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Thursday, March 16, 2006


An encouraging outing by (Pink) Floyd. I think he needed it for his mental psyche.

I really like that Lopez, it's good to see that he's opening a few eyes.

How about the USA team getting knocked out by Mexico tonight? I really like this WBC, I think they just need to play it later in the year when all players are equally conditioned. You could tell that the timing is off for a lot of the Americans.

Well, can't wait for the Phils opener, I've got my tickets ready!!

I tell you who I like is Cantu. We don't get to see him much because he's with TB, but if you're a fantasy player, he's got to be Top 5 2B for sure. I'd take Cantu over Kent.

And how about that non-HR call tonight? How is that not a HR? It slammed off the fair/foul pole and back on to the field. It hit about 8 feet over the fence. What did it hit, someone's head? That's brutal!

Let me guess, Jason. Balkin' Bob Davidson made that crappy call also?

I agree with you about Cantu, that guy can play!

Lopez should have this team made. I fully expect him to be the 7th inning guy all year and he's going to make a huge impact in the bullpen.

I didn't see the game, but good news (for once) on Floyd. He's another guy who could make a really big difference as a backup option in case of injury or ineffectiveness by someone else in the rotation. The more options, the better. So far, spring training is boding well for the Phils, giving me a little more hope each day.

In a way, I'm glad the U.S. is eliminated because it takes heat of this umpiring fiasco. Total shambles. The U.S. did not look sharp almost the entire tournament.

The worst part about the homerun off the foul pole was that all 4 of the umpires got together and said it didnt hit off the pole. What the hell were they looking at?

It really did hit off the foul pole about 8 feet over the outfielders head. I dont understand what the umpires thought made it bounce back onto the field so fast. The 2nd base umpire didnt even look at the ball to notice the yellow paint on the ball!

What do you guys think about the wbc rule that said in order for Mexico to move on they would have to score a 3 run homer after the 13th inning. And by scoring the 1st run Mexico eliminated itself.
Thats just crazy.

Uh, Jason, do you remember who turned you on to Cantu last season?

greatest post ever.

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