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Friday, April 28, 2006


Weitzel, I love the perspective you give in your blogs. Bottom line is the Phillies seem to do every aspect of the organization half-heartedly. The minors are baren (with a few expections of "prospects"), the payroll is high without production, poor managing, poor pitching, poor situational hitting. It's a broken record that will never be fixed unless drastic moves are made, I doubt Gillick or anyone else is willing to do it.

This year seems like a throw away year, and once again, if you think this team is playoff're delusional!

Padilla's also on pace to give up 37 HR, and he's 8th in the AL for walks allowed. maybe it's jealousy, but I'm doubtful of his ability to keep up this pace. (and that's not even considering that he hasn't thrown more than 150 innings since 2003.)

I was never a Padilla fan, except for his extraordinary switch hitting ability, but I rather have Padilla than Floyd!!!

Rangers fans can laugh all they want; I'd say they're on laughing gas if they think Vicente Padilla's a guy who's going to take them anywhere.

Do we really believe Gillick has free reign in his decisions? There are many reasons to doubt it. I would believe for several seconds or more that "Gillick" will be patient with Floyd for the simple reason that Floyd made the team largely because he was a first round draft pick who certain people want to be visible in the big leagues because it makes them look better.

I hope I'm wrong about all that, but knowing what I do about how this team operates, there's good reason to speculate along these lines.

I don't know. I think there were a lot of moves made by "Wade", but GIllick seems to be his own man and underserving of ironic quotation marks.

You got to remember that the main reason for the Padila move was his 4-5 million dollar price tag after arbitration. Gillick did not think he was worth that—end of story. He would have been released had he not been traded. We have all seen enough of Padilla to know he has streaks where he's real good, but he always implodes. He will again. My bet: The Rangers try to make a reliever out of him before it's all over.

I know we'd all like to think that, but who really knows? The Floyd scenario, for one, makes me really wonder. Manuel said it was his decision (to have Floyd in the rotation). Then he says he has to use what he has. Who exactly is making the personnel decisions and why?

i agree - padilla was all about the money. even if he is successful in texas, he would not have been here.

Everyone understood the need to move Padilla because of salary constraints. The problem is they got nothing back. Gillick has even admitted this was a bad deal.

The problem with the Phillies is they take players and try to put them in roles in which they arent able to perform. Delucci is a case in point..

Delucci is a good player, however he is an AL 4th OF'er, NOT an NL pinch hitter. We have set him up to fail.

Another good example is Scott Rolen. We tried REALLY hatrd to make him the vocal outspoken leader, offered him 140M to do so. It's not in his makeup and we paid the price.

Look at THome...same thing...Thomoe performed REALLY well, but he wasn't the catalyst so to speak. I mean how could he be? bhe was never THE MAN on any of the Tribe's winning teams. He is a great Robin to someone else's Batman, which as u can see in Chitown is what's happening.

That certainly is true about trying to assign leadership roles to players who aren't necessarily leaders. If they want a real leader, get the right manager. They thought they actually had one in Bowa, because he was "fiery". Not the same thing. Leyland, as much as it's pointless to bring his name up, is an example of a leader. But, no.

Thome is a "great Robin to someone else's Batman" ...
Ew, i'd hate to see Thome in tights ...

"If they want a real leader, get the right manager." A leadership role has to come from the players, not the manager. I may want a new manager here, but not for that reason.

What if Gillick had just released Padilla? And admitted "we won't pay 5 million for that bum"? Would you respect that more? st

Robinson Tejeda had a good start last night, too.

There was alot more going with Padilla than his salary. He wanted out of Philly and would have been a real malcontent if he had stayed. Problem is that Phils should have at least gotten a useful arm for the bullpen. You should never trade an established MLB starter and end up with nothing.

As much as I think that Fasano has little value besides hitting an occasional home run, the Phils are 1-8 in his starts because Lieber and Floyd have generally been awful.

Yes, MG, put the whole point of him being in there is that he's supposed to make some kind of difference in the pitching performances of those two. If it's clear that he isn't, then he should not be starting so absurdly often. This is just one more example of Manuel's rigidity: never mind the results, "I'm the boss." Great. Enjoy it while it lasts, Chuckie.

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