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Monday, April 03, 2006


Perez the jokester will be missed, he is a funny guy. And as you said an excellent defender. But these are the necessary moves a winning team has to make.

I'm glad to see the team has progressed to the point where a move like this becomes necessary.

Goin' down to the opener, got my wet weather gear ready!!


Perez's game slipped just enough over the last two years to push his status just to the other side of fringe. I enjoyed him, but in a way it's kind of assuring to have one more sign of forward motion, one more step away from the stagnation of the Wade era.

I'd be willing to bet a Phillies Frank that Tomas will be a coach or instructor with the Phils in a few years' time.

We'll miss you, Pie Man! He seems like exactly the type to catch on later as a good coach or manager, and I can't wait to see him in a Phillies uniform in that role.

I wonder if anyone will take over the shaving cream pie ritual...

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