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Monday, February 20, 2006


Did yous ee the pics of THome? man, he looked small. I dont even want to say what this makes me think.

I think Thome looks great actually. He's leaner than last season and looks like an athlete. I didn't think Thome was carrying around "good weight" in 2005. He looked dumpy. But you are correct: He is not carrying around the same mass he did in 2002-2003.

Thome is a man on a mission.

I wasnt implying that Thome didnt look great and you may be right about him not carrying good weight last year, but it was still fairly striking.

He looked pretty damn trim in those pictures. I'm not surprised tho' with most of last season off due to injury. I could see that as a real reason to get yourself into excellent shape, to avoid having those kind of niggling injuries build up again. Or maybe its the fact he no longer has easy access to cheese steaks.

This item from Randy Miller doesn't sound particularly good:

"CLEARWATER, Fla. - There are bullpen jobs to be won, and Chris Booker, a right-handed reliever with a linebacker's body, is worried that his opportunity already has been tackled by misfortune.

Booker, a 29-year-old late bloomer, arrived last December in a Rule 5 draft trade as damaged goods. The Phillies knew this brute had minor offseason knee surgery, but they didn't get word that he also had a sprained ACL until recently."

Of course the 15- or 60-day DL could be a Rule 5 loophole.

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