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Friday, March 24, 2006


The right side of the ballfield will not be the problem for the Phils, offensively, having potentially the best first baseman, second baseman, and right fielder in the NL.

It's a very special year when you can honestly say that Burrell might the forth best hitter in the lineup.

Anyone else impatient? I'm impatient. Want it to start now. Bring on the misery/elation please.

you're quoting wheels?

"Dead-red" is my favorite expression from the Chris Wheeler glossary. It means "absolute."

Yes, there is a Chris Wheeler Glossary at

A Chris Wheeler glossary actually exists . . . everything you possibly wanted to know is actually on the Internet.

Utley is outstanding. Good player to start the preview. If we are going to point out some weaknesses, he needs to improve against lefties and he has trouble with inside breaking balls. He actually swung at a few pitches last year that hit him. But a tremendous fastball hitter and much better defensively than we ever thought. I don't think there is a better 2B right now.

I'll be down there on April 3 wearing my brand new Utley jersey that my honey got me for Christmas.

I love the guy, the way he plays hard and always busts it.

A Chris Wheeler Glossary? Come onnnnnnn...

Yes Jason, you did gush, and I loved every word of it.

Jason gushing about "Uts" is fine. It's when Jason gushes about Shane Victorino that I have a problem.

Hooray for Phillies' number one draft picks who actually become good players! Much less actually exceed expectations: I doubt anyone thought Utley was a 30-homer guy when he was signed. The best thing about him, though, is that he could be the new face of the Phillies, surmounting the largely lifeless 'core' of the Wade era. Now here's someone worth building your team around, someone Philly actually likes. Along with Howard and a maturing Rollins, Utley is in the middle of this nascent new identity, which is why I think I may be a little higher on this team than the one a year ago at this same point.

Even as a pro-Wheeler holdout, I'll admit is *hilarious*.

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