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Friday, April 28, 2006


I like the thinking of moving Cormier. Three other names come to mind : David Bell who has been player better and has been healthy; David Dellucci and Alex Gonzalez whose skills don't fit this team and would provide more value elsewhere. I would move all for prospects.

Oof, that's not a face I want to see first thing in the morning...

Cormier's appeared to be half-decent because he's been largely underexposed compared to Rhodes, Franklin, even Geary. If the Phillies had any real belief in him, he'd be pitching more and pitching later.

Whenever I see him warming up in the bullpen, I can't believe he is actually still on this team.

This is an example where stats can be misleading. True- Cormier hasn't surrendered a run thus far. False- Cormier has been dependable. He has been serviceable, which is better than I could say for Geary, Santana, and Rhodes (wild). I would love to see the Phillies trade him for prospects, but that's far down the road, and to get an actual prospect for him would be a steal by the Phillies...which they don't do to often (with the exception of the Abreu-Stocker deal).

as said above dellucci, gonzalez, bell and cormier could all go. don't forget about corey lidle or even lieber. with the price of pitching, if lieber pitches a little better - like his last start - he would be very valuable to a contender. (think lieber and cormier to the yankees for eric duncan and more) i have no doubt that, if gillick wanted to, he could get some serious talent for some of these guys. gillick could be looking at an 07 rotation with myers, hamels, floyd, madson and gio gonzalez. young , talented and very cheap.

Tim, I think you need at least one solid veteran in that mix of starters. Lieber was supposed to be 'solid', but he's turned out to be mostly flabby. They should try elsewhere to locate someone - someone who can actually pitch effectively, mind you - who will better fit that mold for (shudder) next year.

Rick - i agree that that rotation is not ideal and i really doubt it would happen, but the question has to be asked - if they still can't move bobby or pat (who will make $28mil next year) will they have the resources to add a $10mil a year pitcher? i think they will cut payroll again next year, especially if attendence is south of 2.5mil.

sorry to double post - but the phils have $56mil (give or take a mil) in lieber, burrell, abreu, rowand (option), jroll, gordon and nunez. add about 5 mil for myers and you have 7 guys and roughly $60 mil. 18 guys and 30 mil (max) to play with is spreading it thin. gillick will have to move somebody there is no way around it.

Well then, fine; I'd prefer rebuilding over this kind of dead-ass baseball. I'd rather have kids in the rotation than the uselessness of a Cory Lidle. They can lose 90 games next year for all I care, just so long as they're earier to root for and more fun to watch.

They can't fire the manager or ship some of these dead-weight players out soon enough!! I too wouldn't care if they finished under .500 with a bunch of hard-nosed young guys who, like Rick said, are easier to root for. I am tired of seeing Bobby misplace balls and Pat strike out. I am not even going to get into David Bell and Mike Lieberthal (and I don't care what kind of start they are off too...this team needs an injection of new life). I really would only keep Utley, Howard, Rollins, Myers, and Madson. Everyone else would be fair game in a possible trade. I wouldn't even care if I had to eat parts of contracts to get decent players back in return. The sooner Manuel is gone, as well as some of the players mentioned above, the sooner we can get back onto the road of possibly making the playoffs...

If the Phils can get more than a bag of baseballs for Cormier, I would be shocked. Same goes for Gonzalez or Nunez.

cormier is a vetern left handed pitcher on a contract year. he might be the most valuable trade piece on this team.

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