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Friday, February 24, 2006


crash and burn, mets!

To me the Mets seem to be a 2006 version of the mid 80's yankees.

i'm sure you guys would like to believe that. but hey, maybe the phillies can keep themselves in it and then make one of their legendary season changing trades like acquiring cory lidle or the longball killer ugeth urbina. that's what happens when the phils look to go on the cheap all the time and hire guys like charlie manuel and pat gillick instead of getting something worth a damn.

it's pretty pathetic when you guys are down to hoping pedro gets hurt to damage our playoff chances. good luck this years filthies.

aah good 'ol Shae Stadium, the place where talent goes to die.

And Bill Simmons smiled.

Wow, what side of the bed did hotcorner5 get up on today?

By the way, I almost forgot, fun post Jason.

He probably got up on the Queens side of the bed...

DOn't worry Phillies' fans. Your team will finish .500 this year and probably in third place.

Heh, it kinda sounds like this post touched a nerve with some Mets fans.

i love how the Always Amazin blog directs readers to come to this site and pick a fight with us. kind of like the old days in the upper deck of the Vet.

Who needs to pick a fight with you? You're Phillies fans.

haha how can anyone who is a mets fan even talk crap? the mets have had like 10x the talent the phillies have had over the past few years, and yet the phillies have still finished higher then them. who did that team have last year? piazza, beltran, martinez? and they STILL had a horrible year. the phillies lost their prize player in jim thome and t hey still finished a game within the wild card. gotta love the mets. they are the new york yankees' annoying, troublesome younger brother (see: vince coleman)

oh yeah, and the mets will still suck because wagner doesn't seem to perform to the best of his ability until the final year of his contract.

10x the talent? i don't know about you, but some of those met teams were pretty woeful. i recall the phillies being very highly touted recently and failing to meet any expectations. they fire wade and bowa and fail to address the real problem... a line up with too many Ks!

by the way, my first post was intended to be highly antagonistic. i am a met fan from south jersey and all my friends are filthies fans. i hate the filthies. and also, don't invoke the "yankees are better than the mets" b/c i know for a fact phillies fans hate the yanks just as much as mets fans do.

haha few years implies recent memory. you're right that the phillies haven't lived up to their expectations, but neither have the mets. if the mets even make the playoffs this year i'd be surprised. you're right, phillies fans do hate the yankees, you knwo why? because EVERYONE HATES THE YANKEES

Wow, never expected the discourse to fall this low on this site...being totally objective, I can't take the Mets very seriously. They may well finish higher than the Phillies, but how could anyone with half a brain cell say they are the 'team to beat'? Has no lesson been learned with the great-on-paper Phillies of the past three seasons? Where did all those acquisitions get them? Not past the Braves. Go ahead and rationalize they're suddenly vulnerable because they've lost Leo Mazzone...right, just the way they just laid down and died after Maddux, Glavine, Wright, Millwood, etc. etc. left the team. Come on. I'm certainly no Braves fan, but they've earned the right not to be discounted by also-ran teams who suddenly spend a lot of money. Organizations win divisions and pennants - not franchises with free-spending GMs. Even Yankees fans will tell you that.

And Pedro? Gee, couldn't happen to a greater guy.

Why event talk trash with mets fans? F NY. Their basically just like Yankees fans, but with no lineage.

exactly. until the braves find a way to lose/everyone else in the NL finds a way to take over the NL east, the braves are the team to beat. which is a shame, because i hate the braves as much as i hate the yankees and mets.


Kinda like the way everyone hates people from Philly?

craig, you sound like a real cool guy to hang with.


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