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Monday, April 24, 2006


How long do you give him in AAA before he comes up? A month? What the hell, he can't be any worse then the pie chuckers we have now.

I would think he has to get 5-8 starts depending on how he does. Unless he is overpowering/dominating or the Phillies pitching situation is desperate you need him to go 5-8 innings over 4-8 weeks.

This reminds me of 2002, when the Phillies were struggling early and everyone just couldn't wait for them to bring up Brett Myers. It's not that Hamels is the same player Myers is - his ability and maturity could be very different for all I know, but I'm afraid of the savior complex this town is likely to throw on him, only to be inevitably disappointed.

agreed, fine comparison to myers. viewing hamels as a savior is dangerous, borderline retarded. however, if the season continues to go along its current path, an influx of new players (talent?) will create interest, especially if the player(s) is as highly ranked as hamels. hopefully, most of the faithful are eagerly awaiting hamels for that reason, and not viewing him as a savior.

I would prefer to see Hamels spend at least half a season if not more at Scranton before the Phils throw him into the mix in desperation. If nothing else, he has to show he can remain healthy for an entire season apart from proving he can get out the better hitters at a higher level.

Much depends on several factors beyond Hamels' control:

1. How will the current starting rotation including Ryan Madson perform up until the All-Star break. If Lieber never straightens out, Floyd continues to be erratic and unpredictable and Madson struggles with his own ups-and-downs, the pressure to do something, ANYTHING, will be tremendous. My guess, though, is that if the rest of the rotation is in tatters, Pat Gillick will simply make official what he earlier made de facto and write off this season rather view Hamels as some sort of savior.

2. How will the bullpen perform, especially the middle of it. If they falter, Madson could be moved back to his former position. That would put even more pressure on the Phillies to call up Hamels. There may be an alternative by later this summer, but it would hardly be a proven one; to wit:

3. Randy Wolf is definitely the wild card in this entire scenario, but I don't imagine the Phils are counting on him this year. After this season, he and his big salary will likely depart though the number of suitors should be small given his health.

No need to rush him to the Show. Let him spend some time in Scranton, build some confidence and get some innings under his belt.

He does have great stuff, I saw him last season at his Double-A debut in Reading. He was a little wild the first inning (I think he hit two guys and walked another) but settled down nicely and struck out a bunch of guys. Would've like to see him in Reading again this season, but that's not in the cards.

From what I've been able to tell, the only reason why he's been rated so low is his injury problems. If he stays healthy and pitches well in Scranton, I don't think Brett Myers is a comparison--he has major league stuff and poise, as far as I can tell. I think giving him time in the major leagues (before September) could be valuable, even if the Phillies are doing poorly and don't need a "savior." Give him some time to adjust this season so he can burst out of the gate next year.

The sun must have come out in Scranton or his back must be feeling good. I would love to see Cole come to the AAA level and mow down the field but like some of you have said above, he needs to get some innings behind his belt so he can feel comfortable pitching to major league level hitters. I as well saw him pitch in his opener in AA last year and he looked really nervous. I dont exactly remember how it went down either but he couldnt find the strikezone in the beginning of the game. As the game went on he relaxed and pitched well throwing the ball in the mid 90s.

Ease him into the pros....and we will be better off in the long run. Im not talking about the Phillies way to ease a player in to the majors by waiting 4-5 years but Im saying let him pitch in AAA this year. Call him up in September to get his fingers wet, let him pitch in spring training and he can fly north on the starting rotation.

i think it's a little crazy to think people won't view him as the savior. your average fan has had both hamels and floyd put up as just that for the last few years. what kind of expectations do you expect them to have? look at all the young studs out there that actually are saviors - who actually start playing before 26,27 years old. why can't we get one thrown our way?

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