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Sunday, March 05, 2006


Man, Roberson ought to make this team. It's a crime he wasn't called up last September. He can help this team, for sure. I don't know much about Coste, but Roberson right now has to be as good as any other option Gillick might be considering for a reserve OF.

As far as outfield prospects go, the Phils have always preferred Michael Bourne to Chris Roberson because Bourne is 3 years younger and they see Bourne as having more upside. I've been impressed with the switch hitting Roberson. He has some power, speed, and a plus outfield arm. He had 172 hits last year in Reading and as Jason mentioned he played very well in the Mexican League. I would much prefer to see Roberson make the team than Tomas Perez. But I suspect Roberson will start the season in SWB. Coste is a real longshot, but is getting some significant playing time the first week of spring training.

The knock on Roberson has been his defensive IQ and overall understanding of the game, but that's the main reason he wanted to play in Mexico this winter, where the games are competitive and he could gain real-game experience. I like the idea of Roberson sticking in Philadelphia a lot, but it's a hairy situation because the Phillies could decide it would be worth more to play him every day in Scranton, even if he's 26. He remains a good candidate to be traded. I'm not sure how they view him as part of the future.

I guess I just have to wonder what a guy like Coste would have to do to make the team? If he has no chance, why invite him? He's not a prospect.
This is the type of guy who would be happy as a reserve and would give the manager 100% every single time he's called on. And he's not without talent.

I also wonder the same thing -- why invite guys to spring training that are not prospects and really don't have a chance to make the team. This was the situation the past few years with guys like Budzinkski and Rushford, who would get 30 ABs in spring training. I figured a spring training invitation was part of their minor league contract. Coste has shown he can hit AAA pitching. I am pulling for the guy, but you don't see many 32 year old rookies.

It's not Roberson's fault he's 26. So is Ryan Howard. When the Phillies actually do come up with a prospect, they don't seem to be in any hurry to get them to the majors. I'd love to see Roberson do well. I understand he's a jazz drummer, so for my tastes he's got the ultimate one-two punch going in terms of talent!

sal fasano = old and washed up
chris roberson= younger and probably better

put fasano in the minors!,0,2051189.story?coll=sfla-sports-headlines

The Sun Sentinel suggests that Tomas Perez may be an 2B option for the Florida Marlins now that Pokey Reese has left camp and his contract has been terminated.

I'd be thrilled if they can get a prospect out of it.

i'd be thrilled if they could get a few bats and an autogrtaphed dontrelle jersey for perez.

well done, gr. Best post of the day :-)

thanks, except for the spelling error. looks like franklin took the loss today vs the reds. he may throw alot of innings, but i'd be surprised if he is any better than terrible this year.

I've always wondered what a full season from Tomas Perez would look like. Probably a low average but 10-15 HRs and better than average defense. Florida could do worse.

Before we start waving goodbye to TP, there may be several journeyman infielders out there shortly. I also have to wonder how well Perez turns the DP. He filled in much more at third, short and first than I can recall at second base. That said, the Dontrelle jersey does look pretty good, especially if a year later we could fill it with the real thing. (Never going to happen. Dontrelle needs a big stage and Pattison Avenue is decidely going to qualify.)

To continue Friday's discussion...

Ryan Howard
"Silent Assasin"
"Quiet Cool"

Also, we need a nickname for the very clutch Chase Utley.

"clutchly" with a nod to tom g.

"...and Pattison Avenue is decidedly NOT going to qualify."


exactly how would pattison ave ot qualify?

Hi Guys--

I know this might not be the best time, but I wanted to give you a bit of info on Aaron Rowand.

Longtime NL fans will immediately recognize his batting stance. Anyone? Ron Cey. And that's not a good thing.

You'd be hard pressed to find a better defensive center fielder. And he runs the bases OK. But Rowand has a HUGE hole in his swing.

I've watched him for two years and somthing is just a bit off in his swing. His bat looks top heavy and he waves it around too much when he's in the box and waiting for a pitch.

See if he makes any adjustments in 2006...

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