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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Gio Gonzalez also had a solid if short start for Reading: 5 innings, 2 hits, 2 walks, 7 strikeouts, no runs allowed. They lost on 2 unearned runs given up by the bullpen.

AA: mathieson has a nice fastball, but needs to change speeds a little more to move up. otherwise, he's destined for the pen. reading has no power in their lineup at all. i think they'll be under .500, but with decent pitching.

What, me worry? How the Phillies handle Cole Hamels will be interesting to watch to say the least. They are going to need starting pitching sooner than later and unlike Gavin Floyd, I don't think Hamels will suffer a lack of confidence if, when given the opportunity, he has a few rough outings. He just needs to control his emotions outside the game and his health overall. For their part, the Phils can't rush him on many fronts, experience and health being the two major ones. There have been other pitchers who jumped from the low minors to the big leagues but not many. Whatever else they do, they should be patient and consistent in handling him, two areas which heretofore have not been hallmarks of this franchise.

well, tom, i think they've definitely been patient. aren't they usually criticized for being overly so?

After seeing how they've touted Myers and Floyd as the next great hopes of the franchise, I have to register skepticism about Hamels being the new savior. Of course, I haven't seen him pitch, but the fact is this organization (there's that word again) has a terrible record for developing young pitchers. Seems they even find a way to screw up the good ones.

I'm going to Friday's day game at Reading, curious to see the team play. I'll give my impressions afterwards. I hope one of those lefties is pitching.

You should see McClaskey starting that Friday game. Haigwood should go tonight, Gonzalez tomorrow.

At some point, I want to look at how the Phils' actual prospects are doing compared to the minor-league filler the staff has assembled around them. It seems like for Reading in particular, the kid pitchers are doing fine and Jaramillo and Bourn are off to decent starts, but the minor league free agents and castoffs from other organizations are dragging them down night after night. Well, and Timmy Moss with his 0-22, 14 strikeout line hasn't helped very much.

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