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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


question is, would gillick keep him just because he has to? he's in the same situation with booker. otherwise, you're probably going to get even lesser value if you flip him. another AAAA utility guy.

Gillick said his goal was to give Charlie Manuel as many choices as possible, but you're right. This has the potential to only clutter the roster and block the progress of a good young pitcher like Tejeda. More than any team in baseball, it seems the Phillies always manage to clog roster space with guys they "have to keep."

i'd like to see ric-rod get it together and claim no. 5. i think he's better suited to the ballpark as more of a groundball pitcher and has a better mix of pitches than franklin. franklin however, for all his mediocrity, is durable, something rodriguez hasn't been. of course, neither of them can strike anybody out.

It's a real test for manuel, without doubt. I don't want to see ric-rod wasted, and would prefer him to start in the roster. I'd almost advocate using that fifth spot for some extended spring-training, if you well - try out a couple of guys, not just to see whether we can use them, but also if they string together some good starts, can we trade 'em. Say ric-rod gets some nice starts - can we use him to sweeten an abreu deal to get a bit more our way? then we've ended up with some value for him.

I know, hopelessly optimistic, as is my wont. (well, it is spring . . .)

Jason, right on with the comment about clogging the roster. I really don't understand why the Phillies don't seem to appreciate the potential Tejada has, and agree that the acquisition of Rodriguez was a complete waste. he's one of those guys who might give you a decent start and get everyone's hopes up, and then show his true colors the next time and get lit up. Reminds me of one of those Lee Thomas-reclamation projects that didn't work out, that had no chance of working out, in the early '90s...Dave LaPoint, Greg Mathews, Don Robinson, Jim Deshaies...okay, maybe he isn't that bad, but the results may well the same.

jim deshaies was the ace of my staff the first year i did rotisserie league. don't laugh, he won 15 that year and had a whip (called "ratio" back then) under 1.2.

He's 27. Gillick is all about value which will only go down for Rodriguez without ML experience. He's not going back to the minors. Rodriguez, Bell, someonelse and some cash for a decent KC infield prospect would solve a lot. Quantity for quality...the anti-Wade.

How much cash would Pat have to give KC to take on David Bell's corpse? I.e., how much is Bell still owed?

I believe Texas is looking for a starter with Josh Rupe injured. Why not complete the circle and send him back to Texas for someone else who doesn't fit?

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