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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Gillick's public decisiveness contrasts more and more with the quieter approach of wade, and I like it. Its a clear indicator that he and manuel have gathered all the data they need and are acting on it, determined to put the best foot forward on opening day.

Speaking of best players, has anyone else read starks piece on Jimmy Rollins? It brought to mind that chapter by george will about Gwynn's muscle memory. A solid and very informative article, and the first on ESPN that I've enjoyed in a long time.

It is refreshing to see Gillick not stubbornly stick to plans. Floyd in the rotation and Franklin in the pen is the right move.

Finally some right thinking...Its time for Gavin Floyd. He no doubt will struggle but I am glad to see him come north - lets see what he has at this level...with Madsen and Floyd in the rotation Gillick can at least see if he has the makings of a strong young rotation (with Myers) or if he needs to focus money and trades on acquiring would be an extreme luxury to focus solely on acquiring the #1 guy and not staffwide issues...and grooming the other young arms in the system for the bullpen.

Now if we can only do something about Cole Hamels' $.02 brain.

Jason, meant to say, 'brutally intent' was a fine turn of phrase. captures everything you need to know about the phillies approach to the new season.

This is a good idea. It is possible it might not work out, but it has an excellent chance to.

Now, all we really lack is a third baseman who can hit righties. Possibly a trade?

makes the year all the more exciting, doesn't it? more new blood? this makes me a little nervous, but how can you not like it? a young rotation!

Madson better take the 4th spot. He's got the maturity, the right stuff, and took to the bullpen last year with minimal complaining. Plus it's good to see Franklin saying that he's there to win. I like the way the team is shaping up--Gillick is making his mark, and they're scrappy. They have moxie! Fingers crossed for no pitching implosions down the stretch.

I'm just happy he admits mistakes(Franklin)

Wise move by the Phils. If Madson was sent to the pen the outcry would have been loud. Is it time to squash all of those trade rumors involving Floyd from the off season? Another good move by not acting, Floyd could be that ace - even Madson is good enough to pitch like an ace. This team looks like they are ready to take an early lead in the division. All of the other teams have some serious question marks looming.

I'm pretty floored. Gillick went against my expectations on both Rodriguez and then Franklin, basically showing no regard whatsoever for what people will now think of moves he made just weeks ago. I guess I was expecting the Phillies to do the kinds of things they'd do under Ed Wade's watch: forget logic, let's just cover our butts. It's more than just a sense but a reality that things have already changed with this new GM.

If Floyd doesn't work out, you still have an option on him, and you still have Franklin to come in. Or is there a possibility they can trade Franklin for a guy with bullpen experience? Seems like anything's possible now.

I'll be attending the opener on Monday - flying in from Arizona. I never thought 'til now that it would really feel so exciting, that for the first season in awhile, the fans would have their hopes severely tempered and that '06 would be nothing more than another 80-something win campaign, a waiting game for certain contracts to expire. Now, far be it from me to throw caution to the wind, but a different feeling altogether has snuck up on us all. And so, hopes bravely aloft yet again, we take the plunge...

I wouldnt trade Franklin just yet ... he's had some success in the bullpen and might still be useful to us. Moreover, he makes for a decent insurance policy if Floyd should have another career "hiccup."

I like this move for alot of reasons..

1. Rewards Madson. The guy has worked hard to earn his shot.

2. Shows efficient use of young pitching talent. The guy is a starter, thats what he was drafted for, what he did in the minors and what frankly, he has the talent for. In addition, it is more efficient to use him this way.

1. Enough of the coddling, its time for the big bitch tog et otu there and pitch. SOmetimes u throw these kind of guys to the fire and they do it. Besides all the mechanical tinkering, the good pressure of knwoing Franklin was there and Masdson was in the ortation had to push him a bit.

1. Honestly, this guy is a 1-2 inning pitcher, where else would it make more sense to use him than during the 6th-8th inning. Give Gillick further credit for setting up good expectations all around by structuring his contract ina way that rewards him for going to the pen and pitching effectively. Looks what happened with Terry Adams a few yrs back.

Personally, I like Gillick on the whole after this turn of events, but I'm inclined to play devil's advocate. Yes, Gillick is a step up from Wade, who made bad moves then covered his ass, but aren't we giving Gillick a bit of a free pass here? Gillick isn't covering his ass, but really the only move of his that isn't questionable at this point was the Thome trade.

That said, this is awesome. Madson and Floyd have excellent stuff, and if they shine, we win the division, hands down. As it is, just about no one in the NL can match our offense.

I also heartily applaud these moves. It does show that Gillick is not afraid to admit when he errs, that is something that we fans are not used to.

Now, I hope the keep that guy Coste and dump Tomas Perez, it's time for the pie man to go.

My god, it's true...Sports Weekly picks the Phillies to win the World Series.

Well, if *that* isn't a jinx.

Well, when I suggested Floyd to No. 5 and Franklin to Pen, yesterday on these pages, most of you blew it off, and said it won't happen. For once, I feel the Phils did what I think they should do. That almost NEVER happens! Lets just hope it works out. I love this move/ st

I'm beginning to like Gillick more and more. If Myers, Madson and Floyd can cut it, the Phillies have as good a younf nucleus of starters as anyone in baseball. And that's not counting on anything from Hamels, Brito or Tejeda.
We'll find out soon enough and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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