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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


...which is a very good reason NOT to trade Bobby any time soon. getting 75 cents on the dollar for one of the best outfielders playing right now is not acceptable, to me.

Bobby has stuggled tremendously since the '05 All-Star break. His late season decline last year was blamed on injuries. Maybe this year it's on the pressure to perform and the angst of fans towards him. I love Bobby Abreu, always have, and will continue to despite declining production. He's not *really* a Gold-Glover, but he is a great athlete that the Phillies would sorely miss if traded. It'll be interesting to see how the Abreu situation pans out over the next 2 seasons. I'd hate to seem him traded, but it seems like Gillick has a plan, and if trading him is part of it, well than by all means...

Bobby strikes me as a follower in terms of personality. If the rest of the team picks it up "mentallY" Bobby will as well. Now, will he become a Larry Bowa firecracker? No, but he doesn't have to be.

Abreu can be selfish, lackadaisical, sloppy, etc. But he has a good eye, can go on a tear and is definitely still considered a threat by some measure to opposing pitchers.

That he ran out that nubber the other day vs. the Mets to win it shows me that maybe the Rowand-Utley hustle is infectious. I'm not certain last year's Abreu would have run that out.

I get the impression, though, that Victorino, Dellucci and Roberson all would have run out that ball. Maybe a little faster, too.

Abreu will pick up his production after the team as a whole cools off. My theory is, he likes the attention, and when other players are stealing the spotlight, it gets to him. This of course comes from my close and personal friendship with Bobby.

$28,000,000 invested in Burrell and Bobby next year. One will not be on the team next year. It's just of matter of who goes and what we get back. Your corner outfield cannot be 1/3 of your payroll.

You're gonna have to take 75 cents on the dollar for a player that will be making as much as Abreu does.

"$28,000,000 invested in Burrell and Bobby next year. One will not be on the team next year. It's just of matter of who goes and what we get back. Your corner outfield cannot be 1/3 of your payroll.?

You're probably correct, however, I don't think that means you have (or should) pull the trigger this year.

Abreu's 38 walks so far this season has translated into 27 runs, tied for most on the team with Rollins and one ahead of Utley. He's also a career .302, so the current .257 he's rocking will turn around.

What would Gillick be looking for in exchange for the player several opposing announcers call the most underrated player in baseball?

Bobby can definitely be streaky, and unlike many other players, when he's cooled off he still draws walks and works counts and doesn't get stressed. We definitely should wait for him to pick it up before trading him, or wait until the offseason.

I'd trade Bobby-I'm amazed to see myself type this-if they get real value in return and dump all of his salary. I'd like the flexibility come July this would bring.

Branch Rickey said it best: You trade your players, even your stars, one year too soon, rather than one too late. I don't think Bobby's recent slumps have depressed his value, though this may not be true in a couple months. Let alone next year winter.

He looks like an awfully good fit in NYY-land, and not because of current OF woes. Torree likes patient hitters, and Bobby's the prototype of those. Let's grab 23 year old Robinson Cano and a pitcher or two.

Exactly who is NYY going to give you to even get 75cents on the dollar?

Abreu will get hot again, and his numbers will probably approximate last year's. Which will be just fine, but after that it might be time to change right fielders. For now, it's a good thing the Phils still have him.

i agree THATDUDE they don't have to do it this year. i also agree with you that that yankees to not have the bigleague talent to make any trade for bobby work. san fran makes sense to me becuase their whole team is gone next year. the red sox will always make sense becuase of the type of player he is.

Will we please stop this Abreu for Cano nonsense. Besides Cano not having 1/2 value of Abreu, he is strictly a 2B. The Phils have no spot for him. Utley is the Phils 2B for forseeable future; Phils abandoned any thoughts of coverting Utley to a 3B in the minors.

I wonder if Abreu is starting to show a little wear and tear. He is 33 next year and has played nearly every game the past 8 seasons. Still a valuable player but don't know if he is worth $14-$15 million/year for the next 2 years.

Trading Abreu, even to the Yankees, will be difficult due to his salary. If the Phils trade Abreu, I hope that they would be able to get a young 3b or catcher who would really solidify the position for the next 3-5 years. Additionally, I would love for the Phils to get another couple of highly -rated pitching prospects.

Plus, if the Phils trade Abreu this season, they would free up about $40 million next year (Wolf, Lieberthal, Bell, Cormier are in last years of their deals). It would give Gillick the flexibility to really remold this team.

They would have to rebuild via trades, because the free agent market isn't great this upcoming offseason. Zito and Mora are the hilights.

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