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Monday, March 27, 2006


From what I know of the farm system, these guys were pretty much extreme fringe players. The Phils did get Barthelemy into 3 games this spring?? Must have been a nice guy. Is Floyd again pitching a good game today?

floyd again pitches well. 6 IP, about 3 H, 1 solo HR, no BBs I know of, not sure about Ks. announcers thought his curve was sharp.

Top six stories of spring:

1) Ryan Howard's record-breaking March
2) Chris Coste's cinderella story, Perez battling for job
3) Gavin Floyd back in prospect form
4) Middle relief concerns, roster situation
5) Ryan Madson and Ryan Franklin pitching well
6) Bell's bad back / Third base situation

So what do you think?
Keep Gavin Floyd as the fifth starter, and send Ryan Franklin to the bullpen?

nope. get some (hopefully) good use out of franklin for a few months on his first spin through the league, while floyd continues to work on his mechanics and pitch mixing, and then look at a call up / trade / role change. i am thinking this was the ideal plan all along. teams like the braves do it every year. no need to rush. the kid's 23, he's got time.

As far as the most important, positive organizational development this spring, Gavin Floyd's performance blows everything else out of the water. It really could make a huge difference if he is ready to step right up if someone falters or goes down. And then you have Wolf and Hamels in the wings for later. It would mean quite a lot to the fortunes of this team if Floyd stays on track this time.

It is great to see Floyd is doing well. Wasn't Halladay terrible the 1st time he was called up with the Blue Jays and then sent back to the minors, and since has won a Cy Young? 23 is really young so he should have time to make sure everything is in order before he gives it a go again.
I'm 23, too, and i don't know what the hell is going on.

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