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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


i was thinking about this the other day. the way lidle's pitching now -- the progress he's apprantly made this season by improving his splitter -- he might end up being a nice bargain for another 2 years. seems a bit of a stretch that he'll greatly improve on his annual league average output at this point in his career, but it's worth a thought. he's a pretty well-suited pitcher for CBP and it would be good to have at least one vet in the rotation with the new kids.

Utley, JRoll and Abreu should be locks. Utley because he deserves it and Abreu and Jroll on rep (this would be Jroll's 4th appearance). If Pat stays hot he should make it since I can't imagine Hawpe stays this hot.

Regarding re-signing Lidle, it is not a bad investment based on what he brings and how much he would cost.
Hwr, I think Gillick needs to see what might be available on the FA and trade market before he ties up the $$ with Lidle.
For example, there have been rumors about the Marlins possibly trading Dontrelle Willis. That would probably require the Phillies to negotiate a new deal with him if they were actually able to acquire him. (I heard the Mets were trying to get him..a rumor, no more no less)

Not sure who or how attractive the FA market will be this offseason as yet for starters.
If Gillick commits to Lidle now, he is possibly killing any chance of getting someone better later.

If Lidle is signed for another couple years, the Phillies could always trade him if they need to clear space in the rotation for a bigger fish. A locked-up Lidle might bring more in a trade anyway, since it would not just be a three-month rental or something like that. Of course, that presumes the deal is reasonable and Lidle is still performing well.

Utley better be the starting 2nd baseman for the NL squad. Rollins may get voted in because of all the hitting streak hype. Abreu is solid, and I wouldn't be shocked if he makes it as well. Count Tom Gordon as a near lock thus far in the season, I know he can't get voted in, but Phil Garner will most likely choose him for the bullpen. Burrell is hot and in my opinion is all-star worthy. If this team keeps winning, and playing like they should, then there is no reason the Phillies can't have 5 or so all-stars come July.

Lidle is nice, because he is consistent. You know exactly what you're getting with him. That's worth 3-4 million a year...give another year extension now, he'd probably do it.

Any talk of extensions now is way premature. We need to see if this team is going to be buyers or sellers at that trade deadline. They have three months to prove that. If they are sellers, someone like Lidle is more valuable as a rental to many teams with larger payrolls who need 4 or 5 to fill the void due to an injury.

Locking up Lidle right now would be foolish. There is no need to do so with so many question marks that need to play out over the season...

1. Randy Wolf, will he come back?
2. Cole Hamels
3. Madsen and Floyd

And of course Gio Gonzalez is set to make an appearance in 2007.

I don't see how we could trade for any pitchers. We simply don't have the young talent to spare, and right now the farm system needs to be allowed to regenerate. The near future will rest mostly on the shoulders of Myers, Hamels, Floyd, Madsen, Gonzalez, and/or any other pitcher that steps up.

Agree, talk of contract extensions for Lidle is premature. Too many unanswered questions on young pitchers and Wolf, and too little payroll flexibility. Likely, payroll will go down again next season.

Well, we could still get a pitcher from a team in need of some offense, just not the Marlins. If a trade for Dontrelle were to happen, we would have to give up someone like Hamels, and besides pissing off the fans, it wouldn't fit with the Phillies' win-later philosophy.

But to say we couldn't get any pitchers at all is a little premature. Teams will have a better idea of where they stand around the trade deadline and we'll see what happens.

Methinks Cory Lidle needs to have another one of those 10-run innings like the Dodgers handed to him last year, for people to be slapped back into the reality that he's just not all that good.

I'd probably offer arbitration to Lidle, but I just don't see extending him outright given how much quality young pitching should reach Philly in the next couple years. If he accepted, we'd have a solid and affordable back-of-the-rotation guy; if he declined and signed elsewhere, we'd have picks.

I like Lidle, but as he gets deeper into his 30s I just don't think he'll give good value for his cost, compared to Hamels, Gio, Mathieson, et al. If the Phils want a veteran starter to go with Lieber and help guide the young guns, they should look top-of-the-line.

OTOH, if they did trade for Willis and had to part with one or more of their best young arms, keeping Lidle might make more sense. But that's pretty far-out speculation for now.

In eight plus years Cory Lidle has pitched to 138 decisions and has won 73 of them or roughly 53%. So, we are talking about a guy who goes out there and wins one and then loses one. This is not the stuff of legends. Lidle is looking relatively good when compared to the horrendous stats of everyone not named Brett Myers but his record proves he is going to break even when all is said and done. That should make him a fourth or fifth starter, not a number two.

all the hell with all this talk...bring on Hamels!!!

Unleash King Cole.

Who said he should be a number two?

Re: No. 2. I assumed from what he wrote that Jason saw Lidle as only behind Myers in the rotation at this point.

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