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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Hoooooooooly cow. 5 batters, 5 hits, 5 runs, homers by J-Roll, Bobby, and Utley. Kyle Davies is really not having his best day here.

Through three, 5-2 Phillies. Gavin Floyd and Sal Fasano are like some comedy act. Neither demonstrates what you would call textbook form, but it's entertaining to watch ... when the good guys are winning.

I believe I recently mentioned something about Ryan Franklin and homeruns...oy.

And there's Cormier warming up, again. Double oy.

Saw the home opener in Reading tonight. Gio Gonzales looked absolutely amazing. He threw sevening innings of 5 hit, no run ball. Nobody hit him hard. Constantly at 91-92mph. Very impressive.

The rest of the lineup ---- not so much. They had exactly one hit that left the infield. Jaramillo hit the ball hard. But he seems a bit shaky behind the plate. Maybe an off night.

Flash really does still have a live arm doesn't he???

Also, did you notice how Fasano is part Drill Sargent/part Wet nurse? Thats what a catcher is.

I agree, Fasano was probably responsible to some degree for Floyd getting through six innings the way he did. A shame his bat is so damn weak. Floyd wasn't awful - his wildness, in fact, can be effective when he reins it in enough. The hitters looked off-balance. And that's some curve he throws up there.

Gordon (speaking of amazing curves) looked strong, the Phillies win two straight at Atlanta. A little bit of offense emerges. It's a start.

Based on how he did last year, he's no worse than Pratt, if not slightly better. Plus, so much personality. Though I have to admit one of my most memorable Phillies moments is Pratt winning the gamewinning HR in the 13th against the Red Sox, then almost falling flat on his face rounding the basepaths.

I'm not sure if anyone else watched the ESPN broadcast, but the announcers were TERRIBLE. Makes me can't wait till I get home from college and can have Harry K. and crew back (yes, even Wheeler). These guys were ripping Floyd all night, concluding that he had a quality start, but "the performance didn't reflect the good numbers." And yet they barely set a bad word about Francouer, who was slumping horrifically coming into the night.

Besides the Franklin debacle, a very encouraging game, especially from Floyd. If Floyd can give us a quality starts (6 IP 3 ER or better) with some consistency, we'll be in good shape.

I watched the game on ESPN. I can't agree that Gary Thorne is horrible, I like him about as much as any national broadcaster - but indeed Orel Hershiser is a wretched, know-it-all bore. I can just imagine him and Showalter working together last year, that must have been a real popular combination with players.

Still, it was still a hell of a lot better than having to watch the game on TBS.

In spring training, I also noticed Jaramillo was shaky behind the plate. I recall one game he had 3 passed balls in one inning. I chalked it up to nerves and not being familiar with Gordon's curve. Supposedly, he is a fine defensive catcher.

Gordon's stuff is electric and he's bringing it 94-95 when he needs it. Pray that he stays healthy. If he does, we won't miss Wagner for a second IMO. He's got more of an arsenal than Wagner does also.

I like Thorne also but can't stand Hershiser. I watched on CSN but had to turn the sound down because Wheeler was making me nauseous.

As for Wolf, I really doubt he'd be back in the rotation this year. Coming off TJ surgery, I'd think it would be wise to pitch him out of the bullpen fro the duration of the season. Whether they re-sign him remains to be seen.

I'd doubt we'd resign him. We have Lieber, Myers, Floyd, and Madson for next year (assuming they're not injured, ineffective, or traded), plus Gillick will remain on the lookout for top-tier starters, and we'll have Hamels making a push for the rotation (if healthy) and Gio/Haigwood/etc. on the way.


I saw both Paulino and Carlos Ruiz play in the Eastern League in 2004. Paulino came in as the bigger name, but by the end of that season I thought Ruiz was the better overall player, defensively and offensively. I'd sooner give him a shot than trade for Paulino.

If Carlos Ruiz is good enough to start for his country, Panama, then he should be given a chance with the Phillies next season.

...and who else was starting for Panama?

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