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Friday, March 24, 2006


Breaking Erick Burke news:
Beerleaguer 1, mainstream media 0.

Remember the "Duck Pond" and "Quack Pack" ? Duckworth actually had 2 fan groups.

B-Duck is a leading candidate to become the next Lance Parrish Award winner:

this is off-topic, though on-Phillies, so here it is.
over at there is a breakdown of the 2006 Phillies and why they will finish 3rd. it's the 2nd article down on the homepage there.
if you're interested.

Proof that it can be much, much worse, Phillies fans. Imagine having a guy like Duckworth competing for a spot on your staff again. This is the harsh reality for some teams.

Not too impressed with the "All-baseball" evaluation. No one with intimate knowledge of the Phillies would project Chase Utley as the no. 2 hitter in the lineup. The Phillies are the consensus third-place pick, as the Mets seem to have dazzled everyone yet again with their big-spender off-season. But even as mediocre as the Phils' starting pitching is, the Mets' is thinner. If Martinez goes down for any stretch, that team is in big trouble. Even their bullpen, after Wagner, is loaded with question marks. I think New York is likely to finish below the Phillies for a sixth consecutive season.

i think every post and article on the Phillies should end with a reminder that the Mets have finished below the Phillies for 6 straight seasons.

Off topic: Rodriguez' 3 innings of no run ball on Friday most likely locked up the last bullpen spot. This is the guy the Phillies wanted to make the team all along.

Just as poor Tomas Perez's three strikeouts today probably did him in, if he wasn't already done as a Phil. Will it be Coste, Roberson, or Acquisition X for the final roster spot?

It will be an interesting week. I still think it is 50/50 between Perez and acquisition X for last roster spot depending if Gillick can pull off a deal this week. And depending on who is dealt changes the roster composition more (if Cormier is dealt, this opens a spot for perhaps Booker, Brito, or Lopez). If Bell starts the season on the DL, that opens 2 slots on the bench. In that case, I don't see how the Phils can send down Coste. I think they've already made up their mind Roberson will start the season at AAA.

Okay, the Tigers released Carlos Pena. Can he play OF?

Here's the New Orleans Times Picayune's opinions of the Phillies written by their staff writer, Jim Derry. The Phils are predicted to finish 3rd with this one line comment: "So far, Phillies are most disappointing team of decade." In the capsule write-up he ranks the Philles 9th of the 16 NL clubs. The detailed opinion states: "Let down after let down. It seems as if every season, the Phillies are predicted to overtake the Atlanta Braves in the NL East. Every season, they disappoint. Now with a make-shift bullpen and a below average rotation, things are even worse."

RickSchu, Carlos Pena cannot play OF.

actually, i think we have the textbook definition of an average rotation.

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