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Friday, March 17, 2006


Is it too early to get excited about this team???

Is anyone else concerned about Cormier? We cannot have another Tim Worrell or Terry Adams situation this year where a pitcher who is shot keeps getting the ball in key situations. I am curious on Cormier's velocity and location if anyone was in Clearwater and saw the game. Personally I think he is done and I am hoping the Phils can find someone desperate for a lefty to unload his contract.

I wouldn't worry: I don't think Cormier's going to be getting the ball in important situations. With Rhodes and Fultz providing better lefthanded options, I think there's a better chance he'll be released by the end of spring training.

I wouldn't say the results of the first half of spring training has me completely gung-ho, but it is encouraging. People will say spring records mean nothing, and often they don't. But it does seem to mean something if you're 11-4 and not 4-11. It can carry over into the regular season, and in fact I believe it did in 1993.

It's a team not without weaknesses, but you can kind of see it coming together and gradually molding itself into something fairly solid. If they get decent performances from Franklin and Madson, things could take off. (Then again, I don't feel very good about Cory Lidle being the number three guy.) It also helps to know there's a Randy Wolf, and perhaps even Gavin Floyd, in the wings, and above all that Gillick is the GM and not Wade. If the team is close and needs to be strengthened in the summertime, there may well be far more options this time around.

Not that anyone asked, but I'd like to prematurely posit my choice for No. 1 most important Phillie going into this season: Tom Gordon. If he goes, it all goes. There is no one to replace him or step into his role, and there is no one else on the team you can say that about.

I agree with your assessment of Tom Gordon, but I'm not ready to start stressing about him. Unless Gordon gets injured, I think he'll pitch well enough to prove that getting him over Wagner was better bang for the buck, given that we're paying him $4 mill less per year for fewer years.

I'm excited for this team, especially because I think they have a chance to "come out of nowhere," as they are not at all a popular pick. I'm worried about Franklin, but I have confidence and Lidle and Madson, and think Madson could end up being a 2 or a 3 at least...and I'm not counting out Myers to step up as an ace, but I'm not counting ON it either.

I'm not really stressing about Gordon...if he's healthy, he should do fine. He's nowhere near the presence Wagner was, but he's solid enough. I don't even think his minor setback in camp is any big deal. But he *does* have a history of arm/elbow injuries, and that does concern me. Nothing to do but keep our fingers crossed.

If everything breaks perfectly for the Phillies (as the roster stands presently), they could possibly win 90 games. Whether the competition will be any better than that remains to be seen. It's certainly no cinch to say either NY or Atlanta is better, even on paper. I expect a season more or less like the last one: in contention most of the way, hopefully all the way. It's hard to imagine them winning, because they never do. But I won't rule out the possibility, for what that's worth. And I know it's better than a lot of teams' fans out there have to look forward to.

I've never had any faith in Gordon as a closer, so I've been looking closely at the possibilities in the likely event that he fail. Geary has looked decent.

Geary couldn't close for the Clearwater Threshers.

Agreed. Geary is still working on becoming a solid major league middle reliever. He's a nice pitcher, but not a closer. If Gordon bombs, they'd probably turn to Rhodes, or deal for a replacement at the deadline.

This is an 86 win team, but if they get good starting pitching they coulf get to 89-90

"Never had faith in Gordon as a closer"? Remember, Gordon held the record for consecutive saves before it was broken by Gagne. The only reason he wasn't closing with the Yankees was because of the HoF closer on the team.

I think that on paper this is a team that can be expected to win 87-90, but which has the potential for more (if the pitching comes through) and less (if the pitching fails miserably and other players underperform).

So, after his big day today, which is part of a big spring (.455, 3 HR, 8 RBI) does Coste deserve a roster spot? He lacks the versatility to play OF, but could be used as a good hitter off the bench, and then fill in for Lieberthal, Bell, or Howard against lefties.

dude...u want geary as a closer if Gordon can't go...OMG are you sure you're a fan. Jesus ok lets just think about this rationally.

ok the guy is 29 and was never even considered a top 20 prospect by the Phillies organization. Basically he made the team in '04 as the last guy in the pen out of spring training because of Worrell/Cormier and others ineptitudes. He had a 3.7 ERA last year and pitched in mostly unpressurized situations. And when he was in pressure situations he got bombed. The guy barely reaches 90 and has really no other pitches.

check his stats in the minors - NOT impressive and I do not want to see this team with its payroll cuts (even though they raised tickets again) ever think about using this guy as the closer or even as a friggen set-up guy. They're the retards that wouldn't sign Wagner because they were afraid about his age and injury history so what did they do go out and get an old guy who has had not other than injuries his whole career and cut payroll. Friggen part with one of the prized prospects (Floyd and/or Hamels) already and get a real player. Increase the payroll if need be its not hard to do the math if you figure the average person spends about $35 per game (tickets, concessions, parking, etc) and you draw 30,000 per game for 81 games your bringing in approx. $85 mill right there not including tv/radio revenues and MLB's shared revs which should easily bring the teams annual revenues over $120 mil. So whats with this $90 million budget its ridiculous.

Honestly how many wins do you think both of them will have in their major league career. I would estimate about combined probably 40 before injuries take them into the Phillies Pitcher Oblivion with other overhyped prospects like Combs, Green, Service, and so many others i can't even mention them cause you'll all throw up.

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