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Monday, March 20, 2006


Geary's a lock. My guess for the long reliever spot is Rodriquez if for no other reason than the Phils will want to show they didn't just give away Padilla and get nothing in return. And Tejeda has options left.

Rodriguez has not shown a willingness to relieve. If there's talk surrounding Damon Hollins, a Rodriguez for Hollins trade would ostensibly make sense, though I'd prefer to keep Chris Coste on the roster (which could be possible if Bell is out).

I read in the local paper that the SWB Red Barons will be bringing back reliver Dan Giese. For you Phillies minor league followers, he was 11-5 and a IL All-Star in 2004. He retired last year for the reason of his wife being pregnant and not being able to go home to Texas. The paper reported that his contract had the agreement his wife could travel with the team on road games. Though he might not make it to the Phillies, he is a real nice pitcher to watch at the AAA level.


Barring a late trade, I think the final two spots will go to Rodriguez and Perez. As mentioned, Rodriguez is out of options and he's the sole return from an off-season trade. Perez will probably make it because of the Bell situation, the fact he can play all four infield positions and has experience. Coste and Roberson deserve it over him, but it's a matter of time now before they get their shots.

Of course, if it were my team, I'd say the hell with the 'long relief' man and keep two slots open for the bench.

I believe this too to be accurate. The only thing I wish is that there was another spot available for Lopez. I have a good feeling about this guy and I feel he could be better than Julio Santana, though I like Santana too.

Hey Adam...I believe the SWB paper is right. When I was in Clearwater for the day I walked around the minor league workout facility and saw Dan Giese in street clothes going into the locker room. I was wondering what he was doing there. I figured he was either just visiting friends or coming our of retirement.

Peter Bergeron posted great spring numbers...if we lose an outfielder this year to injury, I hope he's the man they call up, I like his style.

Don't get your hopes up with Bergeron. I have him pegged for Double-A Reading to lend a veteran hand.

I saw in today's Inky that the Phils are shopping Rheal Cormier. To me, this is excellent news, as I think Cormier should have retired last year. This could help land the left handed pinch hitter they need and free a roster spot on their pitching staff for someone who could possibly help this team like Booker.

where did they send shawn garrett

Minor league camp.

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