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Thursday, May 11, 2006


I wish Booker well. Besides the fact that my last name is found with his, I thought he may be a worthwhile addition to the pen because of his strikeout capability. Guess we'll never know. He can only help KC out, not hurt them.

Who gets sent down Friday? Fultz, Santana, Geary, or cut Alex Gonzalez?

I think the rules work like this:

With his DL assignment over, the Phils had to either put him on the 25-man roster or offer him back to the Nats. The Nats declined, so the Phils, not wanting to put him on the 25-man roster, tried to pass him through waivers so he could be assigned to Scranton-WB.

The Royals claimed him off waivers, so he's now theirs. I don't think they are required to offer him back to Washington, however, if he isn't on the 25-man roster.

I think you're right, Michael. The language indicates the Phils tried to pass him through waivers, not release him outright.

I would be very surprised if they cut A. Gonzalez, but I think either it should be him or Santana that goes.

He did very well for us in the minors, too.

So if you are Chris Booker are you:

a) glad to going to a team where you'll likely get a chance to pitch regularly.


b) sorry to be leaving a possible contender where you only might have had a chance to pitch occasionally.

Ordinarily, I would think A, but the Royals are just so monstrously awful I can't imagine anybody feeling good about landing there. They are not only among the worst teams in the major leagues today but also have to be considered least likely to improve in anything resembling the near future.

Not that anyone around here really cares, but as a midwesterner who followed the Royals from their inception up until moving east in the mid-1980s, I am just astonished at how far that franchise has fallen.

PS: Yes, I was rooting for the Royals in the 1980 World Series.

I'd like to keep both Santana and Geary in the system because you have to imagine 2 or 3 pitchers will get hurt during the season. We have already lost Rodriguez, Booker and Tejeda from the depth chart, and while these guys all have problems, it's nice to have arms around.
I think the player who should go is Fultz. We already have Arthur Rhodes and Cormier as situational leftys (yes, I know Cormier is better against RHs, but Manuel uses him as a situational lefty) and Fultz is not cut out as a long man. He really has no role on this team. (Actually, my ideal move would be to trade Cormier along with his smoke-machine and set of fun-house mirrors and slide Fultz into the situational lefty role).
Geary has pitched as a starter in the minors and could become the multiple innings guy in a close game while Santana can get mop-up duty. This leaves Madson, Franklin, Cormier, RHodes and Gordon for the seventh, eight and ninth. Assuming the starters continue their run of pitching at least 6 (last night excepted), I think this crew can be VERY effective. I'm worried about Rhodes, but Franklin could be a fine set up guy provided he doesn't work too many back-to-backs.
All in all, I amazed at the depth of options we have this year and Gillick's recognition that (with the exception of closers) bullpen guys are eratic so its best to start out with a bunch and then stick w/ who pitches well.

The Royals' glory days almost exactly mirrored the Phillies'...and if the Phils have fallen on hard times since the mid-80s, the Royals have just completely reverted to expansion team form...a shame. They and Pittsburgh represent the worst-case scenario for small-market teams; I think anyone who follows baseball would find it gratifying to see those two teams rejuvenate and compete at some point. Hey, it finally happened in Milwaukee and possibly Cincy, so there's always hope.

Speaking of the AL, how 'bout this line from the Scoreboard this morning:

"ARLINGTON, Texas - Vicente Padilla forced in the go-ahead run in the seventh when he walked two batters and hit two others, helping Minnesota beat Texas."

Are they still laughing in Texas?

Even after last night's poor showing, I'd still rather have Fultz on the squad than Cormier. I don't really understand why they've been using Fultz as the long man; he's been without a role so far this year, not used consistently. I think he's far more likely to be effective when it counts than Cormier, and for that matter I don't think he's that much worse of an option than Arthur Rhodes.

Having said that, the move that would make the most sense is to just ditch Santana, who has no purpose whatsoever on this team.

On a side note, did anyone catch Sal Fasano whining to the papers because Ruiz started two games in a row? That is some kinda nerve, when you're hitting .200. He's damn lucky he's in the majors, period.

Even though Gonzalez is useless, no way the Phils will go with 13 pitchers including 8 relievers. Unless they make a trade by Friday, which I think is a strong possibility, I think Geary will be the out man odd, since he has options. I have been wrong about Gillick and his willingness to eat payroll, but Fultz is making $1.2M this year, so the Phils still owe him close to $1M.

It's going to be a pitcher, and I'd prefer it if Santana is the one, but this is a spot where they should be on the phone trying to work a deal for some prospects.

no joke about Fasano. Complaining about a guy who hit .382 in 3A playing twice in a row? Wow. I firmly believe a trade is in the works before gametime on Friday. Questions is who will go? I would not be surprised to see Floyd or Franklin gone in a trade since they would have the most value. Cormier could go too, since everyone always wants a lefty.

I know it is a one in a million chance, but I would approve of getting rid of Fasano and Gonzales, keeping all the relievers and bringing up Coste as the back-up catcher, he can play a few other postions, and it would give them more time to make a deal.

This would be much more likely if Lieby were not hurt, but still a long shot.

All this talk about a trade in the works before Friday. I'd be happily suprised if that were true, but I have to think it's not. Floyd traded...for what? Franklin traded...for what? Someone with get optioned (Geary) or cut (Santana/Fultz). But who knows, maybe I'm wrong and Gillick is going to work magic and swing a deal.

i'm happy booker found a home. that is absolutely insane how much traveling he did. you'd think the guy was bruce chen or something.

They can't trade Franklin because he was an FA signing, I think. And Cormier still hasn't gotten an earned run credited to him this year, which is pretty good, considering what we were expecting of him this year

I'm in the "ditch Santana" boat too.

Hmm, as for Booker, considering the Royals just ditched Joe Mays (or, well, Joe Mays just ditched the Royals), it's a lot like floating in the ocean and getting picked up by a ship, only to find out the ship is sinking as they hand you a bucket.

There's no reason they can't trade Franklin unless his free agent deal has a no-trade clause. And there's no way Ryan Franklin can command a no-trade clause. But he shouldn't go anyway.

If you can trade a dud like Santana or Fultz, it's like getting something for nothing. But otherwise the move seems like it has to be putting Santana on waivers. If somebody claims him, so be it; if he ends up in Scranton maybe it will help him out.

There's no reason they can't trade Franklin unless his free agent deal has a no-trade clause. And there's no way Ryan Franklin can command a no-trade clause. But he shouldn't go anyway.

If you can trade a dud like Santana or Fultz, it's like getting something for nothing. But otherwise the move seems like it has to be putting Santana on waivers. If somebody claims him, so be it; if he ends up in Scranton maybe it will help him out.

Deanna, Can you elaborate on rules about trading FA signings ? I knew you could not cut or trade FA in NFL. But I wasn't aware this is a rule in MLB. Do you know the deadlines ? Are the deadlines different if they are your own free agents you resign?

Why can't you trade a FA in the NFL, NO Saints are looking to trade Bennet right now, they signed him in March, then drafted Bush so don't need him. And you can always cut a guy, it's just his salary counts against your cap.

Sorry if this totally of subject.

Any free agent that signs a major league contract can not be traded without player's consent before June 1. This was part of the bargaining agreement. It's not a no-trade clause, just a regulation to help protect players. Therefore, Franklin can not be dealt at this point in the season without his blessing. Doubt the Phillies are looking to deal him, and if they were he probably wouldn't reject such a proposition because it would be for the opportunity to start most likely.

VT, Sorry to get this off topic, but I thought there were rules against trading and cutting FAs in NFL. I am likely mistaken and thinking about salary cap. I still have trouble differentiating between 5 different types of NFL free agents and what they all mean.

Carson, thanks for info on FA trade deadline in MLB.

Right, that's what I meant, they can't trade him for a few more weeks, which doesn't solve the problem right now of making room for Hamels. I couldn't remember the exact deadline either, so thanks!

Ya, I think it is just restricted FA's that have that clause in the NFL, since your basically stealing them from another team.

Was Fasano's whining an attempt to get traded? Because otherwise it's hard to figure out. Considering that mediocre (or worse) backup C's can last forever, this may be a move to get himself traded somewhere, sooner rather than later, figuring he's the odd man out. Then again his defensive rep can't be great the way he's played here so this may be a foolish move...

Is the possibility of a trade before Fri. anything more than pure speculation? It may well be just as simple as a release or demotion.

I think the Phils could go just about any direction with this, Rick. The safest play would be to demote Geary because he has an option. They lose no one this way. They could try passing Santana through waivers, but someone would likely pick him up. A trade would probably have the smallest chance of happening, but it's where the Phils can get pretty creative.

I say send down Santana. Who cares if we lose him on waivers?? It's not like he was that great of a pitcher for Milwaukee last year (or with us this year). I agree with some of the previous posts on the idea that a trade would be great. I can't see the Phils giving up on Floyd just yet, especially with having announced that Madson is going back into the pen. That being said, the most likely move would be to ship one of the relievers out since Madson is taking one of their seats now. I personally would move Cormier while his value is high (and since we have 3 lefties in the pen right now), but I think he is a 10-5 guy if I am not mistaken, meaning he can veto any trade. I would also consider moving Franklin. I really don't want this guy around when the weather warms up and his 400 foot fly balls to center end up going over the fence and costing us some games. I even like the idea of shipping out that whining girly man Fasano to AAA or throw him in as part of a trade and give Chris Coste a chance as Ruiz's back up until Lieberthal comes back.

I think it stinks that Geary pitches well and gets sent down. I know. I know. He has options. It stinks and it can't help his game.

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