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Monday, April 10, 2006


Myers will pitch four innings and give up six runs. He'll blame Lieberthal for wearing a different helmet than Fasano, blame the umpire for giving him a dirty look, and the angle of the sun during the second inning. Then he'll go on to say he thought he had a pretty solid outing, after all it's better than at least two other starters' performances so far - and oh, by the way, it's a long season.

The fans, meanwhile, will stand behind him and blame Lieberthal's helmet for the 9-4 loss.

It's gonne be 64-68 from 7PM-9Pm tonight so he wont have the "cold" as an excuse.

RickSchu: That was funny with a whole lot of truth in it. Of course, even though I'm laughing on the outside, I'm crying on the inside.

I live about 3 miles from Turner Field in midtown Atlanta and I can tell you the weather is absolutely perfect right now. I'll be at Wednesday night's game and hopefully it'll be like this then (and hopefully the team has 2 wins by then instead of 1).

RickSchu, if that wasn't so true, it would be funny.

Boy, RichSchu, even in transit you have your finger on the pulse. I guess you returned to your home (Arizona, I recall???) to preserve what little mental health must remain after a weekend at the epicenter.

Yep, quite a homecoming that was.

What was it *like* between '75-'83? How did people get used to it? Did Philadelphia have an identity crisis? I can't even imagine what it's like to know your team is a winner every year.

Just a thought.

In a way, I wish I was older so I could remember it better. Born in '73, I didn;t have a ton of perspective on those years...I never thought, "wow, we are good now, but just a few years ago when I was three, we sucked!"

Why, WHY? Why is ROwand bunting in the FIRST inning against a nervous pitcher...why is Abraham Nunez PH with two runners in scoring position when Dellucci and Victorino are available? I picked up the MLB package today so that I could watch the Phillies in Boston. Again, WHY?????

YESSSS they finally tied the game up. I've been stuck sitting at work due to a protest downtown out here, and following the Phillies game via Gameday, and I've just been like "WE HAVE TEN HITS AND ONLY TWO RUNS WHAT IS *WRONG* WITH YOU GUYS??"

I too am a little too young to remember the run of really good Phillies teams, although I did get to go to one game of the '83 World Series, not that it helped, because we lost. Still, growing up as a Phillies fan in the 80's has made it possible to enjoy baseball today, no matter where I am or how bad it is.


Still, Rheal Cormier didn't implode... and Ryan Franklin... oh, wait. Goddamnit! I was impressed by how many ground balls he was getting lately compared to his flyball tendencies out here in Seattle and now he goes and gives up a homer to Marcus Giles goddamnit. It's hilarious that he didn't give up a homer last week at CBP, honestly.

I have to admit though, I figured the Phillies were going to come down to Atlanta out for blood as well, though... they better get a win or two in this series.

Okay, rant off, time to go check the buses again :)

What is the major malfunction with these guys when they get runners in scoring position?

I'm still waiting for Aaron Rowand to impress with the glove. And maybe he should stop bunting on his own. And I'm beginning to think Brett Myers is just dumb. As much as Wheels annoys the s**t out of me he was spot on with the "don't throw a breaking ball to the pitcher" call right before Thomson hit it to the wall.

P.S. Now that it is a two run lead our boys will get one in the ninth.

I'm too optimistic, apparently.

Is it still April 2005? This team is more lame now than they were a year ago at this time!! Yes, it is still early, but 1 and 5 (almost 6). Gimme an effing break!!!! Born in '75, grew up in PA, remember when the Phillies were good.

It must be something in the water--even new players are having problems (see: Abraham Nunez and Dave Dellucci)

Also, where's all the power? 11 hits, just 1 double, no HRs.

They blew their chances early against a very mediocre pitcher. This game was theirs for the taking.

My other thoughts echo what Mike just said: Myers is not a bright pitcher. This is his fifth season and I've seen very little to indicate he has what it takes to control a ballgame. When the pitcher comes to bat, you sit his ass down.

1-6 and losing interest in waiting for these nitwits to turn it around. I'll check the boxscore tomorrow night. Zero interest in finding out whether the Phillies' offense can spot Cory Lidle and the bullpen the six runs they will need to make it a game.

Something in the water is right. It infects everyone in that uniform. I thought perhaps it was starting to wear off towards the end of last year. It looked like they were beginning to develop cofidence, resemble a team that did what it took to win ballgames. I was thinking maybe it'd carry over to this year.

Well, wrong. It hasn't. Same old Phillies. They play back on their heels and they lose. Forever shall they be one-upped by the Braves, as they were in the game tonight. If doesn't matter what they do. Sign Lee Smith, Dennis Eckersley, and Kent Tekulve in their prime for the bullpen, and then watch the Braves send out journeymen minor-leaguers in the late innings to get the job done. It just doesn't seem to matter. Kind of like the Cardinals. Kind of like the Dodgers. The Braves win. The Phillies lose. Year. After. Year.

You can argue it's early all you want. What I'm seeing is a team that's regressed and reverted to its former, familiar frustrating ways. From here, they already look dead in the water. And you can't even blame this one on Bell, he looked like someone shot sparks through his veins before the game.

And so Myers didn't give up six runs, but he did demonstrate why he's no ace. I think a two-run, two-out double to a weak-hitting opposing pitcher tells you all you need to know about how much the Phillies can count on this guy right now.

Including tonight's 2-for-2 by John Thomson, Phillies pitching has given up six hits and five earned runs off the bats of opposing pitchers this season.

Is there anyone on this team that we think can stand up in the locker room and say, "Now what the hell is going on out there? Let's get it together!" They need someone to light a fire under their derrieres already.

By the way, my answer is probably not. Maybe Utley.

I hesitate to say anything really bad about the Phillies right now because they might turn it around and in a couple of months make me look like a hypercritical, panic-button pressing idiot, or worse, like Howard Eskin, but jeez a team that makes a habit of scoring only two or three runs a game is a team on a track to lose 100.

I know. It's early and it's a long season. For the Phillies right now, it looks like a really long season.

Bright side? If this kinda crap continues, Grampa McCoy won't be managing much longer.

I agree. Manuel will be out by midseason if they keep this up. Although, their schedule does lighten up after Atlanta and I predict a winning April.

They aren't going to score 2 or 3 runs per game...they simply won't hit this bad all season with men in scoring position. They will still finish 1 or 2 in runs scored, but they are starting to dig a hole that is meaning anything over 85-86 wins will be difficult.
You cannot afford to lose with your ace against John Thompson and a bunch of nobody relievers.

Is there anyone who will stand up in the locker room and light that fire? Unfortunately, I also doubt it. But if ever there was a time to let loose, this is it. This is a stunning freefall right out of the box, and the "let's get 'em tomorrow" stuff isn't enough to address what's happening here. In the meantime, all the rest of us can do is grumble to the wind. And grumble we will.

If they wait until midseason to pull the trigger if this continues I would be flabbergastered....say what u will about myers, but I wouldntve pinch hit for him, its a fairly warm night, he has thrown 95 pitches, yet looked strong, i would let him go onemore and not burned a PH. In addition, if the guys hititng b4 him didnt sh*t the bed they wouldntve had to.

I'm 51 so I remember the glory days of the mid seventies thru early eighties.

It was great, I was going down to the Vet and expecting a win every time I went. Those teams played the game right. I couldn't imagine a pitching staff with Carlton, Christenson, Ruthven, et al to give up all kinds of long balls and big hits to opposing pitchers the way these do.

And that pitching staff did something else--if a hitter got too frisky, he got knocked down. When is the last time one of these pitchers knocked somebody on their ass?

Of course that lineup did get clutch hits also, quite often even.

I don't know what the hell has happened to this team, they do look the same-no fire, no emotion. Just go thru the motions. That's one thing I like about Fasano, he's exciting back there.

I just don't get it, I guess they are content to collect their fat paychecks and make excuses.

Can't blame this one on Elmer, that's for sure.

Damn, I HATE that tomahawk chop!!

How far are the phillies going to dig themselves into an unfillable hole?

I like to blame Manuel for being a poor manager, but it's also the players fault too. I'm tired of hearing about how they're pressing, and that it's a marathon not a sprint.

The Phillies are on TV for the first time this season in Houston on ESPN. I get home from work and see Rollins get caught stealing in the first. My wife wants to go eat in a nice restaurant. Off we go to Pappasita's. I'm seated in a booth facing the bar that has four TVs, two tuned to the Phillies and two to a poker game. From my vantage point the Phillies are totally obscured, one set completely blocked by a column, the other 99% covered by a large plant. If I look directly past my wife, I can see a perfect view of poker. After dinner, we have a couple of stops that uses up all my game time. The game is over when I get back to my Katrina evacuee company paid apartment. I am sure that my time was better spent dining with my wife than watching the Phillies lose to some no name pitcher and having my wife hear me complain about Uncle Charlie and the futility of being a Phillies fan.

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