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Saturday, April 29, 2006


Wow! You're even more depressed about this team than I am. But not much more. There's now a very real possibility that the Phillies will wake up on the morning of May 1 in second place -- eight games behind the Mets.

I thought the Phillies would be able to fatten up on an early schedule heavily loaded with the dregs of the National League. Turns out the Phillies are the part of those dregs.

To the first person who will say something to the effect of "Well, it's a long season..." let me agree in advance. It's looking like a very long season.

One could only hope that the Phils start the new month of May with a new manager of their own...

I hear ya Jason. Not a bad idea. These guys are driving us fans up a wall.

"Skip the game, enjoy the weather and make sure the last day of April ends on a winning note"

just because you said that, its now going to rain ALL day sunday.

I wasn't able to enjoy last night's Philadelphia offering. But I was in Reading to watch the R-Phils blow a 4-1 lead in the 8th.

Hot prospect Tim Moss did go 2-3 with his first HR of the season to raise his average to a solid .116.

Hot prospect Jason Jaramillo went 0-3 with a sac fly and again looked a bit confused catching junker Alan Davis, the man pushed out of the Scranton rotation by Hamels.

Michael Bourn had a look on his face like he was drowning. I remember last year he always had a smile on his grill. This year, not so much. I don't want to make too much of it, but he just looks like he isn't having any fun.

I'm not either.

Minor League Thoughts: The Phillies minor league pitching is looking solid...suprisingly solid. However, there is next to no offense on all 4 active minor league teams. Carlos Ruiz looks good at Scranton behind the plate, but not much else. Here's to hoping the pitching down of the farm is for real and we get to see some of it produce for the big league club this season!

I'm a beerleaguer regular now, and I love reading everyone's comments. I find comfort in knowing I'm not the only one who can't stand David Bell or Charlie Manuel. Manuel really needs to go. Weitzel worded it perfectly to begin this looks hopeless and Manuel's whole demeanor is disgusting!!!!!!! Who cares if Manuel really isn't the problem, fire him anyway and give the fans something to hope for!

why not post pat gillicks email on here and encourage people to tell him to get off his butt and fire Manuel. this guy is not a major league manager. he serves at the pleasure of ownership.the players love him because he is such a nice guy to them.

It's not even Manuel's "demeanor" I care about. It's the fact he doesn't know how to manage a ballclub. Period. If he was making good moves and handling the lineup, the bench, and the bullpen well I'd start looking at "demeanor" but until then his simple lack of competence is enough to make him deserve the boot.

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