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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


What people dont get is, WE HATE NYC.

Damn, did u read the comments on that site? HOly Bleeping bleep I hate the Mets. One guy claims their 1-6 hitters are better than ours. What frickin cojones. Bring on the Mets baybee.

Not true, I grew up in Philly, and now live in Brooklyn.

I don't hate NYC, just New Yorker's, especially from Queens!

damn some other guy talks about the Vet as a dump. What, do they think Shea is nice? cmon

Sorry for the multiple comments I am getting fired up.

And yes I did read the comments, and left one of my own. Go Phils!!!

The mets 1-6 hitters are better than yours, and for that matter, X-man has been the best 7 hitter in baseball, so prepare to get slugged by players not on juice, and then get shut down by ur favorite closer, ill be bringing my broom on wendesday phils fans LETS GO METS!!

I won't speak for anyone else, but the Mets are my absolute least favorite team in the world. Even worse than the Cowboys.

It's not a rivalry per se, b/c yes, it's true, both teams have sucked for the last 20+ years.

However, doesn't stop me from wanting only to have the Phils beat the Mets... and it's probably the only reason I love Burrell (b/c of his untamed anger towards the Mets, according to his splits against them).

Shea is a dump... it's the old Vet without the awesome courtroom in the basement, without any of the intimidation, and with a stupid paper mache apple in the outfield.

The Mets' lineup is good, but I think this year, both are equally good. I'll take Utley and Howard and Abreu and Burrell and Rollins against Wright, Beltran, Reyes, Floyd, and Delgado... it's a close one, but at least we didn't buy half of our players.

The problem with the Mets-Phillies rivalry is it really has been dormant since the mid-eighties. And no one is around (at least in the blogosphere) to remember it.

In the early 80s and late 70s, the 700 level of the Vet during a Mets series was as crazy as it gets. The rep the 700 level earned in later years with the Eagles was born in those days. A few of few those late September series way back then were the only times (other than two trips to Nausau Colloseum) that I ever feared for my life at a sporting event.

Wow, I used to wish that Phillies blogs had the number of posters that New York had but after reading all that horsesh't, never mind. God, Mets fans are boring - their posts are too banal to even be obnoxious.
Isn't there a Mets blog with fans who know how to capitalize or spell out the words for numerals?

Are you kidding? I remember what it was like in the '80s. That sweep of the Mets in '86 when they needed one game to clinch was as satisfying a memory from that era as any. It's impossible for me not to hate the Mets, it was burned into me during those years. But it's true, the two teams have very rarely, if ever, competed head-to-head for the playoffs during their respective histories. Maybe this is the year.

Hey, visiting Mets fans, don't forget that while you've finished behind Atlanta the past five've also finished behind the Phillies in all five as well. Here's hoping you have a nice trip back up the Turnpike with some crow stuffed into the sides of your fat mouths.


"ill be bringing my broom on wendesday phils fans LETS GO METS!!"

Open mouth...insert broom

this is a late post, i know...but man, i can't for you guys to be disappointed...yet....again!

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