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Friday, May 26, 2006


'expert anaylsis' from Marzano.. ha :)

And I'm not sure why Pat or Bobby should get a ton of criticism...but overall looks like a good piece to me.

Brian Startare(sp.?) is pretty good on the Phils overnight.

Wha? You don't like Johnny Marz? I like Johnny Marz. Did anyone see his piece on Comcast where he took Sal Fasano on a tour of South Philly?

marz is a knothead. whenever he gets pushed into a corner by a caller on his thoughts, he always plays the access card. he's an insider, so he knows better. gimme a break. i'm sick of hearing him rag on lieberthal like he's the worst catcher in baseball history. and whatever happened to his indictment of the organization for not making billy wagner its number one offseason priority? suddenly letting him walk was a great decision. convenient.

Whether I agree with his take or not is beside the point. I cannot recall anyone doing anything quite like what Marzano is doing with the Phillies. I like the personality and the point of view. He took Fasano to his childhood home to meet his mother. I thought it was fantastic.

That's kind of why I dislike Marz. He really plays up the Paisano thing, and I find it a little annoying, especially coming from a person that was largely a bum as a player. He has some insight, I guess, but nothing that any other former player couldn't give us.

Johnny Marz knows more about baseball than anyone on here (myself included), does that mean he should be worshipped or reviled? No, just deal with it.

Marz flip flops way too much. I caught Rhea's show that Saturday too, it was very good. She's got a good show on Saturday AM's. It's too bad that most of us are in bed or not near a radio when it is on.

Gee, I think Marzano is OK but I wouldn't put him up there with Didinger.

But I don't think he's a knothead, either. If you want someone who grabs an opinion and sticks with it come hell or highwater and will never, ever consider that things can change or there could be another legitimate viewpoint, WIP has just the guy for you in the drive-home time slot.

Drive-home time is my best chance to listen to talk radio and for baseball talk I always gravitate to Jody Mac on 950 or the two Noo Yawkers on WFAN. At least those guys can admit they were wrong about something when facts emerge that prove it, which to my mind is the first quality that a good analyst must have. Anybody who thinks he is right all the time is just an idiot. Or a moron. Or a geeeee-nius.

He's not as good as Didinger. I agree.

"Marz flip flops way too much"

And that would make him different than any of us how?

I like Marzano. Sometimes I think he just says what the callers want to hear but for the most part I like him, especially some of his stories.

I don't like our chances vs. Capuano tonight. Although one would think it's hard for a starter to beat the same twice in 2 weeks.

Interesting all these "flip-flop" comments, I could have sworn that term was being flung around about a week ago.

Nat, I agree with you. I can't stand WIP. Mike and the Mad Dog will talk about any team, anywhere. Jody Mac is always fair and pleasant. The cancer that's on between 3 and 7 on WIP makes me want to puke. He's always had it out for Abreu, probably because he got dissed by him at some point. He continues to point out how selfish Abreu is and how he "refuses" to lead off. It's bullshit and damn near yellow journalism. And his drunk, low life callers believe everything he says.

Wow. I don't know if I've ever been quoted before. I'll try not to let it go to my head.

Anyway, gr sort of hit it on the head. Most hosts seem to have this fear of looking bad on air. I don't think I've ever heard one of them admit they weren't sure of something, or that maybe a caller had a point that the host had never considered.

In the phlogosphere, we admit all the time we don't know it all. I don't try to be as analytical statistically as A Citizen's Blog, nor as witty as Balls, Sticks and Stuff, nor as comprehensive as Beerleaguer. Knowing and admitting whatever shortcomings I have allows me to focus on what I'm good at without feeling threatened by others' opinions.

Also, as I've said before, there's a lot of accountability on blogs. If I try to call into WIP and claim that a host has flip flopped, he can a) claim I misunderstood knowing there's little chance I recorded the show to call him on it, b) deliberately misunderstand my point and create a straw man out of my argument for him to knock down, or c) simply not take my call. As a caller, there's little I can do to hold the host accountable other than not listen.

However, as a phlogger whatever credibility I have is due to being consistent, admitting my errors, and having my opinions be rooted in fact and not fancy. Any time I try to use the tricks a host uses, I can immediately be called on it because all my opinions are archived and easily retrievable.

Just another area, IMHO, where the internet has lapped more traditional media in terms of generating knowledgeable debate.

It's ironic that Eskin rips Abreu since almost all his criticisms of Abreu were all applied to Eskin's buddy Schmidt in the 70s (with the exception of Abreu's defense). Schmitty wasn't run out of town and was allowed to prove that he was a winner. Hopefully, Gillick has a cool enough head to hold on to one of the greatest players in Phillies history (unless, or course, he gets an offer too good to refuse).

Also, Zone Rating may be a bit unfair to Abreu since it is based on plays made. All the other NL East parks have waaay bigger outfields than CB and thus the opportunity to make more plays. Not in anyway saying he deserved the Gold Glove, just that he may not be the worst fielder either.


You missed one of the talk show host's options which is:

d) Yell at you, call you a name and then hang up.

It's the old media model: "I have the microphone and everybody else can either put up or shut up."

The give and take of opinion is what makes for interesting, and sometimes enlightening, dialogue, and that's what I get from the blogs. Enlightened talk show hosts understand that, too; the ones with huge but fragile egos don't.


Didn't some people rag on Schmidt because he didn't dive into the stands for foul balls or something like that? That's along the same line as the current criticisms of Abreu's defensive play. Anyway, your point is well taken.

People seemed to have missed the biggest reason why WIP is talking about the Phils this spring. Not really about what the Phils have done (except for during the winning streak) but that Sixers and Flyers didn't do anything this spring.

Sixers absolutely folded down the stretch and look they are about to enter another long rebuilding period. For all of the flak Ed Wade took about handing out long contracts, Billy King has handed out some of the worst long-term contracts in the NBA. Billy King has given away money like he was running the US Mint in Philly.

Flyers also looked abysmal this year in the playoffs and were embarassed by an underrated Sabres team. They had alot of injuries but Bobby Clarke made alot of bad signings last year (Rathje, Hatcher, etc).

And that would make him different than any of us how?

Well... he is getting paid for this.

Food for thought . . .

Since the wildcard was introduced in 1996, the NL wildcard has averaged 92.3 wins (lowest was the 2005 Astros with 89 wins; highest was the 1999 Mets with 97 wins).

Maybe I am a bit skeptical, but we are have a pretty good idea of what this Phils team will do. Unless something dramatic happens, this Phils team looks like an 85-87 win team and not good enough for the wildcard.

Marzano is an idiot. On his blog last year, right after the HR derby, Marzano proclaimed Abreu to be the next big star in the NL. Not 3 months later on DNL, Marcus Hayes took 'Marz' to task because Marzano was seriously bashing Abreu and calling him a dog, neglecting the fact that Abreu was basically playing hurt the last 6 weeks or so of the season. I even wrote about this "flip-flop" on the philliesphans phorum the day it happened:

Marcus Hayes and John Marzano going at it on DNL

Abreu is not a great defensive outfielder and his gold glove last year was a joke, but he does have a strong arm and makes most of the plays. I appreciate the "run through the wall" ethic of Rowand and Victorino, but I also appreciate the fact that Abreu, arguably the team's best offensive player, avoids injury and plays everyday.

I hate to be negative as well, but I think Marzano is terrible at his job. He has such an obvious axe to grind with Bobby Abreu it isn't even funny - how else do you explain his declaring, live on the air that Abreu didn't run hard on balls hit in to the gap because he wanted to "pad his doubles stats."

Marzano has also (and I paraphrase) said something along the lines of, "I don't want to hear about statistics and numbers - I WATCH THE GAMES!" Being a crappy backup catcher (Marzano was 1000x the player I every was, for the record) does not make somebody qualified to talk about baseball.

Finally, I thought the Marzano-Fasano tour of South Philly was extremely contrived, awkward, self-serving, and, worst of all, boring to watch.

I think the reason the Phillies are getting a little attention is because they are, if nothing else, an interesting team. Maybe not so much in the way they play the game on the field, but the organizational soap opera, the ongoing sagas of Wade/Bowa/Montgomery/Manuel/Gillick, is pretty fertile territory for the media, not to mention players like Abreu, Rollins, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, the Cole Hamels phenomenon. The fortunes of the Phillies are ever-changing...I know it's a factor in keeping me coming to this blog site daily.

Eskin probably hates Abreu because he stiffed him on an autograph request. In the spring of '92 I was an intern with the 76ers and there was a rule that media were not allowed to get autgraphs. Eskin would wait until everyone left and pull out a manilla envelope with pictures trying to get autos. Then thos guys that stiffed him he would be down on during his radio stint. What a loser.

I heard that Abreu is suddenly willing to leadoff but Chollie is not interested. Is this true? Has anyone else heard this? BA would be a fantastic leadoff hitter!

I'll take your word that WIP is changing. I used to be a listener, but seveal years ago when they brought back Eskin, it was clear that WIP had no desire to be a serious sports station. That coupled with the loss of Jody Mac made it so there was no compelling reason to tune in whatsoever.

I know Missinelli gets a lot of pople's goats. I never had much of an issue with him. The Morning Show is unlistenable.

For those of us with the 9-5 rotation, WIP presents us with Cataldi and Eskin. For normal thinking adults, that is not a selection that gets 610 on the dial.

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[url=]hummer sacramento[/url] Since all Hummer vehicles have heavy-duty capabilities, they have been employed by owners for aid in large disaster situations [url=]hummer charlotte north carolina[/url] "At GM, we work together like it’s one engineering organisation, so I can tell you that on various programs – not particular with Hummer – I’m in conversation with Holden on a weekly basis," he revealed [url=]hummer san jose california[/url] 2 or even 2 [url=]fort lauderdale hummer[/url] [url=]hummer dealer[/url] The plant produces a few hundred vehicles annually, and its output is limited to local consumption (five dealers in Russia initially) [url=]hummer st louis[/url]
In 1998, AM General sold the brand name to General Motors but continued to manufacture the vehicles [url=]hummer nassau[/url] it all fits together seamlessly [url=]hummer san antonio[/url] "It will be another GM platform that will allow us to build a smaller vehicle," he says [url=]hummer seattle[/url] Schwarzenegger has subsequently had one of his Hummer's converted to run on biofuel and now promotes this approach [url=]hummer minneapolis[/url] Led by off-road racing legend Rod Hall, Team HUMMER competes in the Stock classes of both BitD and SCORE, which feature production-based vehicles with stock frames, stock suspension designs and production-based engines [url=]hummer columbus ohio[/url] HUMMER will consolidate its upcoming H3 range in Austr
alia from 2009 with a variety of new models that will include a compact SUV, diesel, ethanol and hybrid power, and a new full-sized H2 [url=]denver hummer[/url] He insits that Hummer needs to maintain its 4WD reputation by ensuring that all its vehicles have a separate chassis, short overhangs, class-leading approach, breakover and departure angles, ample ground clearance and signature Hummer styling cues [url=]bergen hummer[/url] John Heinricy, General Motors director of high performance vehicles, told GoAuto that GM’s engineering plants across the globe are intertwined in their new-model developments [url=]hummer 3[/url] and the American Red Cross [url=]hummer part[/url] As we reported last week, first up will be the long-awaited V8 version of the H3, to address this model’s single biggest criticism – its lack of perf
ormance punch [url=]used hummer[/url] GM is responsible for the marketing and distribution of all Hummers produced by AM General [url=]boston hummer[/url] " In the United States alone, Mr Walsh believes that a smaller vehicle line-up could add between 30,000 and 40,000 sales to the 70,000-odd units (split between 56,000 H3s and 14,000 H2s) Hummer shifted in 2006 [url=]baltimore hummer[/url] As a result of its commercial use, features introduced in the civilian Hummer have been incorporated into improved military versions [url=]cleveland hummer ohio[/url] Holden does engineering for the US [url=]connecticut hummer stamford[/url] Hummer general manager Martin Walsh revealed that the H4 will be twinned with an upcoming compact General Motors pl
atform, although he stopped short of saying which one it would be [url=]hummer san francisco[/url] He adds fuel consumption is on par with most of its mid-sized SUV competitors [url=]tacoma hummer[/url] Only specialized racing shock absorbers, tires and other minor modifications are allowed, along with the required supporting components and mandatory safety equipment [url=]austin hummer[/url] Minor modifications are allowed to the powertrain, although the rules stipulate it must be based on the stock engine and transmission combination [url=]hummer oklahoma city[/url] On May 12, 2006, GM announced it would cease production of the original H1 Hummer [url=]newark hummer[/url] In 1992, AM General began selling a civilian version of the M998 High Mobilit
y Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV or Hum-Vee) vehicle to the public under the brand name "Hummer" [url=]hummer kansas city[/url] Developed by VM Motori of Italy and produced by GM DAT in South Korea, a size increase to 2 [url=]pittsburgh hummer[/url] " However, a Hummer insider admitted to fearing that its hard-won hardcore off-road image may be irreparably harmed if GM decides to go "soft" with the H4 [url=]albany hummer new york[/url] "We’re sharing knowledge, we’re sharing engineering [url=]hummer jersey monmouth new[/url] At the other end of the spectrum is the development of an H2 replacement [url=]hummer middlesex[/url] Dubbed H3 Alpha and on sale in North America from June, right-hand drive production for the V8 will co
mmence at General Motors’ plant in South Africa early next year, with Australian sales following by the end of 2008 [url=]portland hummer oregon[/url] " Nevertheless, he cites Hummer’s "iconic design" and leading off-road ability as keys to its success [url=]hartford hummer[/url] "Longer term I think we can get between 20 and 25 per cent," Mr Walsh forecasts [url=]hummer h4[/url] According to sources, they began doing so after Arnold Schwarzenegger asked them to; apparently, he was impressed by a convoy of HMMWVs that drove by during his filming Kindergarten Cop in 1990 [url=]west palm beach hummer[/url] The H3’s short nose precludes most V6 installations, so talk is rife that Hummer will fit a derivation of the 2 [url=]hummer car[/url] Hummer is also
looking at E85 ethanol versions of its two petrol engine choices, as well as a move to biodiesel technology [url=]delaware hummer wilmington[/url] The former initially affected H3 sales in America in its first year [url=]hummer norfolk virginia[/url] Despite these developments, Mr Walsh believes that it is the smaller vehicles that will drive Hummer sales in Europe, the Middle East and Australasia, as the Americans drive into new markets and add more dealers in existing ones [url=]florida hummer jacksonville[/url] Around the same time, a diesel-powered H3 is in line for introduction, although exactly which engine it will employ remains a mystery [url=]hummer for sale[/url] Buyers incorrectly assumed it cost significantly more, simply because of its similar design to the larg
er and costlier H2 [url=]stretch hummer limousine[/url] The team's latest victories came in February 2007, with the H2 and H1 Alpha earning class wins at the Parker 425 [url=]hummer salt lake city[/url] "We are going hard trying to change consumer’s perceptions [url=]hummer cincinnati[/url] The highlights of this journey were broadcast in the United States on ESPN [url=]military hummer[/url] The H1's electrical system is 12 volts, with the two batteries wired in parallel [url=]hummer picture[/url] 173 of those are in the U [url=]h3 hummer 2007[/url] However, the drive-train, frame, body, suspension, etc [url=]hummer tulsa[/url] He declared
that the three biggest issues facing Hummer are incorrect perceptions of price, size and fuel economy [url=]hummer h3 accessory[/url] We feel we don’t have anything to apologise for [url=]hummer island providence rhode[/url] , are exactly the same [url=]hummer truck[/url] Further into the future, hybrid technology – including a predominantly electric powerplant with occasional fossil-fuel engine back-up as per GM’s 2007 Detroit show-stealing Volt concept car – could find its way into Hummers [url=]gary hummer indiana[/url] " Responding to criticism that his vehicles are out of step with the fuel consumption and environmental concerns of today, Mr Walsh vehemently defends Hummer’s place in this world [url=]richmond hummer[/url] Current
ly Hummer sells only 12 per cent of its output outside of North America [url=]hummer ventura california[/url] The Hummers made the trip with ease, for they were built to drive on off-road terrain [url=]hummer h2 sut[/url] Many Hummer clubs have also developed local collaborations with law enforcement, fire, search and rescue and civil air patrol squadrons [url=]milwaukee hummer[/url] 2006 Hummer lineup: H3, H1, and H2 (L-R)As of 2006, Hummer has gone international with selected importers and distributors in Europe and other markets [url=]2006 hummer h3[/url] "We respect the right of people not to choose a Hummer as much as we respect the right for people to choose our product [url=]hummer rental[/url] "Hummer is a niche vehicle
[url=]hummer indianapolis[/url] An SUT (Sport Utility Truck) version of the H3 is on the cards, for a US launch in 2008 [url=]raleigh hummer[/url] [url=]2007 hummer[/url] [url=]hummer 2[/url] Since October 10, 2006, GM has been producing the Hummer H3 at its Port Elizabeth plant in South Africa for international markets [url=]hummer h2 accessory[/url] Developed for extreme riding, the HUMMER Tactical Mountain Bike can be stored inside your HUMMER, car, boat, plane, closet or wherever else you stash your gear [url=]california hummer stockton[/url] 5 litres is a possibility [url=]hummer limousine rental[/url] " The HUMMER Tactical Mountai
n Bike shares many similarities with its big brother, the HUMMER vehicle: military heritage, off-road capabilities and innovation in design [url=]hummer memphis tennessee[/url] This four-door crew-cab model, with may be joined later on by a two-door utility with an extended bed for greater commercial-vehicle applications [url=]hummer h1 for sale[/url] "Our growth will be downwards in terms of size," Mr Walsh says, adding: "Opportunities will lie in smaller segments [url=]hummer colorado springs[/url] S [url=]fort hummer pierce[/url] In the next few years, GM introduced two new homegrown models, the H2 and H3, and renamed the original vehicle H1 [url=]greensboro hummer[/url] The HMMWV runs on a 24V system, where the two batteries
are run in series to generate 24 volts [url=]hummer of new orleans[/url] [url=]hummer h2 picture[/url] The Hummer H1 is basically a HMMWV built for civilian use; it has no armor or weapons fittings [url=]hummer buffalo[/url] Hummers were originally built by AM General Corporation, formerly the military and government vehicle division of American Motors, in its South Bend, Indiana assembly plant [url=]sarasota hummer[/url] The H1 differs from the HMMWV in having a civilian interior, including trim, comfortable seats, stereo, and air conditioning as standard options [url=]albuquerque hummer[/url] Team Hummer Racing was created in 1993 and showcases the Hummer's abilities
[url=]fort myers hummer[/url] This publicity would pale in comparison to the attention that the HMMWV received for its service in Operation: Desert Storm the following year [url=]hummer ohio toledo[/url] The H3 is built in Shreveport, LA alongside the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups [url=]h2 hummer[/url] However, this does not mean that Hummer will be standing still with the H3, the brand’s sole global ambassador for the time being [url=]3 hummer[/url] Mr Martin also admits that distancing the Hummer from the old military HMMWV (and its civilian H1 counterpart) might aid the company in gaining greater social acceptance in some markets [url=]h1 hummer[/url] All HUMMER Tactical Mountain Bikes use Montague's patented military folding system, developed to allow
Paratroopers an easy exit from military aircraft with a full-size mountain bike [url=]hummer video[/url] AM General had planned to sell a civilian version of the Hummer as far back as the late 1980s [url=]hummers[/url] [url=]accessory hummer[/url] [url=]hummer accessories[/url] [url=]h3 hummer photo[/url] [url=]hummer parts[/url] [url=]hummer limo[/url] [url=]hummer used[/url] [url=]2006 h3 hummer[/url] [url=]hummer limousine stretch[/url]
[url=]hummer h2 accessories[/url] [url=]hummer sale[/url] [url=]hummer h2 parts[/url] [url=]h2 hummer sut[/url] [url=]h3 hummer[/url] [url=]dealer hummer[/url] [url=]hummer h2 wheels[/url] [url=]2 hummer[/url] [url=]3 h hummer[/url] [url=]car hummer[/url] [url=]hummer military[/url] [url=]hummer stretch[/url] [url=]hummer wallpaper[/url]
[url=]h2 hummer picture[/url] [url=]h3 hummer price[/url] [url=]hummer rent[/url] [url=]accessory h2 hummer[/url] [url=]custom hummer[/url] [url=]hummer new[/url] [url=]hummer military sale[/url] [url=]h3t hummer[/url] [url=]hummer lynch[/url] [url=]hummer vehicle[/url] [url=]2005 hummer[/url] [url=]h3 hummer picture[/url] [url=]hummer pic[/url]
[url=]hummer sale used[/url] [url=]hummer photo[/url] [url=]h2 hummer limousine[/url] [url=]2006 hummer[/url] [url=]h3 hummer review[/url] [url=]hummer wheels[/url] [url=]2005 h3 hummer[/url] [url=]com hummer[/url] [url=]hummer kit[/url] [url=]hummer pink[/url] [url=]cart golf hummer[/url] [url=]hummer s[/url] [url=]h2 hummer part[/url]
[url=]hummer limousine stretch super[/url] [url=]army hummer[/url] [url=]hummer tuning[/url] [url=]forum hummer[/url] [url=]hummer sut[/url] [url=]h4 hummer[/url] [url=]car hummer kit[/url] [url=]hummer yellow[/url] [url=]georgia hummer jonesboro[/url] [url=]hummer rim[/url] [url=]h1 hummer sale[/url] [url=]h1 hummer used[/url] [url=]h3 hummer pic[/url]
[url=]gas hummer mileage[/url] [url=]hummer suv[/url] [url=]history hummer[/url] [url=]2005 h2 hummer[/url] [url=]harley hummer[/url] [url=]1 hummer[/url] [url=]hummer news[/url] [url=]hummer jeep[/url] [url=]davidson harley hummer[/url] [url=]bike hummer[/url] [url=]college hummer[/url] [url=]hummer price[/url] [url=]hummer military used[/url]
[url=]gm hummer[/url] [url=]hummer pimped[/url] [url=]control hummer remote[/url] [url=]hummer limousine picture[/url] [url=]hummer quote[/url] [url=]2 hummer picture[/url] [url=]cat dog hummer stretch[/url] [url=]canada hummer[/url] [url=]hummer limousine sale[/url] [url=]hummer spinner[/url] [url=]hummer low rider[/url] [url=]hummer military surplus[/url]
[url=]diego hummer limousine san[/url] [url=]angeles hummer limousine los[/url] [url=]h2 hummer wheels[/url] [url=]club hummer[/url] [url=]black hummer[/url] [url=]hummer toy[/url] [url=]hummer rc[/url] [url=]h3 hummer new[/url] [url=]hummer mini[/url] [url=]gmc hummer[/url]

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