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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


What a mess that Nationals team is. That whole debacle with Soriano is a joke. Actually, I think their GM Bowden is a joke.

It's nice for the Phils to be hot, lets just hope they can carry it over into the season.

I hope they keep that guy Coste, what a good story he is.

I know that spring training means little, but all in all, I'd rather have a great spring than a terrible one.

I'm very very encouraged by the pitching. Especially the bullpen.

Folks, we might be looking at a very very good year.

I am not encouraged by the bullpen. I am, however, encouraged by the surplus of arms we seem to have this time around, mediocre as they may be. We have the flexibility to cut a tim worrell loose this year, I think. The question is, how well does Cholly handle those situations. He's still an x-factor in my book. Rmember how upset we all got last year at his management. Is that going to change somehow? It needs to.

I think you have to be encouraged by what we've seen over the past 3 weeks. It is not so much the record, but how they've played. The team (other than David Bell) is healthy. The pitching staff has looked good -- especially Madsen. Ryan Howard has continued where he left off in September. With the exception of Rowand and Lieberthal, all of the regulars are having fine springs. My concern is also the bullpen and in particular Gordon.


This team is no better than the 88 win team of last year if not worse just by the mere fact that we do not have the best closer in baseball add that to the fact that and all the other veteran regulars are now are year older and closer to breaking down and you've got disaster just waiting to happen.

The only way this team can improve to be a playoff caliber (i don't mean wildcard) type team Myers and Lieber each have to put up 17 win years and eat about 225 innings each to compensate for the lack of any bullpen help. My god who are you going to give the ball to in the 7th in a tight game before you get to Rhodes and Gordon (if not hurt)? Geary, Fultz, Santana (who his he anyway!), Oops i (Cormiered) my pants? I dont think so. Gillick is kidding himself if he considers them as the backend of his bullpen.

Go with the young Tejeda who lifted this team from death last year for about 10 starts and let him be the frigin' set up guy at least if not closer when Gordon is shut down for the year in May (which will happen) mark my words.

BTW if i hear "Wheels" mention that in May and June its important to stay in that wild card contention i think i'll throw my TV out the window! Think division morons you haven't won it since '93. Every team in the division has contended except you since!

To "Who cares"
Unless you are the Braves, no team can brag about what they've done in NL East for the past 14 years.

I'm perfectly happy with our bullpen. Look at Atlanta's for comparison. Or the Mets--sure, they have Wagner and Sanchez and a bunch of other pieces, but they shelled out way too much money and traded two quality starting pitchers to get where they are. And there's no point in looking at Washington or Florida.

It's our job as fans to care. And so far, the Phillies have probably had the best spring training anyone could expect. Even Franklin hasn't been too terrible.

Remember one of the final scenes in "Hoosiers" when Gene Hackman starts diagramming the final play of the championship game for somebody other than Jimmy Chitwood, and all of the players stand up out of the huddle in exasperation?
That's what I want all of the Phillies to do in the dugout when Charlie Manuel says "Okay Ryan, today you'll be batting sixth ..."

best line of the movie: "after you make these two free throws...and you WILL make these two free throws..."

True enough, Atlanta has even more question marks out of their bullpen than the Phillies. Far more, in fact. Be that as it may, they appear very evenly matched otherwise, as the tie today helps indicate. Even though the Mets have Wagner, I'm picking both the Braves and Phillies over them.

Got my first glimpse of Sal Fasano today on TV...Pete Incaviglia lives!

Sal Fasano = Cross between Pete Incaviglia and Captain Lou Albano.

What about when Chitwood just looks at him and says "I'll make it"?

Mathematically and historically speaking spring training records mean....nothing. see this.

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