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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Jason: BBTN, 12:20 AM??? As in AM?? You know I'm too old for that.

I take it you won't be watching the Asian bracket of the WBC, Goodman.

Yours truly will be at the 3/5 game. I'll be the one with a Phillies hat on drinking beer and getting sunburned.

*Sigh* You had to go and get an out-of-market fan all depressed with the inaccessible TV schedule...oh well, there's always Scott Graham on the radio (reaching for barfbag)...

rickschu, THAT BALL IS GONE!

Its not really "that ball is gone!" its more like, "that ball is gone-uh!"

My favorite odd combo is Scott Graham radio play-by-play with Harry doing color. It doesn't happen often, but it must be one, long smoke break for Harry because he doesn't say anything.

Do you think Graham points toward the ball when he says that? I bet he does.

Graham isn't that bad. He earned beaucoup points with me when he was quoted in the Philly Feuds article a few years back in Philadelphia Magazine saying that he wanted to slug Wheeler. I always find it to be highest of high comedy when Wheels starts to dissect the physiques of the players and umpiring officials.

I was hoping to start a forum on the broadcasters, chuckle...

I just dread the day when I tune in a televised game and there to do the pre-game intro banter is Graham and an elderly Chris Wheeler. I hope Harry holds out as long as humanly possible.

Not that I'm dissing Wheels. No way.

Graham is your typical generic deep voiced announcer. Everything about him is annoying -- from his goofy banter with Larry Anderson ("How we lookin' LA ?") to his use of inside baseball terms -- "backdoor breaking ball." Man, I am going to miss Tom McCarthy this year.

Having resided in Chicago for a time, I can assure you all that I'd rather have "that ball is gone" or "you can put another one in the win column for the Fightin' Phils" put on a continuous loop and piped into my bedroom much like Danielle Rousseau's looping message than to ever, ever again have to hear Hawk Harrelson and his sidekick yell out "You can put it on the board.... YES!" when seeing a Pale Hoseman hit one out. Truly annoying. Hawk Harrelson makes Wheels seem like Costas.

True, the White Sox announcers have made an art form of being irritating. Anyone have other nominations for most excruciating announcers? Mine would be Vin Scully. You know, they let him do the telecasts all by himself now. All nine innings. That's enough to send anyone careening over the edge of sanity.

What?!? Vin Scully is the voice of baseball. I always tune MLB extra innings to the Dodgers games after the Phils finish. His voice and his stories are legendary, like Harry Carey.

Tim McCarver. Hands down. Obsequious. Unctuous. I usually take two dramamine if I even think he is going to do the telecast. Joe Buck has the personality of drywall. When the two of them are together I not only hit the mute button, I even scramble the picture slightly in case they do a cutaway shot of the two of them in ties and shirtsleeves.

I know I'm in the vast minority here, but I like McCarver and abhor Scully. McCarver and Scully on the surface are similar, both being very literate and verbose...but while I admit McCarver can be overbearing, I do appreciate his insight and don't often hear many make the observations that he does. Scully, on the other hand, is a man clearly in love with his own voice and just talks and talks and talks for the sake of listening to himself. He loves to tell stories but they often sound rehearsed and often have nothing to do with what's happening on the field. He puts no emotion into his play-by-play, just the shrill, canned, nails-on-chalkboard monotony that will tell you someone just hit a homerun and that next Sunday is free helmet day in the same breath. I wouldn't be surprised if the night crew has to carry him away at 2 a.m. while he's still yabbering on about the time Tommy Lasorda spit tobacco all over the microphone during an interview. What an anachronistic bore.

Ah, I don't expect anyone will agree with me here.

I'm in the Los Angeles media market and Scully does all the home games, but, unless its the Giants, I'm pretty certain he stays home and Charley Steiner (Follow me! Follow me to freedom!) does the TV away and the top radio home games. They're starting to show ol' Vin the pasture.

Also in the LA media market we have the American League Team That Goes To Court Over Their Name. They have in their booth the hands down WORST announcer of any media in all the League - Rex Hudler. Self gratification L.A. style, coated in a thick haze of whatever intoxicant he partakes of that night. Imagine a ballgame being called by a professional volleyball player. Yeah.
He sucks.

Ugh, Rex Hudler. Never liked that guy. Remember when Mr. Sunshine got busted for drugs at the airport?

i'm shocked and appalled that no one was mentioned the king of "kill me" so far, joe morgan. absolutely nails on a chalkboard when that guy talks.

gr: YOU are correct. Morgan is the worst. Apologies (half-hearted) to McCarver.

Speaking of broadcasters, the Phillies added one today:

From a Phillies news release:
Scott Franzke is joining the Phillies radio broadcasting team, David Buck, Vice President, Advertising Sales, announced today.

The 33-year-old Franzke (FRAN-ski) will host the pre-game and post-game shows and do play-by-play for two innings on Phillies games aired on WPHT 1210 AM and the 21-station radio network.

A 1994 graduate (broadcast journalism degree) of Southern Methodist University, Franzke spent the last four years (2002-05) in his second tour of duty with the Texas Rangers as a full-time studio host of the pre- and post-game shows and fill-in play-by-play announcer on KRLD. He previously worked two seasons as the part-time pre- and post-game host for the Rangers (1997-98).

Interesting. Thanks for the heads up JW. I always like Tom McCarthy, hopefully Franzke is of similar quality. Matt Yallof would probably be good in that type of role, too.

Yallof is actually headed to New York and joining the broadcast team of a new Comcast affiliate.

Ugh!!!! First McCarthy and now Yallof! If they steal Gudel the gloves are coming off...

Any insight on how Marcus Hayes was allowed back on Daily News Live? I haven't been watching lately, but I seem to recall seeing him on after the Barkann explosion.

It'll be good to see Taiwan show China how baseball is played. And how Taiwan has been an independent country for 57 years now baby!!!

It'll be good to see Taiwan show China how baseball is played. And how Taiwan has been an independent country for 57 years now baby!!!

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