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Monday, April 10, 2006


I'm having a problem understanding Bestes Casino's post. I gather that the Casino family has a lot of baseball talent like the Alou and Cruz families of the past. Giochi del Casino is a slick fielding good hitting third baseman poised to take Bell's spot in the line-up. His cousin, Migliore Casino is a stocky defensive catcher who has a small strike zone and good power to the opposite field. Mr. Bestes Casino feels he would make a better field general than Charlie Fudd. At the end of his post, he listed some overlooked talent playing in Japan.

You are of course referring to the spam comment that has since been deleted.

You can delete my comments which now seem stupid out of context. Enjoy your blog

Migliore Casino would be a great clean up hitter if he didn't strike out so much and could raise his OPS a little.

I thought I'd drop by and say hey and looking forward to the 3 game tilt! I run a Braves blog. Rain Delay.

I would never be a quality MLB manager. I am not claiming to be smarter than Charlie Manuel either. However, the guy is making dumb decisions every game. He doesn't know how to do a double switch, when to use the right pinch hitter, when to rest players, when to yank a pitcher or leave him in, or when to just not play someone altogether. Seriously, how can he be the Phillies best option at manager? He isn't, that's the truth, but we're stuck with him for the time being. I hate being so negative, but this season sucks so far! Even our win was disheartening.

I'm no Manuel fan, but he's not the one hitting .083 with RISP, dropping flyballs, and getting behind in the count to just about every opposing batter.

The Varsho thing is interesting. I've been wondering what he thinks, because only oen of three things are happening with him..

1- He makes good suggestions, but Manuel ignores him.
2- He knows what Manuel is doing is wrong, but is afraid to say anything.
3- He agrees with what Manuel does.

Only one of these would be good in a way. You havwe to wonder how MIller got that tip, was it Varsho bitching to him or somewhere else.

Look at it this way: Either the Phillies win or Manuel is going to be out on his can. So everyone will be happy either way.

People only notice Manuel when the team isn't doing well. Not sure that's entirely fair.

How long before Pat Gillick releases David Bell?

As soon as he starts bitching about being a bench player, which will happen first.

Aren't we all glad we have Charlie Manuel instead of Jim freakin' Leyland?


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