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Monday, February 27, 2006


Any word on the Triple A team for next yr?

Nothing for sure, but the big minor league news at the Winter Tour stop in Reading was that Michael Bourn would be in Triple-A. It was indicated that pitcher Daniel Haigwood, acquired in the Thome deal, would also be there. The rest is speculation. Chris Roberson will probably be there, as will outfielder Josh Kroeger. Scranton could also be home once again to Robinson Tejeda, Eude Brito, Yoel Hernandez and Allen Davis. The catcher they got in Rule 5, John Vanden Berg, would be a candidate. Danny Sandoval is a candidate. It sounded as if Peter Bergeron, who played for a while with the Expos, could actually be in Double-A.

Mike Drago, the Reading Phillies beat writer, would have better input on it. He and minor league coordinator Steve Noworyta were discussing rosters at length. One guy Noworyta was excited about was Joe Thurston, who was signed as a minor league FA. Not sure where he fits in, probably Triple-A. It's a safe bet that both Reading and Scranton could be quite good.

One of the papers either today or yesterday had Hairgwood or Gonzales going to double A.

When do the inevitable comparisons between each player and their beer sponsor start?

gavin floyd most likely at Scranton as well.

can i boo the glass on july 28?

i read a story in the Inquirer before I left for spring semester of college that the Phillies might move their AAA affiliate to allentown, pa. because scranton is apparently too far detached from philly or something. does anyone know if that is happening or have any updates about that?

and that darren daulton pint glass is a good give away, since he certainly loves to drink...and drive.

the phillies farm system is really complex. i've done some research onlne. some sports sites rank their farm system as pretty good where some rank it as really bad. frankly, i think they've done a decent job. the main problem the phillies have is keeping the talent in philadelphia.

i do love yuengling however!

Damn. Of course, almost all of those home weekend games for Reading are games when the Phillies are away. I wasn't planning to make my Phillies/Phamily trip home until Labor Day this year, which is a little too late for any of those.

But you're right, that's a seriously cool set of giveaways. I'll have to tell my dad about it.

From an R-Phils standpoint, the one worth booing would be the last one, Kruk, who earned his "legend" status as a coach for a few weeks before leaving to be on that foolish television show.

Sure enough, there's Krukker right across from your comment. You know, he did play a few games there on a rehab assignment...

I got an email from the big club offering season ticket holders all the promo items from CBP for $150. That was laughable. How badly do I need a Southwest Airlines Schedule Magnet?

I'm not going to bite on that, but if someone gave me a similar offer for these glasses, I'm in.

haha i take it no one has respect for gary varsho?

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