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Monday, April 24, 2006


If the Phils can't win a series at home against the Rockies without Helton, they ought to be chased all the way to the airport by an angry mob with flaming spears.

Manuel going with a lineup I would vote for:


I like moving Howard up in the lineup (and having some pop behind him)...but...why is Bell continuing to hit above Lieberthal!!? I won't repeat the four or five reason why this would help the team but the fact that Lieberthal has been a demonstratably better hitter this year, last year, and throughout his ENTIRE career should be enough.

i dont mind Bell hitting above Lieberthal at all. If u move him up he starts t feel more pressure and I think thats when he begins to overswing. It only took 18 games but Manuel finally figured it out. Utley is the 2nd spot will now become the 2k version of Bobby Grich.

Hope you're enjoying the dishes, Jason. Cory Lidle is painful to watch.

Disagree Dude, Lieberthal was a middle of the order hitter who had ONE bad year w/ RISP and was demoted to 8-hole hitter. Before 2004, he was consistently one of the PHils best hitters w/ RISP. He is a bit of a free swinger and is killed by having to bat in front of the pitcher. Not that Bell is much better, but right now, he is probably one of the worst hitters in baseball, and clearly the worst hitter in the starting 8.
Not that it matters much-top of the order is raking!

kdon, he is a 33 yr old catcher with bad knees, we r better off having him bat 8th. In his career he has had 3 yrs where he had a better than 350 obp and two of thos yrs were 6 and 7 yrs ago. He is better off batting lower without the pressure.

Eight strikes for Lidle through five. His career high is 11 last year against Milwaukee.

damn i hate t age myself but the more I c of Chase the more he looks like Grich.

Look at Grichie run the was a notorious red ass and it looks like chase is too, which is something we need on this team.

C'mon, we can set our sights a little higher for Utley than Bobby Grich, can't we?

Lidle has settled in nicely, yes. Back in the 2nd inning he was awful, but Colorado is letting him make them look bad, swinging at every junker and clunker he's throwing up there. Lord, they look beatable.

"C'mon, we can set our sights a little higher for Utley than Bobby Grich, can't we?"

Dude r u kidding? he was a 6 time all star, 4 time gold glove winner has a lifetime 371 obp, hitt 224 homers from 72-86. He had 5 yrs over 15 homers, which was unheard of for a 2b back then. Put his bat in the mlb today and he knocks out 30 easy.

Time for Adventures in the Bullpen, with your host: Ryan Franklin!

"Time for Adventures in the Bullpen, with your host: Ryan Franklin!"

Featuring Arthur lee Rhodes as 8 ball and Tom Gordon as Flash. In tonight's episode, Ryan sets hesrts a flutter as he brings the tying run to the plate. 8 Ball makes a guest appearance and Flash slams the door.

I've definitely been very impressed with Gordon. Not much of a downgrade at all.

For those of you joining us from the Flyers game, it's 6-5 Phillies in the 8th inning. Phillies are 7-10 on the season. Hope you enjoyed your season of Flyers hockey.

I have a feeling this game will be the last we see of full-time David Bell.

Speaking of other sports do u suppose Bob Clarke and Billy King have naked pics of Ed Snider? lol


And Dude, not that I want a spend a good game arguing Bell vs. Lieby, but Bell has ONE season w/ an OBP over 350. His next highest is .331!
Bell Career OBP - .318
Lieby - .339

Career Slg
Bell - .396
Lieby - .449

dude ill never defend bell, he should be put out to pasture.

Phils win! Gordon saves it for Lidle! Give half that save to Mike Lieberthal with outstanding D behind the dish. New lineup ... fantastic. Utley's hits and baserunning out of the two-hole made a big difference.

What did Lieberthal do? (I sadly only can "watch" with Gameday, which only tells you what happened, not how it happened)

Can't say it saved them a run, but with a man on second, Lieberthal blocked at least two sharp curves in the dirt. After the game, Flash appeared to give Lieberthal much love.

I know Grich was a good player, but Utley's got a chance to be better.

Is it possible for the Phillies to win by anything other than the narrowist of margins?

And what's with the "8-ball" crap? You can leave that racist s*** at the door, thanks.

holy frickin christ, I called him 8 ball because he is the 8th inning pitcher. I couldnt think of anything else that quick. Why in God's name would u think I am being racist? Excuse my F'g English, but thats not fookin cool.

I'm a lieby basher but ive got to say he played nice D in the 9th. I also like how he talks to Flash, hes the only pitcher I notice that he does that with.

I apologize for the misinterpretation, Dude, but I believe you were also the one who made the "King Kong" references to Ryan Howard so I felt it was along similar lines. If I'm out of line for being presumptuous, then I take it back.

The king kong wasnt me, in fact I thought it was offensive dueto the fact Ryan is a much better hitter than Dave Kingman. I did refer to him as Black Bull in reference to Luzinski, but now I believe he is btter than him too.

i think the most encouraging sign of the night was 6 runs without hitting a home run.

At least the Phils took the first game in this series. Need to take 3 out of 4 vs. Rockies team without Helton/Atkins.

People rip Lidle but he keeps the Phils in almost every start and gives them a reasonable chance to win. Great 4th/5th starter but overmatched as a 2 or 3.

Agreed, Pat, but on the downside yet again they took a (relatively) commanding lead and then stopped scoiring while letting the opponent back in it, to the point where it became a nail-biter and all three late-inning relievers had to work for the second straight day.

But how about Gordon! I'm really glad he's doing so well. I mean, sure, what Phillies fan isn't, but he's an easy guy to root for. He's been the MVP to this point, with Abreu a close second.

yea, i could only watch it on gamecast as well so i dont know how lidle looked in that last inning and i dont want to be the one to criticize manuel for leaving a starter out there for too long when we've all been screaming about the starters needing to go longer, so can anyone give me some insight into that decision?

also, gordon has been fantastic and its certainly more than i was expecting, lets just pray his arm doesnt fall off.

Nail biter... yeah! I love 'em! I hate 'em! I love 'em! I hate 'em! It'd be nice to have a laugher now and then, but it's the adrenalin rush of those nailbiters that keeps me coming back night after night.

Also, I second the emotion re: Gordon. (Or is that a third or fourth by now?) I posted the other day that this year's Phillies have been worse than last year's in every facet of the game, but on further review, I don't really think I should say that about the closer position. What could Wagner have done that Gordon hasn't done?

Now if they could just tighten up some of the defensive sloppiness...

I think Manuel handled Lidle's outing perfectly. I think he was strong enough to go back out for the 7th, but then when he put two men on it was the right time to take him out.

Rhodes was again shaky. His lack of control often gets him into jams.

Just a thought. But the Phils are 3.5 games out with the next 8 games being -- 3 at home vs the Rox, 3 at Pitt and 2 at home vs Florida.

That brings a series against Atl in early May. A nice little streak against the trash of the NL and everybody will be talking optimistic again.

There's no reason they can't go 7-1 or 6-2 over the next 10 days. Atl has 3 vs the Mets right before the Phils series.

If the Phils are still sub 500 on May 7 it's time to hit the panic button. But for now they don't look too bad.

The pen has the lowest ERA in the league with Booker, Yoel Hernandez and now Hamels seemingly on the way (meaning Madson possibly going back to the 7th or 8th and Franklin going to the 6th or mop-up work). The truth is nobody has the pen they want.

The bats are waking up. Plus, Myers is pitching much better than last year, in my opinion. I'm convinced Lieber will get bettter. Not dominant, but better. And Lidle always keeps fans on the edge of their seats. But he rarely gets killed. He is what he is -- a guy who gives 6-7 innings most starts, while giving up 4 or 5 runs.

Gavin is another story. I'm not sold. Tonight will be telling. He needs to eat some innings and get some early help. If he gets shelled again it may be time to explore other options.

Maybe Franklin or Hamels (by June 1 he should have 5 or 6 AAA starts). Or even one of the Reading guys. Hell, even give Brito (1-1 3.21 in Scranton) or Matt White (2-0 2.21 with the Barons) a look. Hope to get a few good starts out of someone, a la Tejada not too long ago.

Or maybe I'm crazy and this team with haunt me all year, finishing wih 85 wins and 3 games out of the wild card.

Gavin Floyd needs to pitch 3 strong innings with limited baserunner and zero runs allowed tonight. This will then boost his confindence/morale and allow him to go 7 strong tonight with 2 or 3 runs surrendered, which would be a quality start. This isn't a magical formula I've come up with, it's just what I see as necessary if he is going to establish himself in this rotation.

Note: Chris Booker is a strikeout machine that the Phillies need to smooth out his rough edges so they can utilize his skills with the big league team.

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