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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Should we assume that day game after a night game we will see the debut of Fasano?

It's a good bet. I was hoping they'd save Fasano for Floyd tomorrow, but it's unlikely.

At this point most of Philadelphia would like to see Chris Coste catching Floyd!!!

just curious if you all listened to the ESPN2 annoucners during the game last night (Im not in Philly anymore so dont know who that works). ORel H was pretty critical of Charlie and Lieby's game management.

I just hope Lieby can come through with another big 9th inning ground out.

Lieberthal gets the start. Could be saving Fasano for tomorrow as I had hoped.

J. Rollins ss 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .375
A. Rowand cf 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .333
B. Abreu rf 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .250
C. Utley 2b 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .444
P. Burrell lf 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .444
R. Howard 1b 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .250
D. Bell 3b 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .333
M. Lieberthal c 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .375
C. Lidle p

WHAT THE *)(@#*)(*?

I don't believe Sal Fasano is the savior behind the mask, but he will be a welcome break from Lieby's inability to call a game or even pretend to throw someone out. As I stated in a previous column, Lieberthal is thought to be an offensive catcher that can't really hit. His defensive is sub-par. It's not just his lack of defensive skills, but he doesn't manage the pitching staff well or call a good game...he's a veteran and should know what to do behind the plate by this point in his career.

shameless plug:

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lidle looks fairly sharp in the top of the first.

rollins 0 for 1 on first pitch fly out

Jeez, has anyone not seen a ball hit to LF that WASNT deep? The 5 ft thing is not making a difference, they need to look at wind currents.

bell looks better at the plate. he's working at bats alot better so far. just missed getting that one into the stands.

mike the catcher with an rbi 2b!

Ill give credit where it's due, Lieby with a nice piece of hitting with 2 outs and the pitcher on deck.

that was the phils' first hit this season with RiSP (1-15)

yes, chase.

I hope that Lieby keeps it up, hopefully it will build up his trade value and we'll get rid of him.

At this point I'd rather see Fasano catching and Coste brought up to back him up.

tah tah, hitting streak. we'll miss you.

also, classic David Bell game: 0 for 4, 5 LOB, 2 (pretty critical) errors.

The Black Hole strikes again!

Great way to begin the season, getting swept by the Cards.

Back when they signed Nunez, who can play third well and hit a little from the left side, that should have ended the black hole against right-handed pitching. No excuse for Manuel here. This lineup was a stinker last season, and as expected, was a stinker this afternoon. Bell and Lieberthal are too one-dimensional hitting back-to-back ahead of the pitcher. Lieberthal is still acceptable as a hitting catcher, but Bell should be strickly part time. I don't understand what's taking so long for this team to realize the bottom of this lineup is no good.

Calling our whole lineup a "stinker" is harsh, but the problem is it's terribly frustrating to never be able to expect anything from your bottom 3, ever, in almost any situation, to the point that any contribution is met with genuine surprise and amazement.

This lineup is not a winning lineup with the black hole combination at the bottom, even with a good 1-6. Bell and Lieberthal, especially against right-handed pitching, sucks the entire lineup into oblivion, earning them their rightful nickname.

Why was Bell even playing today? He came into the game 0-5 lifetime against Jason Marquis and was a .199 hitter against right-handers last year. How is he not third in the depth charts behind Nunez and Gonzalez?

argh. Just touched down in dublin 'fore flying out to the states tomorrow. I had really hoped jimmy would keep the streak alive for when i saw a game this weekend. gutted.

Can we got back to rowand at the bottom of the order? And someone other than bell at 3rd? regardless of runs scored, it seemed to keep the lineup hitting on monday.

I agree. And if they insist on playing Bell, hit him second, where his chopped grounders won't hurt them as badly. At least J-Roll would have a fighting chance to beat out a play at second base, or take the base before Bell taps out. Anywhere but ahead of Lieberthal and behind the slow thunder. Can't have it. Ever.

The Philadelphia Phillies' amazing ability to find new and horrible ways to completely disappoint its fans *lives on*. Good luck finding the sense of confidence that was building all through March. If they find it at all, it may not be for awhile. Getting swept - flat outplayed - at home by a team they'd like to believe they're on par with. Just beautiful, fellas - just beautiful.

I agree with Nat who made the observation about the difference in the two teams being highlighted by what happened in the ninth inning of the middle game. The Cardinals are winners and the Phillies are losers, losers, always losers. I know it's the first series. I know. But I know the truth and it hurts.

The Bell/Nunez thing is going to be another mishandled quasi-platoon situation that is going to be mishandled until Bell hurts his back again. Get used to it.

The sad thing is they will probably win 8 out of the next 10 or something and we will all be convinced things have changed when they really haven't. Hopefully, Pat wont stand for that. The next 6-8 games will be telling. I guarantee if we start out say 3-10 or the like, Uncle Foghorn Fudd is toast.

When I made my prediction (in the book contest) of a Phillies third place finish and no playoff spot with the Cardinals winning the World Series, I felt like a real pessimist compared to all the other entries. Now I feel like I was an optimist. I also feel pretty sick about this dismal start. The Dodgers lost two of three one run games at home against Atlanta. Maybe in cold Philadelphia, they will be shivering while the Phils come out of their slump. Gavin Floyd gets his chance to become the team Ace against Brett Tomko. It looks like Lowe and Penny will face Madson and Lieber for the weekend games. How's 1-5 look as a predicted record going into Atlanta? Arrgghhh!!!

Trying to get back on the positive track...

The Dodgers will come in a bit shorthanded. Garciaparra and Lofton are definitely out, Kent and Saenz had to leave Wednesday night's game with injuries and Furcal had to be helped off the field after an inning-ending play at second base, although he returned for a gimpy ninth inning. Not sure what Gagne's status is.

So the Dodgers have their excuses. The Phillies have none.

Hey, does anyone know when the season starts? Anyone?

Don't worry, these kids have moxie. The rest of the season will be oh so sweeter after this dismal start. And yes, this is blind optimism to counter any soul crushing despair welling up.

Regarding the black hole - I feel bad every time Howard comes up against a righty. Why in the world would a righty pitch to Howard with Bell and Lieby behind him? The black hole sucks howard's abs right out of the lineup.

Look at the bright side. Bell and Lieberthal are already in mid-season form.

It is bordering on baseball criminal negligence to have Bell playing against RHP if you have any living, breathing player on the bench that can replace him.

I wish someone (Gillick maybe?) would flat-out ask Manuel what he thinks Bell is bringing to the team when he's in the lineup vs RHP. Is it supposed to be veteran leadership? Better defense? More power? He's the best option available? There's an agreement that if he hits a HR he gets to start the next 5 games no matter how badly he plays?

As for Lieberthal, once he signed his big contract a few years ago, he began seriously working on his 'game', which consists of 'mailing it in' every night and picking up his check. I have to give him credit for one thing: he has somehow managed to keep the media and fans off his back all this time.

Are there better alternatives? Frankly, it doesn't matter. The very fact that you try something different says you recognize there is a problem, you realize that this level of performance is not acceptable on a team that has enough talent to contend. On the other hand, by trotting these guys out there every night you are simply shrugging your shoulders and telling the rest of the team they have to live with it. Performance and what makes the team better are NOT the measuring sticks used for filling in the lineup card.

get a life we don't need your play by play! its bad enough listening to wheels

tc has an excellent point, one that's already been proven by what happened to Howard in the ninth inning yesterday: Why would anyone elect to pitch to him with *significantly* lesser hitters on deck? Rowand in the 7 hole might make you think twice. But never David Bell.

The offense has crapped out the last two days. If I have any faith left in anything, it's that nobody's going to sit around and wait for different reults this time. Bell is on a short leash, if only for the reason that Manuel knows he's on one as well. Charlie sais it's his job to lose; well, based on what everyone saw today, I don't think he has far to go to lose it. I don't see Bell being on this team much longer. Nunez hitting second and Rowand seventh makes this team better offensively, period.

sorry about the shameless plug early for my own blog. i'm new to this thing, and i guess i don't know proper etiquette yet.

anyway...the phillies are off to a rough start, the exact thing manuel didn't want to happen. from reading the other posts, i see people are in agreeance with me in that bell should pretty much only start against lefties. i know nunez isn't great, but he's better equipped to hit righties than bell. lieberthal is our best offensive option behind the plate, not defensive though. for 8 hole hitter he's fine, too bad our 7 hole hitter sucks though. rowand needs to be dropped down to the 7 hole, he swings and misses way too much to be a 2 hole hitter. lets go beat the dodgers!!!

Does anyone know why they flipped Madson and Floyd? (I thought Madson was the #4 guy - plus Madson pitched this past Saturday while Floyd threw on Sunday).

Madson pitched in Sunday's game.

You're right - I think I've lost my mind. I blame the Phillies.

some people just don't appreciate what you do for them. also, get your own name.


I'm not trying to pick a fight here, but so what I made a typo. "agreeance" is in fact incorrect, and should have been in agreement with. I don't understand why you feel the need to try to make me feel inferior RickSchuBlues...did I do something to you? Yes, I'm not perfect with the grammar, but come on this isn't a college English course!

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