever with that "Ph" for the 'f' sound in "fans" here in Filly? Those are the kind of intangibles you get with me on your team. I may play like crap and be a loser, but you can always rely on my intangibles!

Thanks for stickin' with me while the Mets are in town.



Here's hoping the days of link-sharing are over. Obviously, no New York fan with anything remotely constructive to say has added to the forum. Pretty revolting. I know it's wasted energy to take their bait, but it's unfortunately impossible to ignore.

You can't help yourself, RickSchucksMeBlue, you'll live in the shadow of NY for all eternity. Such is the fate of your town, and your team! You have no option, but to be jealous.

So I didn't see the game, but was Lidle as bad as the numbers. I saw only one walk and one extra base hit in the box score...bad luck?

Also, I'm not sure who Billy Wagner is to pass judgement on Burrell, but considering that Kenny "Proven Winner" Lofton was on Burrell's side and that Wagner's comments sound like someone with a serious self-esteem problem (or Napoleonic complex), I wouldn't take them too seriously.

Dear Phan-attics,

Cory just checkin' in wit ya. Yeah, I suk'd bad tonight. But watt did ya xpect? I was up against the most formidable lineup in the league! I'm a 5th starter pretending to be a #2 on a team that doesn't even have a #1. Well, maybe Hamelhead will change all that! I mean, when your desperate, your desperate, right?

Seriously, though, I'm glad he's gettin' the call because it might make even ME look good when he gets tattooed by the Reds. Anyway, gotta go get my beauty rest. I'll be sleepin' like a babe tonight after the @$$ Woopin' the Mets put on me! Don't worry, I'm startin' to get used to it already. Hope I don't have to face those guys too much this year. Although, they're big and strong, and I kinda' got turned-on by getting subdued by those big hunks. :)

Love from Lidleville,


Philly, watch out, were comin' at ya! New Yorkers are takin' over the country, and your city will be a piece of cake. You guys thought it was the imigrants that were taking over the country, but it's really New Yorkers. Soon there will be more Mets and Yankee fans in your city than Phillies fans, and your stadium will become the Mets AA facility. haha

Alright, I was all over this Phillies team for their horrible April play, and praising them for their 9 game win streak. Now the streak is over and April is over. Time to see what this team is really made of. So what, the Phillies got squashed by the Mets...doesn't matter, a loss is a loss and a win is a win. Coming back tonight and winning the series would be huge, and show that they're not just going to go into their shells. Let's go Phillies!

*Was Booker really picked up by KC? I would have liked to see him get a chance. Never under estimate the importance of a strikeout pitcher in the bullpen, because sometimes that is exactly what is needed.

Where were all these Mets fans yesterday?

funny how quickly these "fans" forgot that they got blown out by Atlanta 13-3 just a few days ago...

We have didn't forget, we just didn't care since we had already taken the series at that point and had Lima Time (yuck!) throwing that day. Last night, however, was an important game, particularly since Lidle has a big mouth and clearly couldn't back it up, not to mention that we evened the series with a blowout. That's when Mets fans care. When it matters and everyone knows it!

I truly hope Gavin pitches a gem tonight and the Phillies knock Traschel around for the series win. I'm tired of hearing these Mets fans run their mouths. Yes, the Mets killed the Phillies last night, but it's not the end of the world. Stay strong Phillies fans!!!

We shouldnt get pissed when Mets fans come in here taunting us. Thats the fun part of a real rivalry. I know there were plenty of us busting balls Tues night.

I mean you have to think it is comedically ridiculous that "ny is taking voer the country" lmao

Oh, that's rich, frillies fans don't boo or insult. What a load of BS. Bite me. It's like they are all in denial and when they meture they become, well, 12 year old eagle fans.

Phils got blownout but hopefully Floyd gives them a chance to win the game tonight. If the Phils take 2 out of 3, this will be a good start through a tough section of their schedule.

Most disappointing thing with the Phils this year has been their defense. Their pitching is not good enough to make up for their unexpectedly poor defense this year. Howard has been awful at first and their outfield defense has also been poor (suprised at how bad Rowand has been). Hopefully this will pickup a little bit.

It's just good natured fun, no death threats or momma insults. Take a deep breath. Hell, half the fum of baseball is the mouth magic!

You guys thought it was the im[m]igrants that were taking over the country, but it's really New Yorkers.

Maybe there really is something to that wall idea.

Hey That Dude & mk, I respect you guys....that's exactly the point i was making yesterday....I wonder though, do most of your fan base resort to calling people "immature" and "disrespectful" whenever their viewpoints are objected??

This guy Rickschublues, man, you suck brotha....I know that's "immature" and "disrespectful" but you just come off as a scorned lover to a city and team that will always be dominant over you...

Question: do you use a dictionary or a thesaurus when posting here? Just curious because I'm looking to appear more intelligent than I really am when typing...honest....i want to be just like YOU

Hey ae (american eagle?), what do you mean by "fans?" just curious because to be honest, you never hear from fans in any other city until their team is competitive...other than NY and St. Louis that is....we have some of the most loyal, vocal, and so goddang intelligent fans....we boo when a player is not performing or dogging it, not when he's failing to perform a novelty act (hitting 100 on the gun)....

Like the mets marketing campaign of "The Time, The Team"...the phillies' should be "Get A Grip"

Because most of your fans are losing it.....

"what do you mean by "fans?" just curious because to be honest, you never hear from fans in any other city until their team is competitive"

Roach, you just exposed yourself as fraud.

I live in Brooklyn, and I know exactly how NY fans are. Fair weather fans all the way.

Lots of green in Sept., Pennington goes down, lots of blue.

No Islanders fans this season, no Rangers fans for the eight years before this.

Yankees have a tough start, Mets sell out.

You guys switch horses midstream with the slightest little push.

Philly fans may be hard on their teams, but you will never see a Flyers fan rooting for the Devils, or an Eagles fan running his mouth for the Redskins because McNabb goes down.

hmmm, while I cannot disagree with you that there are SOME fairweather fans, the large majority are steadfast with their team...and maybe you see more blue or whatever when the jets are out, but that's just because there's a lack of green to cover it up...

You want to talk about frauds, how about you stop polarizing fans' loyalties in new york..just bc you see some fairweathers, doesn't mean it's generally true....

Two things:

1. I can't imagine you having many ny friends..i mean you are from philly (i assume)

2. Despite my obvious jabs at you guys, there is more of a "hatred" for the yankees, islanders, and jets and their fans from the mets, rangers and giants fan than towards any other city....

Sure, the red sox-yankee fan 'hatred' gets more ink, but what you don't see are friends against friends and brother against brother for the bragging rights of our great city

Know of what you speak of before spewing your obvious attempts at showing me and other new yorkers up.....

Sorry, missed some of your points...

Please allow me to retort..

You're dumb, seriously....

"Yankees have a tough start, mets sell out"
-well, the yankees are on pace for a record year in attendance, mets aren't doing too bad for themselves, either....explain the corelation, please

Rangers tickets are and have been a difficult find...even in their darkest of days....

THe jets and giants both have a waiting list of 30+ years for their season tickets....

Seriously, do you look over your comments before you post them??? Because your "points" make NO sense at all....

Oh, and maybe the reason why you don't have much of a "fairweather" factor is because your city has only one team for each sport...

Get a Grip...

Can we cool it on the jousting match guys?

I'm very worried that our team is just not as good as the Mets. Their pitching looks better than ours. The offense is a wash. Maybe Hamels can even out the difference in pitching. What do you guys thing?

Right now I'm hoping the game gets rained out so we can walk away from the series with a tie. I'm very worried - this team scares me.

You're right, both team's offenses are almost a wash (with the mets having a slight edge ;-)'s scary how similar howard and wright are: corner IFs, big production in limited ABs, huge hype, great hitters, saviors of the organization, yada yada.....but they sometimes (as evidenced last night) make bonehead plays in the field....product of being young stars....

Obviously your big problem is pitching...but relying on a rookie, albeit phenomenal, is dangerous...i think this is why the mets are so hesitant on calling up pelfrey....unless these kids have the make-up to instantly contribute (and have the mental ability to compete in a pennant race), i'd almost object to calling up either...

But fortune favors the bold, so good luck with Hamels...knowing our luck with rookies, he'll probably spank us around a couple of times...

Very interesting posts. Bottom line, the mets played the way they did yesterday because they wanted to put the phillies back in there place. As far as one team in NY sucking so everyone goes to the other teams stadium? NO WAY...there are a few "I'm just a New Yorker" fans. But they are few and far between. When one team sucks and the other does well...of course it's going to effect ticket sales, Hello. As I'm sure you guys don't reward your team when they're playing poorly by selling out the place. And before that one guy calls someone a hypocrite, just remember, you guys sold out the place when bonds was there, but didn't come close to doing that with you rival and divison leader in town with you guy down only 4 games...hmmmmm.

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