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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Barry Bonds is also not in the MLBPA.

On this subject of Bonds and steroids, I recently took a trip to San Francisco and was disappointed by the attitudes of SF fans towards Bonds. Letters to the sports editor of the SF Chronicle repeatedly praised Bonds as a hero and martyr. One letter that was particularly disturbing to me was from a fan talking about his son and titled "Think of the kids." It included these statements: "in the future my son will be telling his grandchildren about his love for Barry Bonds" and the Chronicle should "stop dissecting Bonds' personal life and allow everyone to enjoy the accomplishments of a man who despite his physical ailments continues to play and is creating a defining moment for baseball and little boys everywhere."

I would be interested to here others opinions on this, especially if there is someone here from the left coast.

Thanks, Corey. I added that to the original.

Bonds is a flat out jerk and always has been going back to his Pirates days. Even if he never touched a steroid in his life, he wouldn't be someone for kids to look up to. But my question is, I know why Bonds isn't a member of MLBPA, but why isn't Lidle? Is he pocketing tons of cash off the sale of Corey Lidle jerseys?

Lidle was a replacement player during the 94-95 strike.

Anyone going to any of the games this weekend vs the Giants?

I'll be there on Friday. I have a bachlor party all day Saturday so I won't make it to that one but may think about going Sunday also. I look at it this way. This is one the most talked about things in baseball and we will be talking about it the rest of our lives so why not witness it in person if I have the chance to.

Oh yah and I got dibbs on that ball if it comes anywhere near me!

I'm no fan of Bonds either, but think of all the games the Giants won because of him. It would be hard to cheer like crazy after so many game-winning HR's and then turn your back on that guy, even if he is after all a cheater. That's where I imagine Giants fans are coming from.

Bonds is still in the union. He just opted out of the licensing agreement. This is not unprecedented in sports; Michael Jordan did the same thing in the NBAPA. MLB still won't let the replacement players join the union. I remember a Red Sox fan complaining a couple of years ago he couldn't buy an official Kevin Millar jersey.

Thanks, Billy. I subtracted that from the original.

Hey, weird connection - Cory Lidle did the same thing. I just got MLB 2K6 and right in the spot where Cory Lidle ought to be is.... you guessed it -- some guy named Felix Berger.

Clearly, this is what their dispute is actually about.

The video games have a lot of fun with the non licensed players. I recall one of the games having a San Francisco outfielder who was same height and weight as Bonds with identical stats, but he was a white guy with red hair.

I'm a resident of San Francisco and a Giant's fan.

This is about denial for the Giants and their fans. We have history playing out before our very eyes with one of our own and the rest of the country holds the man (and in some quarters, the team) in contempt.

Bonds is not someone who is going to win over public opinion on any level and it's going to be a very awkward celebration for the Giants when Barry passes Ruth. I wish it all wasn't so damned tarnished and it would be nice to have baseball fans share our pride...but it aint'gonna happen and something tells me that things are only going to get uglier.

That's a good point about Franklin being Lidle's teammate. It illustrates just why it's not a real good idea to go shooting your mouth off, even if what he said is right. It leaves the door wide open for someone to go up and ask Lidle what he thinks of Franklin, and when he naturally declines comment, then he looks like a hypocrite, taking shots only at those safely out of harm's reach.

I think even Bonds doesn't want to break Aaron's record. I seriously doubt he'll allow himself to play long enough to get that close.

Wow, I have never heard this before ... that players can CHOOSE to not be part of the union.

I don't think Lidle would have to "no comment" a question concerning Franklin. Many players have openly opposed steroid use to various extents while playing with teammates who have used, without issue. In all probability, Franklin is regretful of his use and would agree with Lidle and others that using steroids is illegal and is a form of cheating. Now, if Franklin was approaching some hallowed record such as careers wins or strikeouts, then there would be an issue with what he said.

Tee hee. You used "[Ryan] Franklin" and "hallowed record such as career wins or strikeouts" in the same sentence.

The only players who are not in the MLBPA are the replacement players from the 94 strike. They were and still are not permitted to join. The most notable replacement player being Kevin Millar and of course Phillies Cory Lidle. Bonds is still a union member, but he opted out of the licensing agreement, since he wanted to control his likeness and merchandising. To my knowledge, Bonds is the only player who has opted out of the licensing agreement. I don't know if you can voluntarily not be a member of MLBPA; I assume you can, but I am not sure why, since they get a pretty sweet pension deal and the pension fund is contributed to by the owners.

as a side note re: video games' having fun with non-licensed players... from what I remember, some games I played used "John Dowd" as Bonds' alter ego...

Someone ought to ask Lidle, just to put him on the spot...I wonder what he would say. To my knowledge, Franklin denied the whole thing just like Palmeiro and Bonds, but no one really cares either way because Franklin's such a marginal player. I would probably care more if I felt he was going to be a Phillie for any longer than five more months. As it is, Lidle and the rest of us have to live with him for a little while.

Indeed, Jim Dowd was Barry Bonds on MLB04, an old college favorite.

They made a guy exactly the same as Barry, a lefty, lf, with the same weight and a nice swing. He had a 99 power rating.

But they made him #51, white and 26 years old, making him the most dominate player ever in the Franchise Mode. You got 04 Barry for about a decade.

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