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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


hmmmmmm. Very, very interesting.

How long until Floyd is sent down for Hamels? Or will it be Madson back to the bullpen instead? There are a couple more lively arms in double and triple A who can provide bullpen help, too.

I couldn't help but notice that the Norfolk Mets and the Richmond Braves are not very good teams and would be in the cellar in the IL North division.

But that is what pitchers are supposed to do - beat up and drop bombs on the also-ran teams.

My guess is a late May/early June call up. Wouldn't want to rush him or anything... lol

OK, I'll enter the Cole Hamels MLB debut pool. My guess is the Phils bring him up for the Washington Nat's series at home May 29,30, 31st. This would give Hamels about 5 or 6 AAA starts. I figure the Phils would want to debut him at home against a team without a good offense.

I'll enter the pool and pick June 1 as his Philly debut. That will give exactly 5 more starts for Hamels as well as Floyd and Madson (and Lieber if he doesn't straighten out). I figure the Phils will give those guys atleast 10 to 12 starts to produce.

floyd was never ever this dominant in the minors, by the way. this is altogether another level. he's striking guys out on three pitches -- twice. he threw 114 pitches today. i don't care how weak riochmond is, that's a major league performance. i think billy mac's right. the last weekend in may, hamels gets driven to philly from scranton in a really comfortable car with heated leather seats.

I will be more optimistic. If Madson lays another egg and Cole's next start is like this I think he is up immediately say 10 days from now.

I sort of implied this in the other thread, but: isn't anyone else concerned about trying to get 25-30 starts out of a guy who threw 100 innings in '03, and only 51 total innings since then?

ae - he has to make the leap sometime. i'd rather go through his learning curve in the bigs than just see it through a stat line. i think he could get hurt just as easily in aaa then he could on the 25 man roster. i have to admit i'm biased though - i'm borderline obsessed with him and myers at the top of the rotation.

I don't think there's anyone who isn't biased. I think anyone who is a Phillies fan and has paid any attention to Hamels has a huge, huge, mancrush on him. I wonder what his fan group will be, though I have a suspicion it'll be "Hamels' Camels"

Anyway, I'm actually taking a trip out of the country (leaving May 9th), and I'm betting that assuming no injuries, he'll be in the rotation and Madson will be in the pen when I get back on June 3rd. Floyd hasn't been great, but he's shown progress and I think they'd rather demote Madson to the bullpen than send Floyd back down.

About health concerns--frankly, I don't think promoting him creates any additional worries. He's going to be putting in the same amount of work at AAA anyway, as Tim said, and in some ways the small # of innings thrown has been a godsend, as it means that he hasn't been set up to develop arm problems like Prior has.

Keep on chuckin' Hamels, keep on chuckin'!!!

i forgot to make my prediction - june 16-18 vs tampa bay.

The plight of Floyd and/or Madson will likely determine how soon Hamels is called up. If you're the Phillies (god forbid), you're looking for any excuse not to rush him up - but if the Phils are looking at a potentially season-long hole to fill in the rotation, he's the logical replacement at this point.

If Hamels somehow stays healthy and Wolf gets healthy, and (drum roll please) Gillick trades for a good starter, it's not inconceivable that we could be looking at a scary rotation for the second half of the season.

Scary, of course, in the opposite sense from what it is now.

Hamels Camels or Hamels Heaters - He will show up likely June 1. Any injury and he will be here sooner. Manuel, Gillick & Company want to see how the current starters pan out. Only Meyers looks solid. Madson and Floyd have shown some flashes of potential. The most troubleing is Lieber who looks very lost out there. He pitches a few good innings then lets up the big inning. Don't count on Wolf in the rotation this year.

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