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Sunday, April 09, 2006


I hate to take some starch out of even the 'bright spot', but the bullpen guys have put up those numbers exclusively in non-pressure situations - in games where the Phillies have either been so far behind or nonexistent offensively so as to more or less lull the opposition to sleep. I have doubts that their success rates can continue if the Phils actually get a late-inning lead (it's becoming difficult to conceive, but it could happen).

Hopefully they'll at least be able to win one of the games today, but anything less than a sweep will still leave egg all over this franchise's face. There are banners and billboards and ads for the Phillies everywhere in the city. It's just sad. No one is going to care (except us beerleaguers) unless they start rising to the occasion - really, just once wouldn't hurt - and giving people a reason to get excited with their performance on the field. So far they've played like a team that's 25 games out in August; on the first homestand of the season, there is absolutely no excuse for it. Let's hear one more time about how loose ol' Charlie's got the clubhouse...

Given that the ChiSox are 1-4 and the Yankees are 1-4 and the Braves are struggling too, I'm not too too worried yet, but boy, I hope they pull out a sweep today.

Already 3-0 Dodgers...I can't believe how terribly this team is playing, right out of the gate.

But once again: why is David Bell starting? Not only is he 1-10 to start off the season (with the one hit, a HR, off a lefty) but we're facing a right-handed pitcher whom he is 3-17 against lifetime. Manuel's unwillingness to start Gonzalez or Nunez in these situations is bordering on bizarre.

There was an article in the Boston Globe last week that ranked last season's Phils as the top of league in defense - by far. What's with all the errors this season? Two more today. At least one a game, I think. I have to assume the d will improve over the season but this is a rough way to start.

8th inning... Bell... WHY GOD, WHYYYYYY?!?! beat me to it.

I do not think I have hated a player more than I hate Bell. It's not even the $17 million. I'd give him $17 million to stay the hell away from us. It's the being stuck with him for 4 years...

most importantly: why didn't Manuel pull Bell (0 fo 3 for the day) when he pinch ran Nunez? I mean, I guess he wanted to avoid having the pitcher up, but he could've left Rowand in, and then pinch hit with Fasano there. Bell is now 1 for 14 on the season, with a rally killing double play and two crucial errors.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. David Bell once again hits into the rally-killing GIDP.
But let's not forget JR, who came to bat with 2 men on base and no one out. The pitcher had just walked the previous batter on 4 pitches, including a wild pitch. And after throwing yet another ball to start off JR, he swings away at a letter high pitch and pops it up.

Manuel is a goddamn moron--a sac bunt with Victorino? As a result, the Phillies have one out, runner on 2nd. They then walk Rollins (which they did), Fasano is a relatively easy out, then we have 2 lefties. What a waste of an out.

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