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Friday, March 17, 2006


Speaking of the WBC...shouldnt Abreu and Tomas be back by now? Are they off partying?.....and Japan is still alive so I can win my Degenerate Gambler WBC Office Pool!

Yes. Abreu and Perez return shortly. Perez returns to camp the proud owner of 2 WBC at bats, fewest by any player on Team Venezuela.

Calling Fasano a member of the league of "veteran catchers who cannot play" gives him way to little credit. He hit pretty darn well last year (as backups go), and the pitchers are raving about him. I'd love to see the Phillies keep him for the next few years to ease the transition between Lieberthal and the next generation, for both his knowledge and ability AND the fact that he seems like a totally awesome guy who it'll be fun to have around.

I noticed Bobby came up "big" again in an important WBC game he went 0-4 with 3K's.

NOt sure if any of youse heard this, but according to

"Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins has been experimenting this spring with Nike Maxsight eyewear, contact lenses that act as high-tech sunglasses. Rollins prefers the orange shaded version. "It's just something new and different," said Rollins, who went with his regular Nike shades on Thursday. "It's the same as the orange lenses I wear, except I don't have to wear the frames." It looks demonic to those gazing into his piercing orange eyes, and Rollins said it's taken a while to get used to the shades."

Brian Roberts tried the same thing last yr and look what happened to him...maybe we finally get some more BB's from J-Roll.

I don't see why sending Ruiz down right now would bother anybody. We have to have insurance at AAA, and I'd rather have him playing every day. I'd like him to get a shot at starting for the big club next year, when Jaramillo will be at AAA and can possibly step in if Carlos doesn't cut it. I know we've held down young players in the past, but this decision is what's best for the club this year. Let's not paint the new regime with the old brush.

Ruiz is 27-the team's making the same mistake it did with Utley-waiting way too long to give somebody a shot. It doesn't matter in the slightest who runs the team-they make the same mistakes over and over again-the definition of insanity. And the Phillies think like every other team about contracts, too-Lieberthal will be the regular because he has the big contract, although he hasn't been able to throw for years, and his hitting is now in steep decline as well. You're gonna have to pay him whether he plays or not-it's a sunk cost. You don't make personnel decisons on what you can't change, like a guaranteed deal, but on what you can change, like who plays. Might as well play Ruiz and put a better team on the field. But playing Lieby is the "safe" choice, and probably keeps the minority partners happy.

hey stop your whining how the hell can the team judge Ruiz' play when he was over in the WBC..i mean come on guys there is a reason why he was 26 last year and only in Double A...he was never judged as a prospect check his stats and lengthy journey in the
Later peeps...

It's not about the "safe" choice. It's about the smart choice. If you release Lieberthal and keep Ruiz, who has had injuries, who plays at AAA? And if Ruiz goes down, then what? Jaramillo is not ready. Might as well start the year with Lieby, see what he's got. If he's bad - platoon him with Fasano. If he's done - then bring up Ruiz.

I don't think the issue is about Lieberthal. He's still your best choice, and I don't think anyone is disputing that. It's about inserting someone with some promise into that backup spot now that Pratt is gone.

I want to make it clear that my position is this is the correct decision: Lieberthal, backuped up by Fasano, with Ruiz on standby to begin the season. This is what I expected to happen. But the moment this guy Fasano starts struggling badly, which may be likely, yank him out of there and give that job to Ruiz.

My frustration is this: the future of the catcher position is going to come to a head in 2007, and rather than overpay on a veteran free agent, like Jorge Posada, lets trying solving this ourselves and start grooming at least a part-time answer, which is all Ruiz looks like to me anyway. He is a prospect, however, and rated as one of the best defenders in Triple-A last year. His late start has to do with getting into the game late. He was also a second baseman for the early part of his career.

1. I think Jason Jaramillo is the long-term option.
2. I think Carlos Ruiz could fill in for a year, if necessary, with help.
3. I think Fasano is a great guy, a great personality, and a great catcher (in terms of communicating with pitchers and so on).

So Lieberthal and Fasano this year, Ruiz and Fasano next year, then Jaramillo and Fasano or Ruiz the next (as I think Fasano will either move on or retire by then)

Yeah! How can they judge Ruiz's progress...they don't have cable at Broad and Pattison!

JW-How is Lieby the "best choice"? The issue is that his play, as an old catcher with a lot of mileage, will continue to deteriorate. The list of catchers in their mid 30's who have kept their skills is a short one...and we know from his complete inability to throw, move behind the plate, and hit for power that Mike isn't one of them. Lieby is the starter because of his contract, pure and simple. The Phillies are making the conventional, stupid decision.

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