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Saturday, February 11, 2006


I have a question for you. Why do teams keep guys in AAA that are never going to be moved up to the majors.Its like they lead the guys into thinking someday they may be moved up but they never do. A good example would be Jim Rushford, Mark Budzinski or even Jorge Padilla.
Couldn't the Phillies trade them away for some possible pitching prospects or at least something that they feel would have a better chance to make the Big League team in the future?

Oh I forgot to mention I went to college with Tim Bauser in Kutztown. Cool guy. He was in one of my science classes and I hung out with him at a few parties. We started the same year and man is he tall. I met him freshman year and I thought he was a senior. He must have been 6'5 210 freshman year. I wish him good luck with the Red Sox.

The two big reasons why players like Rushford stick around are, first, insurance in case a player on the Phillies gets hurt, second, winning is a part of development.

It's important to have good, experienced players like Rushford peppered in with the prospects to simulate the big league experience. Even the best organization cannot field an entire team with top prospects; there just aren't enough. You hate to use the word placeholder, but in a sense, that's part of what the three players you mentioned have meant to the Phillies because there was a dip in that position.

The Phillies realized it was worth more to keep these players rather than trade them, knowing they wouldn't get much in return. For instance, you would never get a pitching prospect in return. Meanwhile, veterans like Rushford, who have been in Triple-A this long and can now hit Triple-A pitching, can carry an offense. The benefit is, Gavin Floyd, or whomever, knows he has a good enough supporting cast to win ballgames while he continues to develop his game at a high level.

Don't rule out inertia, either. The Phillies, as much as any club in baseball, are loyal to their players and staff.

I am hoping the Phillies bring Rushford back. Being native of Scranton, I got to know Jim pretty well and enjoyed watching him play for the last two seasons. Looking at their season, having Chris Coste probably at 3B, and the OF totally set - I am not sure who will play 1st? I know Randy Ruiz had a great year at Reading - not sure he was protected though. I thought Rushy had a chance of coming back for 1B/OF/DH. I knew Mark Budzinski wouldn't be back . . . He was not productive last year. Rushford was. Since he signed with a indy team - maybe he'll get brought back once the Phillies decide who they will keep and who they will not after spring training. With John Castallaneo going to Cincy, I hope the Phillies bring back Jim for one more year!

Jason, BTW - former Baron 3B Travis Chapman signed a minor league deal with Pitt.

My god, Terry Adams must have 12 lives.

It is a shame that a player like Jim Rushford has to go back and play in an indy league with the numbers he has put up in AAA. How does a guy like Braulio Castillo (37yrs old) sign with the Phillies and not re-sign Rushford????

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