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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Do not count on Aaron Fultz this year. Last year was an aberration, one which is highly unlikely to be repeated.

He's a journeyman Loogy, not a setup man.

The Phillies have lost twice. I'm not sure why they're not counting the games against WBC teams, but they lost to the Venezuela

billy mac, if you're reading this, how did floyd look? was he his usual lost-looking self or did he exhibit some guts working through his rough patches? any read on his velocity? if he improves, even just steadily, he should be clearly better than franklin by late May. that is to say, he really doesn't have to improve much to be appreciably better than franklin.

As bad as Franklin is, I think Floyd would be a worse option for the fifth starter. He has no confidence or command on the mound and his stuff isn't all that great. The future is looking dimmer by the moment for him.

I have a feeling that Floyd is gonna end up being traded for the elusive 'bat with pop' off the bench. Franklin appears so far to be as advertised: inning eater that gives up lots of hits.

I guess patience is the key here, it's early, right?

It's very early when talking pitchers five games into ST.

alls i'm saying is this: floyd is 22/23 and franklin is 30-something. both of them are destined for 5 or even 6 ERAs this year. floyd should start at S/WB, but all he needs to do to overtake franklin is get the ball over the plate. that's how bad franklin is or will be at CBP. there's no way he lasts a whole year on a decent team in that stadium.


Floyd looked fine except for the shaky second inning. According to the scout's radar gun in front of me, he hit 91 on his fastball. Fasano came out to talk to him and did a nice job settling him down and then Floyd beared down to get out of trouble. Franklin on the other hand has been a disaster so far.

Do you guys think that Manuel, and even Gillick notice that Ryan "Freakin" Franklin sucks, and will hopefully keep him out of the rotation.

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