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Friday, May 26, 2006


Hey, thanks man, but wait till to you hear what I have to say about Stengel's bullen the guy was terrible, never made a switch mid-inning! ;)

Halberstam is kind of a hack, but I love baseball history, and I love Beerleaguer, so I feel fortunate.

Oh, and I'm drunk so I have no idea how I should contact you Jason. I hope you had that thing cleansed in customs. If you need recompense, I have a well marked up copy of some old Roger Agnell I can trade. Damn, this isn't very "dignified," but Bobby and Pat the Bat rule!!!

Way at the bottom of the right sidebar there is a link to my email kdon.

Congrats kdon, I aspire to be you. But no, seriously, 5000 posts is a butt-load!

Great book. Even better was the sort of sequel "Teammates".

Kdon's email address for the free book is uh, well ummm. lol j/k sike, congrats Kdon.

Great book. I have a copy and it is well worn. congrats kdon.

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