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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The Phillies and their fans need something to go right! And not just go right for one or two game, rather over a solid week of play like a 5-2 or 6-1 stretch. That's going to start tonight! I'm trying to be positive, albeit very difficult. I've had my share of negativity on this team so far this season, but I'm trying to be proactive right now. Go Phils!

Ryan Church, ding dong....this stadium is killing us.

Can you believe the nats actually put church in the minors to begin the season? He is a very solid outfielder.

Finally Ryan Howard hits a homerun with someone on base!

Too bad David Bell is playing tonight...he really sucks! I know the options aren't much better with Gonzalez and Nunez, but hey give it a try! Manuel can't keep Bell in the 7 hole hitting weak grounders and popups to the infield.

Coors Lite once again, Livan Hernandez upper deck.

Way to take a pitch, J-Roll!

How is that not batter interference on Royca Clayton?

im listening to the DC broadcast team and they are going apeshit over the fact that that Bell pop fly went yard. This stadium sucks.

Bell mustve been wondering how he hit a homer.

effing fasano

As a DC area resident watching the game on MASN, I'm longing for the Phillies broadcasters. The Nats TV guys suck. They claimed that the ghost of Richie Ashburn is blowing the HRs out of the park tonight after seeing Bell's HR.

Dig the Fasano fan group!

Can we fire Manuel yet or make some kind of trade to shake this team up some?? They flat out suck in every aspect right now. They such offensivey, defensively, and with their pitching (primarily down in the pen). It's about time the hammer falls with all the talk about the importance of getting off to a fast start, especially with all the early home games...

Am I crazy or is Geary warming up?

ok "whew" its Franklin

WTF is Foghron thinking? Victorino HAS TO BUNT! UGH

Talk about pulling one out of their ass, but hey its a win! At home nonetheless!

I'm still angry at them and they are still quite lame right now. However...

A win's a win!!!

I have to admit, when I saw that ball rolling out to right field and heard Harry say, "They're sending Abreu around..." I thought "Oh, no. Not again!" Well, it worked out OK this time thanks to an extremely weak throw.

My favorite part of the game was Aaron Rowand striking out in the late innings. It's been a long time since I saw a Phillie visibly upset with himself for striking out. F-bombs and everything. Too often they look perfectly content to go take a seat on the bench after a K. If there is such a thing as a good strike out, that was it.

They won in a great comeback game and your favorite part was seeing some guy swear? Burrell does that all the time.

The more that I see of Rowand, the more I like him. This team needs his fire, that's for sure.

Looks like Howard is heating up his power stroke again, that's what we need!

Nice to see them get a W.

The much maligned bullpen comes through tonight after a very mediocre start by Floyd. For as much criticism as the middle relief as received on this blog, the starting pitching has been worse. Only Myers and Madson have given them above-average stuff.

As for the supposed "staff ace," Lieber has looked terrible in each of his 3 outings so far. Lieber needs to win at least 15 games for the Phils to have a chance at the playoffs. "Dough Boy" was never a fitness buff but he really looks out of shape.

I though Foghorn was dumb, but to pitch to HOward when Franklin is on deck and cant really be pinchhit for is beyond belief. If their GM wasnt drunk I guesshe would fire him.

I'm back in New Orleans after an extended Katrina evac job relocate in Houston. This morning was the first in the eight days I've been back that the morning paper actually had the current Phillies boxscore. The print was so small that the runs that Floyd gave up are barely discernable, almost like they were nothing. A Ryan Howard homer in extra innings is a nice win. This is sure a tough team to be a fan for. I'm foresee that when I die, St. Peter will say, "I see you were a Phillies fan. You've paid your penance during your lifetime. You can walk right in."

Another meaningless and non-clutch HR from Bobby.

Sarcasm intended.

I agree, kuff. It was the key hit in the game. I'm sitting there wondering when they will get it going against Livan's 80s fastball, and finally Bobby says enough.

He's the owner of the two biggest home hits of the season. No disrespect to the job Howard and Utley did last night. They played an equal or more important role depending who you read this morning.

I'll write later, but so far we're seeing a noticeably more aggressive hitter in Abreu.

I think some people (Eskin cough) will say Abreu was not agressive in the 10th when he worked a walk with Victorino up to bat after him. I still think getting the walk was a good thing (besides the obvious, him scoring the winning run), the problem being Foghorn's stupidity in not having Victorino bunt him over. It drives me nuts that it wasnt even talked about in the papers this morning.

The thinking there was they had Utley and Howard on deck against the left-hander, who just came into the game and looked like he was having trouble with his command.

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