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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Tonight's game may go 4 hourse with Trachsel pitching slowly as per usual, and Floyd who seems to go to 3-ball counts on every hitter.

With that said, Phillies have something to prove. That 5 game skid was a sock in the mouth, and now they need to wake up and play good, consistent baseball.

Taking the 1st game of the series is always a good thing!

Just a point of fact, it was not a blown save for Wagner on Saturday. He did not enter in a save situation. Just thought I'd point that out. Either way, it was a major meltdown.

Thanks, Stick. I was out of town. Blown save has been officially changed to "meltdown."

already a hit with RISP by burrell, good start.

Sitting here in a night course at Temple, and I have the game up on the internet...isn't technology great? The heck with learning, I want baseball!

Good top of the 1st. Nice to see Burrell get another "meaningless" RBI. I know I should let this go, but I just feel the need to point out how Burrell does produce.

Somebody please teach Floyd some control...he is painful to even follow on the internet.

nice play by utley to his right on the overshift on delgado...floyd looked good in the first

Too bad the internet didn't tell me nice play by Utley. Hey Stub is the US winning?

nil-nil, 33rd minute...haha...floyd just piked an 89 mph fastball to "brassmonkey" wright for a dinger...

Gotta love the Beastie Boys! Not so much on David Wright.

Utley is the best 2-sacker in MLB...barnone!

after walk to burrell, trachsel at 54 pitches, only 19 for strikes..have to take advantage of this now.

howard swung at 3 pitches out of the strike zone...that is very frustrating, trachsel can't throw a strike and howard gives and out away.

Floyd has the HR-bug...needs to shed that!

Why does it look/feel like whenever Floyd has the lead, he has this need to give it back? SB by Chavez and now this? Insanely frustrating...

about as frustrating as howard's poor 1b defense this year...


that is what a gold glove in
RF looks like...ugh.

ARGH what was that Bell?!??!

Nice play by Fasano though.

Abreu looked like Todd Pinkston on that one. Sorry, had to do it.

talk about "for who, for what"

Man, our bullpen sucks.

Wow, 5 RBI for Bell! It's amazing what guys will produce when in the 'walk' year of their contract.

The Phillies outfield is like the wizard of Oz. Abreu needs courage, Burrell needs a brain and Rowand already has heart.

And you wonder why they demoted Franklin to the bullpen before the season began...

Why can't they just slam the door!!?? AGGGGGHH!!!

I am so glad we have Franklin and use him in crucial situations...

Nicely done Ryan. You're giving me a freaking heart condition.

Franklin needs to get back on the 'roids. How can Manuel keep putting this guy in?????

Hmmm, let's see, who's going to win it for the Mets in the bottom of the ninth? Beltran, Delgado, or Wright?

Franklin gave me a nice shot of negativity after that bomb from Reyes. How does Reyes hit a bomb in Shea Stadium???

Wheew-Boy! Manuel got Rhodes out of there in the nick of time! If he'd left him in any longer, he would have been into his second inning of work and his pitch count was already in the high single digits! He might have even given up a base hit or a walk or something.

Way to go, Charlie!

yep thats right folks...this team is an 86 win team again for the what 5th time in 6 years or something? They are what they are...managers's change...players change but the record doesn't...the only constant is the ownership...we here at beerleaguer really have to voice our opinion about Management and the mystery 7 who own this team...why not open up your pockets and go get the top of the rotation guy you need instead of always going on the cheap. I can't stand to hear the small market excuse anymore cause the team will draw 25,000 per nite which should equate to $50,000,000 right there without concessions, parking and revenue sharing.

They don't get timely hitting in most situations and when they do get timely hitting and leads of more than 3 runs the starters seem to die in the 5th or 6th innings. Then we have to rely on the pen to finish 4 innings and not give anything up...which never happens.

Anyone notice that Howard is a serious liability in the field...i mean i love the guy's potential offensively but they really got to work with the guy on the basics down on the field.

Anyone also notice that Lieber seems to fly through the first 4 innings with no trouble then hits the wall in the 5th and 6th innings. I wish i could find a site that breaks down pitcher's stats per inning. Seems that he would be a really good setup man for only an inning but i know that ain't happening at this point in his career and considering his $6 million/yr salary.

We have this bullpen problem every year and every year a new group of guys are brought in but it never changes....i really can't see what else Gillick can do but do a Wade and make a deadline deal for a relief pitcher who is being dumped by a terrible team.

Not to digress but - One pitcher i've always liked is Harrang of the Reds but there is no way Cincy is giving him up still being in contention. The guy is a stud and gets no pub.

man what a walk machine

hey was bored watching madson throw balls so was looking up reliever stats in the AL. Gillick loves to deal for players he's familar with. Looks like Guardardo in Seattle is having a rough year and lost his closer role...could be an option for setup man...also noticed that the Angels are falling way behind out west so look for them to maybe deal Shields or Donnelly they are both nasty and would be great pickups.

What was the thought process that went into making Franklin a late-inning pitcher, and why is still there? And why does he lead the team in appearances?

Gillick loves him. Hell i would too if you look at his stats there just plain nasty the kind of stuff that puts fear in the opposition in the late innings. Here are his ERA's
2001 - 3.56 in relieve (mostly mopup duty not a setup man!)
2002 - 4.02 some relief and starting - not bad
2003 - 3.57 solid year all starting plus 11 wins
2004 - 4.90 oh by the way he lost 16 games
2005 - 5.10 he gets worse plus losses another 15 games and gets caught using 'roids...LOL...
2006 - i would guess he'll finish as the 6th inning guy and have a 4.50 with 8 losses

he drew a walk! HOORAY lets have a parade for him...btw his cold streak started in Colorado when he hit his home runs...HMMM makes you wonder huh...oh by the way why the hell isn't he on 3rd right now after the Utley hit?

Floyd made him look silly now he's GOD!
Kalas is getting too old for the game i can't wait until the next pop fly to the outfield when he can start his legendary hr call to only have it end with "caught in front of the wall"
"Wind must have knocked it down, right Wheels?"

hey i haven't heard a wind reference yet tonight.
On Friday nite i was listening to the game on the radio and a boston hr was attributed to the wind aided but a phillie fly out was supposedly knocked down by the wind...they spend way too much time anlyzing the wind on the telecasts

Have another Kalas call haha!!

Man, Madson is pitching great but is getting out of a lot of jams. But do you think we might, just might, use our closer. I mean extra innings, tie game against the division leader, that's what the stopper is for.

Even the Mets announcers can;t believe Madson is still in. I'd like to say Manuel is playing a hunch, or riding the hot guy, but I think it is the case of a manager wedded to the save rule...well, that's six...if Manuel sends him out again, he has officially lost his mind.

Well he just bat, so chances are he will be back out there. I haven't heard anything about anyone warming up.

Manuel simply does not want to win!!!!! Madson hits over Coste...against a LHP!!! I was so excited to get home and watch the game, but I can;t stand this guy. Manuel does not manage to win. I'm sure we could get 2 or 3 out of Gordon and 2 out of Cormier...what is he waiting for.

Just have to say this is great, the Mets announcers (especially Hernandez) keep saying how sorry they are feeling for COste. I can;t wait for the 18th inning when Manuel PH Lieber instead!!

i have work at 6am...franklin has ruined my sleep schedule...i hate him

Yeah Manuel is a bonehead. That being said, hopefully the Phils can pull this one out. Its definitely been an entertaining game. Any chance we can get Nunez to join his buddy Gonzalez off on some golf course somewhere never to return? Man, he looks pathetic at the plate...

Madson finally gets a quality start...what's next, a complete game shutout?

Can we fire Manuel yet?? What a bonehead!! Madson was over 100 pitches and Cormier and Gordon were both available!!

Over 100 pitches with the middle of the Mut line-up coming up!! Even more maddening...

And the middle of the Mut line-up had the likes of Beltran and Delgado (both lefties). Hmmm, wouldn't have Cormier been a better option??

What a joke. I hope Gillick actually watches these games, what was that, the 106th pitch? We sit here and criticize players and you have a guy like Madson pitch his heart out, only to be left hanging by Manuel. I honestly cannot believe Gordon was not in this game, one of the most foolish things I have ever seen...Gordon comes in to pitch the ninth in 4 run games but isn't valuable enough to use in the 16th inning against the division leaders...Manuel is one of the stupidest people I have ever seen.

I'm going over the line here, but this is ridiculous, he needs to be fired on the spot.

Where are all of the Manuel apologists to explain his pen management ?

Man, I can't wait until Rowand and Lieby return.
Did anyone off the bench hit the ball out of the infield?

I want his head on a platter!! But then again, I always wanted that...

Well you know Nunez didn't get it out of the infield...

Was Cormier available? You have to think he wasn't. Or maybe it was just Manuel being Manuel. Fultz, Geary and Rhodes threw 16 pitches, total. This means Madson won't be available for a few days...but Franklin will. Wonderful turn of events.

Um, bad news for you Phils fans. Cole Hamels injured his shoulder in batting practice before the game. He has already been sent back to Philly to get his shoulder looked at. Lieber is starting Wednesday's game. I was looking forward to the rookie matchup...tough break for the kid.

Lets get Darren Daulton to manage, because he'll manage for winning right now, since by 2012...

Is that right about Hamels? Hah! It figures! Finally get a top-rate pitching prospect and he can't keep away from the trainer's room.

Not that I'm introducing a novel point here, but yeah - there's yet another game lost in the mid to late innings - on the road - by the bullpen. Dating back to Milwaukee, that's four blown games in a row.

Ryan Franklin as a set-up man?

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding.

Right here, right now, let it be heard that Manuel is a horrible manager. No more back-tracking, and making excuses for him. He is an idiot when it comes to managing a team, especially in game. Madson pitched well, but Manuel ran his luck out. Previous posts we're calling for Cormier or Flash to come in...well duh! Why the hell can't Manuel think of this? Give the boy Coste a chance...not saying he would have won the game with a pinch hit homerun, but better shot at it than Madson. What a fricken dumbass Manuel is! I'm so pissed! Franklin pitching in the 8th?...when did he become deserving of that role? Ryan Howard horrible defensively...come on big-guy, step it up in the field! Nunez no RBI in 52 at bats...sickening! I can't stand this team right now.

Hamels is officially scratched from start...I'm smelling below .500 land once again.

Bleeping bleeping bleep on the King Cole thing. WTF

Manuel had no other choice. The only option he had was Frenchy and he had a cortizone shot before the game. It was Madson or bust.

Gordon wasn't available?

And it's Manuel's fault that he could "only" use Madson, because of his poor management with Fultz, Geary, and Rhodes earlier in the game. They barely threw any pitches...and oh yeah, not to mention his idiotic move of putting Franklin in for the 8th...Manuel is a dumba$$!

If anything, Gordon should have been in there soon as Franklin let the first run in. And if Cormier had a shot before the game and wasn't available, Manuel should not have had such a quick hook on Fultz, Geary, and Rhodes. Its the effin' first place team we are playing!! How is it that the Muts can use their closer in an important-as-it-gets May game, but the Phils can't?? Manuel needs to go... And now!!

A preseason blog by Jason discussed Franklin's role as an "innings eater", as a starter to save the bullpen. Instead he's in the bullpen and he "eats" something...and its not innings! The stars are not viewing the Phillies favorably of late, especially Madson, as he loses his starting roles, loses games for his successor, finally pitches a gem and loses the game and a chance to start as his replacement gets hurt.

The only solace I have, as I look back at the 12 of 13 win streak, is that the Padres, who matched the Phillies win for win to get to their division lead, have also fallen on hard times and are now in last place, albeit, they are only 2½ games behind their leader, not 4 games like the Phillies.

Like a dumb phaithful Phillies phan, I'll be hoping for victory tonight, telling myself that it's still early in the season.

Don't get me wrong I'm no Manuel fan, but the players are just as much to blame, if not more, then Manuel.

I actually agree with bringing in Rhoades in the 7th. It was an actual case of forward thinking by Manuel. The 7th Rhoades faced their two toughest lefties in Beltran and Delgado. Leaving Franklin with favorable matchups against Matsui, Chavez and a PH.
It makes sense but didn't work out.

I agree, Tony. Thank you. And let me be the first to call the Reyes home run what it really is: A lucky stab at a pitch near the dirt. After that, the Phillies aren't going to out-bullpen the Mets on the road.

I'm beginning to believe that Hamels is a unicorn, or some other imaginary animal. Until I see him pitch in Philly, I won't believe he exists. I think that it's easier on my psyche that way.

Phils are hitting .129 (4 for 31) with the bases loaded this year and a .290 slugging percentage. And they're hitting .190 (35 for 184) with a .288 SLG% with 2 outs and runners in scoring position.

The hitters have to start bearing down in those situations. They look too anxious at times. Like last night when Howard swung at 3 balls and Victorino swung at the first or second pitch when the bases were loaded.

They say it's never as good as it looks, and it's never as bad as it looks. I hope that is the case here.

Hamels heard a "pop" in his shoulder. Uh oh!

I can't believe this, people here are still defending Manuel. C'mon already, the guy sucks.

Hamels heard a "pop" in his shoulder while throwing in the outfield. Supposedly Rowands will be ready this Saturday along with Lieberthal.

further evidence Manuel makes poor moves...pulling Burrell for pinch-runner Roberson. Burrell was on firstbase and the chances of him or Roberson scoring in that situation were slim. So the game goes on and we suffer through 3 Roberson at bats, when instead Burrell could have been in there to collect another one of his "meaningless" rbi's.

Alright, I take back some of my criticism of Manuel. This from the Daily News:

"The Phillies also announced that reliever Rheal Cormier received a "maintenance" cortisone shot in his left shoulder yesterday. He was unavailable to pitch in last night's 9-8, 16-inning loss to the Mets, in which the Phillies used every reliever except him and closer Tom Gordon."

I guess you can argue that ONCE you put Madson in, you leave him until his arm falls off because you are short not only COrmier, but Hamels as well (meaning Myers would be the only one available after Gordon) but this makes the burning up of the bullpen earlier even more egregious. If you are going to pick one emergency guy, who stays in the pen, why Gordon? If you know your bullpen is short, why mess around w/ Franklin in the 8th? Get two out of GOrdon or Rhodes.

"I can't believe this, people here are still defending Manuel. C'mon already, the guy sucks."

Not defending him, just pointing out his reasons for what he did. Which was that he brought in Rhoades to face the lefties in the middle of the lineup Beltran-Delgado and the right handed David Wright. And then Franklin to face the bottom of the order guys Floyd-Matsui-Chavez. He was a Endy Chavez hit (if you can call it that) away from it working perfectly.

Franklin should never be in the 8th inning of a game unless it is a blowout!

Kdon good points about Manuel. He made poor decisions earlier in the game with the use of the pen, which essentially left his hands tied in extra innings. Who's fault? Manuel's fault!

How many times does he need to screw up every game for people to actual see his "strategy" is hurting this club?

People who keep hoping that Manuel will some how figure out how to manage the Phillies because he's had past success with the Indians, must be the same people who though Gonzalez was going to get hits because he has in the past. See the BIG picture!

Who manages knowing the game is going to go 16 innings? Cormier wasn't an option and you can't count on Gordon to pitch the 8th and 9th. I am not a huge supporter of Manuel. He isnt perfect. he creates a great environment that the players love. He has players that will do anything for him.
Technically he is average, but last night he played the game the right way. If Howard makes a play the game is over.

This one is on the players, not the coach.

It's on the players and the coach. And my question is, how many times all season is Manuel going to have to screw up for people to wake up?

It's the managers job to put players in a favorable position to perform to their capabilities.

All I know is, Franklin is a starting pitcher. We tried him in the bullpen and it doesn't work. Let him go be a starter somewhere else.

It's gotten to the point where Manuel can do nothing right. If he would have left Rhoades in for the 8th, the same call he would have made earlier last year and would have been crucified for, and Rhoades gave up the three runs people would be here bashing him the same way. Or if he brought in Madson in the 8th instead of Franklin.

He did everything right last night with what he had to work with. The pitcher-hitter matchups, the Bell double switch, saving Gordon in case they got the lead, pinch running for Burrell with Roberson. Everything but personally go out there and field the ball Chavez hit in the 8th.

Sorry for the rants, that's the last I'm going to comment on last nights game.

Given that it was a good idea to bring Rhodes in to face the Mets' better hitters in the 7th, why not leave him in to face the lesser hitters in the 8th? He faced 3 batters and threw only 7 pitches in the 7th and should have been primed to buzz through the lesser guys coming up. Besides, according to Charlie's usual playbook, he's the 8th inning pitcher anyway. What exactly was the point of bringing Franklin in? I just don't get it.

Oh well. The game was really lost earlier when they failed to score after loading the bases with no outs. Can't blame Charlie for that unless he told Howard and Victorino to go up there and swing at everything.

Eegads... Phillies in free-fall with two more against the Mets. Then the dreaded Brewers come to town. One of my old baseball mentors always used to tell me not to pay any attention to the standings until Memorial Day. I have a feeling I'm not going to want to look at the NL East standings on Memorial Day this year.

Franklin...ha, how lousy!

Tony, we're just going to have to agree to disagree on this one. You say Manuel made all the right moves, I say he made mostly wrong moves. I know it's easy for me to say that the day AFTER the game, but I was saying the same thing as he was making these moves, and I've been doing so over the course of Manuel's tenure as manager. And before I get, I don't think I could do a better job, nor am I being paid to. I'm simply just a little know-nothing that gives my opinion too much...

"He did everything right last night with what he had to work with. The pitcher-hitter matchups, the Bell double switch, saving Gordon in case they got the lead, pinch running for Burrell with Roberson. Everything but personally go out there and field the ball Chavez hit in the 8th."

These are actual moves, but do you want to provide any evidence they were good moves? Let me say this one last time and I apologize for the caps...YOU DON"T LEAVE YOUR BEST PITCHER IN THE BULLPEN IN AN EXTRA INNING TIE GAME AGAINST THE TEAM THAT IS 3 GAMES AHEAD OF YOU IN THE STANDINGS.
The way you phrased it is perfect...Manuel was "waiting" to get the lead, not actively trying to get the lead, by, say, PH for Madson.

I think a general rule in baseball is also that you don't pinch run in a tie game for a good hitter if he is at first, so there is a lot of room to criticize the PR. ALso, Geary goes .1 innings when you know your bullpen is short? And, what, he gets credit for making a double switch?!

The reason I focus so much on Manuel and less on the players is because baseball is a very difficult game to play and nobody is going to make all the plays, watch any other team in baseball and you will see lax fielding, shoddy bullpens and lame benches. It's like the old sports adage, you can live with the physical mistakes, but it is the mental mistakes that really drive you crazy.

OK, so Franklin gives up a 3 run HR. Well, he is going to do that, that's baseball. Every team in the majors is looking for relief help. Manuel is not "technically average," (i assume you mean tactically) he is horrible. MGL, a fairly well known writer who posts at the Hardball Times and Baseball Primer has called Manuel the worst tactical manager in the game. I agree, and that would place hium quite a bit below average.

"Tony, we're just going to have to agree to disagree on this one."

Sounds good to me! Besides, what fun would this be if everyone agreed on everything? And after all let's remember that in the end we're all Phillies fans.

Enough said about Cholly & Franklin, what about the atrocious Phillies defense?

The box score says all Mets runs were earned, but I count 5, maybe 6, runs that were the result of plays that the defense could have and should have made!

Can't say enough about the importance of defense - running a ball down in the gap or making a nice catch against the wall to save 2 or 3 runs is just as good as hitting a 2 or 3 run bomb - the only difference: it doesn't show up in the box score.

Tony, I was pretty much hating you for the entire morning based on your posts, but I'm glad you came out and said, "Besides, what fun would this be if everyone agreed on everything? And after all let's remember that in the end we're all Phillies fans."'re right, we are. I need to remember that some times, no matter how much a I disagree with someone. I'm glad we're able to spat back and forth on this blog and express our opinions.

Good point CB - that's the one thing we can all agree on.

I went to the game last, and yes I hung in until this morning.

I realize you can't always predict how far a game will go, and you have to some extent coach for nine innings, but I'll tell you it was just SOOOOO hard to watch as the extra innings wore on.

Manuel wasted Rhoades, Geary and Fultz, and he might as well have sent Madson out to throw a few underhand tosses in the 12th, because if he wasn't going to pinch hit for him, the game was already over.

Why was it over? Because do to poor choices, David Bell and Pat Burrel, who were having nice games at the plate were sitting in favor of (and it seems almost to outrageous to be true) Nunez and Roberson. It was simple to pitch around the guys who were left, and get the Phillies every time.

Just to clarify, he sat Burrell .281 and Bell .275 for Roberson and Nunez .256 (.083+.173) and let a reliever throw 115 pitches.

I couldn't bring myself to leave a tied game, but at the same time in the pit of my stomach I could just feel that Charlie either didn't want to win, or had no clue how to win.

for those curious, the lines were like this;
Bell: 2-5 1R 5rbi 1hr
Pat: 2-3 1R 1rbi 2bb 1SO
Abe & Roberson: 0-6 2SO

In the book "how to coach baseball" perhaps it says in these situations you go to your bench, but you can't always go by the book, you don't sit hot bats for bench players who stink.

yt- solid "dignified" comments...I whole-heartedly agree with you!

Thanks CB, I just hoped I managed to make some sense. I left the park about 10 seconds after Beltran's blast, and between the 7, N, and R all the way to south Brooklyn followed by walking the dog, I was in bed at 2:45 and up again at 7:00 to head to work. I really need a nap.

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