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Friday, April 07, 2006


Great summary.

one extra note: during rollins' hitting streak, he hit .379. kenny lofton, in that same time period, hit .402. hitting streaks are nice, but...

What do u mean GR?

Nice work J. The headline made me chuckle. I'm sad to see Jimmy's streak end, it was truly exciting every time he came up to bat.

Lets just hope the Cardinals are THAT good and the Fightins aren't THAT bad.

First, we the fans, all agree on these over stated gap fillers. The truthe is we are all just watching the hour glass drain instead of being cut thru with Gillick's molding torch. Oh, what a spring day that will be.

It's players like these that let you know who the kiss up's and unrealistic reporters and sports people are.

Everyone knows the names of the rotting wood in Philly land. (a catcher, 3B, a couple hockey defensemen and some guy who can hold a pigskin for a foot).

It's not taking shots. Just reality. Ask not the few.

We just need some guys to take there jobs and not there flaws.

I'll take any of the prospects over this glimor of outside corner repitition. Watching kids grow is better than the paint drying approach.

In Gillick we also trust.

I refrained from writing anything negative about the end of Jimmy's streak because I was delighted for him throughout his run. My only comment would be, why in the world did a guy who rarely bunts let alone for a basehit, give up an AB in the middle of a 38-game hitting streak to try and drop one down with a terrific fielder on the mound? I know ballplayers have to rely on instinct much of the time, but is there anything wrong with sizing up the situation before stepping into the batter's box? Jimmy is quoted as saying he saw everyone playing back, but two things must not have occurred to him: the pitcher never "plays back" and he can't bunt.

I liked Hagen's insertion of Melvin Mora's supposed interest in playing for the Phillies. For anyone who missed his column today, he's got a clip from the Washington Post about how Mora has broken off negotiations for a new contract with the Orioles; he's a free agent after this season.

Now that would be a good 3B solution, eh?

In the meantime, I say not to worry where Bell is concerned. I believe it is more that just wishful thinking when I submit that his days as a Phillie are seriously numbered. Gonzalez has 1 AB so far, I believe. He's too good to be plastered to the bench like that. It's ridiculous having three third basemen. Bell is useless to this baseball team. Gillick didn't sign him. Unless he starts putting up 3-for-4's every day, he's gone.

i mean i would prefer that rollins turn into a better hitter. i guess that's stating the obvious, but i had a stat i wanted to throw out in the meantime. i'm afraid this streak means rollins will never mature at the plate.

If by mature you mean take more BB's I'm not sure that will ever happen, however it doesn't necessarily have to for him to mature. The key would be that since he is closer to the plate he can make "better" contact and use his legs. In addition, although getting more BB's would be ideal, if he can TAKE more pitches per AB he will be fine. The difference between hitting 2-1 and 1-2 are enormous.

Melvin Mora would be a wonderful addition to the Phillies. However, do we really believe the Phillies will eat Bell's contract? RickSchuBlues, I just want you to know that I have no ill feelings towards you, and that I respect you at a poster on this site. I only ask for the same respect.

rickschu, i agree that bell's days are numbered and that gillick probably has no real allegiance to seeing him on the field, but c'mon, alex gonzalez is too good to keep on the bench? lifetime average: 244. i know he's cheap and i know he's good defensively, but i've hated that signing since day one. he is not any sort of a solution. he's a replacement for thomas perez and not really much of an upgrade from pieman, circa 2003. if he allows you to cut bell, great, but he's not going to offer any sort of upgrade at the plate. in fact, he has a chance to be worse.

Melvin Mora will be 35 next year and wants 3 years 27 million.

No thanks.

Eh I dont know, if you give him a 2yr deal and hope the kid we drafted last yr is ready to make the leap you might want to do it. That said I have never been a big fan of Mora and would rather go in a different direction. I would bet as we get to June Mike Lowell will be available if you wan tto go the short term route.

One of the worst things about Bell is that he provides absolutely no protection for the young and impressionable Ryan Howard. Poor kid will never get a pitch to hit as long as Bell is behind him.

Floyd is going to come through for us tonight. We need him to. Phillies aren't desperate yet, but if they keep losing, they will be soon.

Let's see another hit streak start J-Roll!

One question: Why does Bell bat ahead of Lieby? Bell has a (slight) edge in speed, and Lieby has a (slight) edge in power. The 8 hitter gets bunted to second a lot and most teams have at least a relatively fast player in the eight hole. I know one reason is that Lieby is bad w/ RISP but that is really just two years ago - before that he was fine. Lieby is more of a free swinger and I think is hurt more by batting in front of the pitcher than Bell.

I realize that even if all of this is correct, it probably equals about 5 runs a season, but, hey, that's half a win!

When Bell plays(which should only be 2-3x a week) he should bat 2nd.

I didn't like the Gonzalez signing either, but I feel like at the very least things need to be changed up.

Concerning Mora, I agree with TD. I think there would be a chance of him giving us a discount if we still have Bobby Abreu onboard, but Mora is not an especially noted defender and his days as a top hitter are numbered as well. While his numbers last year weren't bad, they were a steep drop (from .340/.419/.562 to .283/.348/.474). If he can pick it up again this year, he might be worth a look.

Mike Lowell? Are you kidding? That guy is FINISHED, worse than Bell perhaps.

Far be it for me to defend David Bell, who shouldn't be playing against starting righties under any circumstances, in my opinion.

That said, given that Bell is playing, 7th and behind Howard is the right spot in the order for him. Howard's going to see A LOT of situational lefty relievers this season, and putting a guy who hits lefties exceptionally well behind him will give other managers headaches.

I didn't mean to sound so high on Alex Gonzales...but I do think he'd be an adequate platoon-mate for Nunez. As a left-handed hitter, Nunez would still get the majority of the starts.

And I do not think he is any worse than David Bell. I think Phillies fans would rather see *anyone* play third over Bell, myself included.

Well if Lowell is finished he is STILL better than Bell (who actually IS finished). So far Lowel is batting 285 with a 375 OBP (over 900 OPS). Obviously thosenumbers wot hold up, but I'd bet his are btter than Bell's.

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