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Friday, March 03, 2006


I think it is officially time for Ryan to get a nickname deserving of his prowess...yes I know the RyHo or Baby Ortiz moniker is somewhat being used, but this dude is a legit Big Hurt type guy so I think the time has come.

Last season some of my buddies and I (Phillies Fans) started calling Ryan Howard, "BIG HOWIE"

Met him at the Philly Auto Show too, he's seems like a real down to earth guy too.

Last year my friends and I started calling him King Kong Ding Dong. And don't read anything racial into it because it wasn't meant to be. He's a beast.

Too bad "Godzilla" is already taken. He's gonna be a monster.

How about "King Kong?"

Anyway, too bad he's in for a "softmore slump." Otherwise, he could really do something this year.

Darn you, Fred. You stole my line!

Dude, don't take this the wrong way, but uh, Big Howie I don't think cuts it.

May I suggest The Big Train or to steal from Sandberg, Ryno

or maybe the RyHooooooooo Train lol.

Cmon J, you know you aren't big time until you get the nickname that can be used in baseball Tonight promose and updates.

Big Papi, Vlad the al

How about Ryan Howard?

Hmmmmm, Ryan "Ryan Howard" Howard.

I like it! Catchy! Easy to remember!

He's so easy going. How about:

Big easy.

Great minds think alike. "King Kong, The 8th Wonder of the World"

So maybe we call him the 8th Wonder of the World.

I've been calling him "Ryan-O" since last season, since physically, that's about what he is, a huge Rhino-like beast capable of destruction at any minute. RSandberg's people might have a problem with that, tho. Don't give hm the Boby Papi/ortiz name, look what it did for Baby Jordan, Harold Miner. Don't know if any of you saw the game, but those two HRs weren't CBP HRs. They would have been way out of any park, including yellowstone (har har).



4 for 4, 5 rbis, 2 dingers,

Ryan's second HR actually left the ball park, clearing the second fence beyond the lawn area in right field. It was a monster shot.

Please, no more JRoll, CWebb, JWill like nicknames. Those are lame.

King Kong = Dave Kingman, sorry.

How 'bout just "Monster"?

For all of Howard's homer hitting prowess, the thing that stands out most in my mind from last year was an on-air interview in which he used the word "radius" in a sentence. I don't think I've ever heard a ballplayer use "radius" in a sentence, except maybe for Tim McCarver trying to impress somebody.

Anyhow, whenever I think of Howard I think Radius. Not much of nickname, I suppose, but it beats those cartoon/comic book things. I do think a good nickname should reflect something of the player's personality and not be just something grabbed out of the back pocket. After he's been around a while longer a good one should emerge.

"Plow" Howard

The Phils are down by two runs in the bottom ninth.It's a big game against the Mets and Wagner is in for the save.With two on and two out the Phils sure could use a big "blast" here.Up to the plate steps the Phils best longball weapon,the kid known as the Howardzer."Could it be" yes.

BTW, That's a picture of the weapon know as a HOWITZER

When he was in Reading, we called him the "Howitzer."

I think "Howitzer" is good.

I'm not too concerned about Flash's outing. The results of hitting is a lot more important than pitching in early spring.

Although, I have to ask this:

How can we have Flash Gordon on the same team as his arch-nemisis, Ming-the-Merciless? (or did Brett shave that pointy thing off?)

I heard that second HR he hit ended up landing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hey M.D. You say "we" called him howitzer in Reading. One question, who is we?

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