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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Maybe I just missed it, because I was pretty busy last summer, but I don't think Worrell got savaged nearly enough. Yes, he had personal problems. Yes, I was glad he was willing to go on the DL rather than take up a roster spot. But the entire episode left me with a terrible taste in my mouth, when it felt to me as if he blackmailed the Phillies into the trade, and then pitched spotlessly down the stretch for them. If Worrell had been able to come back and pitch for us, he either would've added to a deep bullpen, or would've allowed us to trade Polanco for other needs or keep him to fill in for the struggling David Bell.

"them" being the Diamondbacks

Yep. You can't say enough about how destructive the Worrell situation was last season. Check my archives last month for my take on Worrell and take a look at his numbers before and after midseason.\

Oh, and let me be the first to say I will never bother predicting bench positions this early in spring. Last week, I picked Kata to replace Perez. Chalk it up as a learning experience.

Not to worry, they only let Kata go so that they can trade Rodriguez to Cincy to get him back.

Seriously's just a balancing out of all those Grimsley-for-Schilling deals Lee Thomas used to pull off every spring...

I think we are overanalyzing this...I mean what COULD we have gotten for Worrell last yr? He was an old reliever who looked to be nuts. I think Wade was a complete tool, but to ding him for this is an overreach imo.

Ryan "baby bull" howard.

So much for number 23.

I am believing more and more that the last bench slot (5th outfielder) is not even on the team yet. Phils will claim this player off waivers or make a minor trade before they head north.

don't even get me started on tim worrell.

Honestly, Lee Thomas was the Best at making trades while being the General Manager of the Phils. No one remembers that he had NO payroll, and then when Wade came in, magically, a high payroll came rollin out of Monty's pocket.

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