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Thursday, April 27, 2006


I was at the game on Sunday, and also last night. I love my Phillies, but I'll be more excited when they get over .500. How they rank in a division doesn't mean that they're playing good baseball (see last year's San Diego Padres). I like this recent trend, but I'm still going to wait for a little more from the Phils before I get too enthusiastic . . .

The way the Central is playing so far, the Phils will have to win this division to make the playoffs. Looks like the Wild Card may come from the Cent

I see no reason why the Phils cant win five of their next six against the Pirates and Marlins.

Sorry to go off the subject but Hamels is mowing them down vs Norfolk in his AAA Opener. So far 4 innings 7 strikeouts, 3 hits, RedBarons winning 4-0.
Im watching the game day live through MILB game day.

Oh yeah, I forgot, 0ER for Hamels, too.

....And, Ruiz is 2-2, with a HR (6 now for the season) and 2RBI (15) so far.

My concern is that while the Braves and Phillies scuffle around the .500 mark and battle for second place, the Mets will run away and hide. They have looked good in the early going, much as I hate to admit. The Mets had an easy schedule to open the season and made the most it, unlike the Phillies who are struggling through an easy portion of their schedule.

I'd be happy to surrender 2nd place to the Braves this weekend if that means they are beating the Mets in Atlanta. Of course, it would be even better if the Phillies could handle the Pirates in Pittsburgh at the same time. And then there's the worst case scenario... aiyeee. Come Monday morning, those NL East standings could look pretty good -- or pretty ugly.

Nat, no way the Mets are the kind of team that's strong enough to run away and hide. They're surely in for rough stretches along the way.

Holy $^&%! If he keeps putting up those numbers, do you think the Phillies might forget about bringing him up slowly?!

Still under .500 after playing a series of crappy teams and alot of games at home. 2nd place. Yeah.

RSB, I hope you are right. I don't want to relive 1986. This Mets team isn't that good, but they look to be as good as I was afraid they might be. They are, however, playing Endy Chavez a lot.

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