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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


How about that offensive machine of Bell and Lieberthal...!

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while!

I wouldn't call Jennings faceless. He won RoY, and he's a fair enough pitcher with a Coors inflated ERA

didn't matter tonight, though I'm puzzled as to why Madson suddenly had so much trouble with the strike zone in the 3rd.

Third inning. Madson starts falling behind hitters and gives up a run. Dubee comes out to talk with him. No change, he walks the next guy on four pitches to load the bases. Then Utley comes out to settle him down. Next better is out on two pitches, first ball strike, next pitch pop out.

You're right, Adam. I totally forgot about ROTY. For me, he's got one of those names I can't remember. Plus, he plays for Colorado.

A 7-1 lead! Will this be the night they actually get an easy win?

Dubee hasnever settled a pitcher down, ironic since doobies generally have a calming effect lol

...of course not. What ever happened to Ryan Madson's changeup? He's getting killed with all these fastballs.

Did I miss something? Where did Clay Condrey come from?

I didn't like how slowly Madson and Lieberthal were working. Too slow. Lots of walking around, looking at the scoreboard. Keep it moving.

It looked like all he threw tonight were fastballs. He did however seem like he was getting squeezed by the ump a bit, nonetheless he should have turned in a better outting.

Woah! How did I miss it? Phillies placed RHP Julio Santana on 15-day disabled list, retroactive to April 21, with gastroenteritis and purchased the contract of RHP Clay Condrey from Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

Condrey was called up when Santana went on the DL. Hopefully he does well and sticks around for a while. Hopefully we don't see Santana for even longer...

That's the best news I've heard all day.

Good riddance to Santana. Condrey just got 3 outs--good enough for me. Hopefully they keep it up.

Condrey, 30, had a 2.19 ERA in eight games with Triple-A Scranton Wilkes-Barre before his call-up.

This is a good pitcher to bring up for this long relief spot. He has some major league experience, 60 innings with San Diego in 02-03. He's been mostly a starter.

Condrey represents the first roster move of the season.

I've gotta think Franklin's pitched himself into the rotation recently. of course once he gets there, who knows what happens...

Seventh: Time to bring in Franklin. Although I like bullpen assignments, tonight is not a night I would burn this much bullpen up 7-4 after 5. I either pitch Madson another inning, or give Condrey another inning following his 1-2-3.

I don't think it's time to change things up yet. Remember, Madson's first two starts were very encouraging. Unless we're in danger of completely sinking, for now I think it's okay to stick the course.

I agree with you, Jason. I was VERY surprised that Condrey didn't go out for another inning at the least, considering the way he blew through the 6th.

With Barmes coming up in the eighth, Gordon should be in there. Such rigidity on Manuel's part that Gordon can't pitch in any inning but the ninth.

Way to keep that offensive pressure on as usual, by the way.

This offense cannot shut down like it's been doing, either. They have not helped the bullpen this season.

I'm sorry, but when you've scored 7 (now 8) runs, I don't think you can complain about the offense even if all the runs were scored in the early going.

Just so long as you're sorry.

Why is elmer fudd wasting flash tonight?

haha, thanks rick.

I'm not if anyone else is fresh besides flash. condrey, franklin, and rhodes were used tonight, and cormier, fultz, and geart all pitched last night. Cormier probably could've pitched, but no reason for him to.

If the offense could have chipped away with one more run in support, they could have saved at least one of their relievers a night of work. They had chances, and have done this all season, so I think what RickSchu and I are saying is justified. It's something they also talked about on the telecast.

Offense is one of three reasons the pen was burned, however. Manuel didn't have to use the players he did, and Ryan Madson could not stretch a 7-1 lead past five innings. Last part is important.

As for Gordon, he started warming up in the eighth. The game was still in doubt in the bottom of the inning, so he was still pitching then. That's like a night's work right there. Might as well take the next step and make it count for something.

By the way ...

.. Phillies are now in 2nd place.

I'm confused by what you mean. How would making it 8-1 instead of 7-1 effect Manuel's choices in going to the bullpen? How can you criticize them, when they managed to get the 7 runs in the first place, far more than should be expected? I'd rather have them score early than score late, personally.

I'm not saying your wrong, only that I'm not understanding your argument. How is it the offense's fault that Madson couldn't make the 7-1 lead hold up?

No problem. I'll clarify what I mean.

When Madson left in the fifth, it was 7-4. One-sided game now becomes 3-0 ballgame in the bottom of the fifth. Close game. That means the high-pressure relievers will likely get called into action, unless the offense can put up some points to take it out of a save situation.

Instead, they were blanked in the fifth, sixth and seventh.

That's what I meant by support. Those middle innings after Madson left the game.

What I meant by "one run" is turning 7-4 into 8-4. As a manager, at that point you're more inclined to give Franklin an extra inning, or go with Cormier for an inning.

Seven should be enough, you're right, but the game changed when the Rockies were able to chip away and pull back into it. Because the offense could not add to their total, it contributed to why more pitchers needed to be warmed up and used. And for a bullpen this old, that's a concern.

Ah, I understand now, sorry. I agree it would've been nice, but still think you can't lay that on the offense's shoulders. Though offense is back up this year, getting 7 runs is going above and beyond the call of duty, and while it's unfortunate the bats suddenly went cold, the pitching has to bear the brunt of the responsibility regardless.

It must be noted that this was another game that didn't hinge entirely on the home run.

Do you all think that the new lineup is what is actually bringing in the runs, or that it's just coincidence?

Second place, meaning the Braves are even bigger disappointments to date and a reminder that it is still terribly early. Even still, a win tomorrow would mean a lot for this team, and a loss would be severely deflating. The Rockies, even though they have some good young hitters, are not a team that should beat you in your home park. Time for Lieber to step up and do the job.

Adam, the idea here isn't that the 7 runs the offense had scored in the early innings wasn't creditable. It's the idea that this team doesn't put other teams away when it gets a lead; it's content to sit on the margin and become complacent until the other team has to wake them up by cutting significantly into it. The fact that it's happened several times already this year - the fact that Gordon has appeared in all nine victories - is evidence that the Phillies lack the efficiency and killer instinct of a winner.

You're absolutely crazy to think that the Phillies offense is "content to sit on the margin." Did you watch the game? Have you watched any of the games? I can't think of any situation in which the offense hasn't been doing it's best to score runs. The Phillies tried to score runs in every inning of the game tonight, that's for sure.

The fact that Gordon has appeared in all nine victories is a testament to the shitty pitching that has kept the games close, it has nothing to do with the Phillies killer instinct.

As for those of you that are calling for Ryan Franklin to start, that would be an absolutely terrible decision. His ERA may be under 3, but there's no way in hell is stays there. He's given up 5 walks and 2 home runs in 12 innings with only 3 strike outs. Letting him start is a recipe for disaster.

Yeah, Jeremy. I watch the games. Perhaps you can think of more subtle ways of disagreeing in the future than "you're absolutely crazy." I'll interpret what I see, and you can go happily along with whatever you see.

I'm not saying the offense is not trying to score runs - obviously. I am saying they play with less focus and urgency when they get a big lead. They may still win the game, but how it affects things like overuse of the back end of the bullpen is not incidental.

Yeah, Gordon should not have been in there, unless of course the game got down to a save decision. My reason is the Business Persons Special scheduled for this afternoon. You can pretty much guarantee that he won't be available. Maybe I will be surprised if it close, but if he is used today there is no way he is used tomorrow at Pittsburgh. The argument for bringing him in cause he warmed up is lame. Cormier was warming up too. Cormier could have easily finished last night's game. It's these decisions that continue to make me shake my head at Manuel...

I think we can all agree - and I think the players would agree - the offense needs to perform better in the later innings. Besides their extra-inning win against Washington, last night was the first time they scored in the final two innings in each of their 9 wins. A poor-hitting bench is a major factor here. From the 7th-inning on, the team is hitting just .239.

The flipside is that the pitching needs to step up, too. We aren't talking about paltry run support here. We've scored 21 runs in 3 games here this series. This isn't the old Bobby "I feel like I neeed to pitch a complete game shutout and hit a home run" Munoz days. Madson was running into problems his second time through the Rockies' order.

I agree we probably should have gotten it done on Tuesday night, but that was a miserable night. I was at the game and I don't think it is a coincidence that both bullpens were able to shut things down.

A funny thing I saw in today's paper, however, dealt with Condrey. He was called up because of MLB experience, and Hernandez and Sanches were not called up because of a lack of MLB experience. But how are these guys EVER going to get MLB experience if they aren't called up because they have no MLB experience?

Hey, they're 9-11. Today's game is huge. A win today and they have an excellent chance to return to Philly next week over .500 - wouldn't that be something. Absolutely critical that they get, at least, 7 innings out of Lieber.

I guess other teams don't hold a lot of weight for their pitchers that beat the Phillies. One of the no-name pitchers that beat us, Billy Traber, of the Nats who beat the Phils on April 20th, just got sent down to the AAA New Orleans Zephyrs because he had a bad outing on April 25th. Maybe Foghorn needs to send someone back to Triple A as an axample, to strike fear and maybe hopefully better performance from some of our underachievers.

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