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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


i think minix has been subsumed by booker, if he's healthy. booker is about the same age and has put up equally impressive numbers at a level higher -- AAA vs AA. i think a bigger fear, or at least the one i have, is that abreu is sent somewhere for a package that includes a mike timlin because gordan has arm troubles. thereby duplicating the ed wade era approach.

Agreed 100%. The only upside, if it really is that, is that there are plenty of options in case of failures from the batch they'll start out with. I didn't know anything about Minix before reading this post; the best thing about this particular Phillies blog is the knowledge of players in the farm system.

Anyhow, the best we can do is hope some combination or another will emerge at some point during the season, hopefully before a thorough sabotage of potential victories is amassed by the wrong combinations. It's highly doubtful it'll fall right into place early on. If Fultz is going to revert to his previous lousy self and Cormier is going to continue to suck, there's real problems here. And if either Rhodes or Gordon go down, you can pretty much kiss it all goodbye. Because these starters, other than Lieber and occasionally Myers, are not going to take you deep into games.

Why does Aquilino Lopez continue to be overlooked? If Minix could get it done, don't you think that pitching-starved Tampa Bay could've used him? Lopez will be the surprise success story in the pen if given a chance.

sam dracula, the aqualung fan club resides at cue the jethro.

I don't think our bullpen will be a weakness, as long as Manuel keeps an open mind and keeps whomever pitches best. So basically, I agree 100%; just looking at the recent past, even previously solid middle relief options have had a tendency to disappoint, sometimes massively. Take Terry Adams, Cormier last year, Todd Worrell last year...I'm happy to have an experienced closer and one or two veterans, but if anything is proof of the uncertainty of bullpens, look at Atlanta's: their closer will be Chris Reitsma, and of the rest only Oscar Villareal has more than 100 appearences (114, 86 of them coming in 2003)

I never understood why they dont develop middle relievers or find them ala Chad Bradford. Can SOMEONE in the Phillies hierarchy read moneyball? If not for nothing just to TRY to do something ina DIFFERENT manner.

I was someone who felt that with all the warm bodies, several would emerge....So far, its been fewer than we would like. Good stuff Jason.

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