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Friday, April 28, 2006



Just wait and see how atrocious this team's record is in June. They were handed a golden opportunity to load up on wins against weak competition like the Marlins, Nationals and the Bucs, and they can't even stay above .500 against 'em. Sickening.

Yup, the schedule in April was definitely the key to the season. It's hard to imagine them suddenly picking it up against stiffer competition, but it may turn out that way anyhow. Without looking, I honestly don't remember too much about who they played last April, but the two months have turned out identically. What I can't figure out is that I felt genuine optimism this time around and expected nothing as last season began. I can tell you I sure as hell expect nothing now.

Love that old Pirates logo, by the way.

so the pirates are on pace to lose 127 games by my math, and the pirates also have the worst pitching in the league. and yet, the phillies STILL lose!!! i had the "pleasure" of attenting this game, and i will have the pleasure of attending the next two games. manuel is an idiot for keeping myers in the game past the 6th. also, the umpire behind the plate was awful and inconsistant. that's no excuse to only get 1 run off the worst team in baseball though.

While watching the game tonight, something came to me...Gavin Floyd would win against the Phillies, and only the Phillies. Really, take a struggling starting pitcher and pitch him against the Phillies and the guy looks like an all-star. This has been the trend over the past 3-4 seasons. Just another reason why this club isn't a playoff team, they don't rough up on the clubs/pitchers they should!

Way to go and score 1 fricken run you bunch of lame-ass wussies!

Chris Booker has 24 K's in 12 ip's. I know it has been against single A and limited triple AAA batters, but K's in the minors usually translate into K's in the majors. This guy needs to be given a shot. I don't think he's going to be lights out by any means, but he needs to be given an opportunity.

Phils absolutely need to win the next 2 in this series. Pirates are the worst team in the majors besides the Royals. Just a pathetic lineup besides Bay and C. Wilson along with a bunch of young, unproven starters.

Still, at least the Phils ownership spends money (maybe not wisely) and gives an indication they are interested in winning.

Pirates' haven't had a competitive team since Bonds left town. Worse, their ownership has actually reduced payroll over the last 5 years and pocketed a greater share of the luxury tax revenue. That strategy allowed them to turn one of the largest profits in the MLB last year.

Considering all the things wrong with MLB, I think that team like the Royals, Devil Bays, and Pirates should be forced to spend their luxury tax revenue money on their payroll. MLB needs a spending floor more than a spending cap.

I think that guy in the Pirates logo could probably pitch 8 innings of 5-hit ball against the Phils right now!

It's pathetic that this team can't beat the lowly Pirates. I thought that the infusion of a world champion CF would at least help give them some heart, but it doesn't seem to be rubbing off yet.

I will continue to believe that Elmer must go and Lou Pinella would fire things up and hopefully turn things around!

Lou that's wishful thinking! He would definetely be a change from Manuel.

I'd like to see just about anybody be the manager of the Phillies right now besides Manuel. I say, go get Terry Pendleton...I wanted him over Leyland even!

by the way, I do realize T.P. is still the Braves' hitting instructor.

I don't think that Pinella is that far-fetched an idea. Remember that he managed for Gillick in Seattle.

Only thing is, he may be too intense for this group, they did quit under Bowa who has a similar manner.

But Lou is smart when it comes to game tactics and is good with a pitching staff which this team desperately needs.

What are you doing, Manuel?! Runner on first (Lieberthal) and one out. Not really a scoring situation. Lidle has 77 pitches through 6 innings, and besides for his mistake to Burnitz, he's been perfectly effective--just 4 hits, no walks, 6 strikeouts. And he PULLS HIM? and not only does he pull him, but for Abraham Nunez!!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, MANUEL? WHY NOT AT LEAST USE ALEX GONZALEZ?! WHY??? Is there something I missed???

Whats up with the lineup tonight? Bring on Pinella.

The lineup was dumb, pulling Lidle was dumb, everyting about Manuel is dumb. F it, I am done.

F'in horrible!

This team is digusting!

Pirates walk the bases loaded, 1 out, all we need is 1 run to extend the game and Alex Gonzalez tops into a double play to end the game on a 3-1 no less!

I hate this team so much right now!

I am so pissed off right now. The Pirates were the worst team in the majors coming into this series...they look like contenders versus the Phillies...f'n horrible!

Are you f'in kidding me? Adam called it, Gonzalez should have been used earlier against the lefty, and Nunez should have been available in the 9th.
Maybe he hits into a DP too, but you HAVE to put yourself in the best position to win and Manuel NEVER does it, his managing is so rigid, with no feel, I;ve never seen anything like it.
I've preached patience with this team but Manuel HAS to go.
Obviously the offense struggled again but Manuel is THE problem with the team. The only positive that can come out of the team's current stuggle is his firing!

The Pirates handed that game to the Phils on a platter in the 9th and they made nothing of it!! Alex effing Gonzalez. I could feel the double play coming when he was announced. What a friggin joke.

Mets-Braves 1 - 0 bottom 9. I hate both teams but I hope someone hits a bomb off Wagner. Just really angry about the Phils' bush league play and management. Does Gillick know spring training is over???

I agree the only good thing that can come out of all this losing is the firing of Manuel.

By the way, I was flipping between channels to the Braves game and their announcers had the audacity to say Manuel and Bobby Cox are alike. Are you f'n kidding me? I hate the Braves, but Bobby Cox is a great manager, Manuel ain't shit! That comment by the Braves' announcers was a slap in the face to the man of the city of Atlanta!

Well, at least it can't get any worse than this. Except if they get swept tomorrow.

The Phillies are in one of those tailspins where nothing much is going right. The way the ninth inning tonight played out was the worst-case scenario. Inevitably, things will go right sooner or later.

Then again, this could be the year it finally all goes to hell. It was looking that way early on last year, but can this year's squad replicate what happened the rest of the way?

Barring another 12-1 homestand, I'd say they might be cooked. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's the only thing - besides that familar deep blue sea of Citizen-less seats - that's going to get results from management.

Rowand tried to fire them up with his bomb. I really like that guy, but he needs some HELP!

As far as Elmer, nothing surprises me anymore.

One can hope that only drawing 19000 and change last homestand will make Monty wake up and take notice...we gotta do something soon....this can't go on!

Carson, do you really think Bobby Cox is that much more intelligent a human being, or even that much better a strategist or handler of men than Charlie Manuel? I don't.

It's all about the organization.

Not that I'm a supporter of Manuel, see. But you put Lou Piniella, Cox, Joe McCarthy, Billy Martin, anyone you please in that dugout, and I don't think this team wins. The equation is off. If it makes everyone happy, sure, Manuel will be out of a job sooner or later. That isn't really going to help the situation, though, as far as I'm concerned. The problems run far, far, far deeper than #41.

It's just all so sad. The Phillies fans are dying for a team worth cheering for. All we want is a bunch of guys who guy out there and work their asses off! Utley and Rowand fit this mold. That's not to say others don't at times, but those are two players who play with's easy to see!

Lenny Dykstra played balls-to-the-walls, and John Kruk had fun. Hell, even, gasp...Mitch Williams made things exciting and got the job done, and the city loved him in return (except after that "pitch").

What I'm trying to say is, I hate watching people lose with no emotion. Get pissed, cry, throw a fit, get into a brawl, do whatever, but show the fans you care dammit!

RickSchuBlues, some times I agree with you, and some times I disagree with you. This is a case where I mostly definetely disagree with you!

The Braves have one of the best, if not the best, organizations in baseball, like you stated. But Bobby Cox deserves a lot of credit too. And to answer your question, yes I do think he is a far better strategist and handler of players than Manuel. Cox has known in the past when to be hard on Andruw Jones, or when to not put up with a Raul Mondesi type players crap, or use his bench properly...and the list continues.

I agree with Carson. Good talent recognition has been a big part, and they hire a great staff in general, but Bobby Cox definitely has a special touch. And Charlie Manuel makes terrible decisions on a nightly basis that Cox wouldn't be caught dead doing (i.e. pulling Lidle for Nunez, one of the single most bizarre and terrible moves I can remember him making, though luckily the bullpen didn't hurt us)

I recall a game in September last year in which Cox let a gassed Tim Hudson bat with a man on third and one out in the eighth inning of a scoreless game against the Phillies; Hudson proceeded to give up 4 runs in the ninth. Even before he gave up the runs, it was a hightly questionable move.

I'm not saying this example makes him equal to Manuel in terms of dunderheaded managing. But it does illustrate that his instincts and in-game managerial ability is really not any sharper than anyone else's. His outstanding feature through the years has been as a stabilizing figure of respect, as a guy who gets the most out of his personnel by hs ability to know just when and how to use his players. I would agree that this obviously puts him well ahead of Manuel in terms of overall effectiveness. Does he have something to do with all those winning seasons? Yes, and I didn't mean to imply that he doesn't. But this is no infallible baseball genius. He's just a baseball lifer, much like Manuel, who has been in the right place at the right time.

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