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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Philling Station provided the email addresses for Larry Shenk and Scott Palmer yesterday.

This is maybe the dumbest personnel move the Phillies could possibly make which is saying alot. I haven't been able to stand Wheels since I was a kid when they'd break up Harry and Whitey for no good reason. And now they want to force out a Hall of Famer for him? Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Wheels originally get his job with the team because his daddy worked for the Philles? That's a good reason to keep someone around 30 years.

Is there anyone in the tri-state area who actually likes Chris Wheeler including his family? He is horrendous and should be fired. Give me Harry and LA. By the way go to and look at other team's broadcasters, noone else has this ridiculous rotation going.

The only reason I think that this rotation exists is because (a) Harry still likes to do some radio and (b) the team probably sells more advertising and gets more listeners when Harry is on the radio, too. I know I have hit the tv mute button and turned on the radio to hear Harry in the past...

As I commented over at Phillies Baseball, this shuffle decision shows utter tone deafness on the part of the powers that be. This 6 inning team up of Wheels and Harry is the equivalent of putting Kenny Banna (Wheels) and Jerry (Harry) together. Much like Banna, Wheels is only good for unintentional laughs. I predict that Harry starts to call Wheeler "Chris" exclusively by June 1, and that will be the beginning of the end of Harry's days in Philly. Worst case: Harry decides he still has it in him and goes somewhere else next year.

does "wheels" have naked pictures of David Montgomery?

this is ridiculous, the two worst voices the phillies have Scott "let me scream my calls" Graham and Chris "I make excuses for bad players" Wheeler......god they are awful!!
the phillies again are so out of touch from their fan base....

THis is an abomination. CHRIS F**ING WHEELER??? WTF*****G F***. Excuse me I'm sorry, but how this no talent hack with a dead squirrel on his head is still employed by the Phils in an important capacity, let alone pushing out THE DEFINING VOICE OF PHILADELPHIA is an utter outrage.

I posted a thread with Scott Palmer's email adress on the EMB this morning, as well as sending him an email myself.

It is an outrage. I don't even know where to start here. First off: Harry Kalas should be in a position to be telling the Phillies what he wants, not the other way around. If he doesn't like working with Wheeler, it's one thing; okay, he can handle three innings a game. But why rip him completely apart from Andersen, the one partner he maintains a rapport with? Who is making these senseless decisions? And why does this organization insist on factoring Scott Graham into an ever-increasing role of stature? It's obvious they are grooming him to be the heir play-by-play man when Harry does hang 'em up, but why? Do a poll, Scotty Palmer. Please. You want to be the eyes and ears? Here's something for you to do. Find out what percentage of fans enjoys listening to Graham and Chris Wheeler. I personally don't despise Wheeler the way a lot of fans apparently do, but I have no end of disdain for the insulting level of canned, just-add-water-and-screaming presentation of Graham. Anyway, the point is, people want to hear Kalas and Andersen, CLEARLY, and the Phillies, blindly as ever, have absolutely no regard or inclination as to what its fan base wants. I feel the backlash will be so strong on this one, that they'll finally have no choice, but just that it would even come to this point! It's just incredible how inept it makes the organization look, at a time when they're scratching their heads and wondering, gee, why do people have such anger towards us?

This is exactly why, you damn fools. Harry Kalas is just as important to Phillies baseball as the baseball itself, no exaggeration. With Veterans Stadium gone, he is the one thread of continuity linking my childhood love of the game and the present. Players have come and gone, but he remains the one constant, the rock of signification that means the Phillies more than anything to me. And they want to jeopardize his possible departure by forcing him to work with organizational yes-men because they have closer front-office ties to Montgomery? You have got to be kidding me. You honestly need to hire Scott Palmer to figure out why you are pissing people off? Christ almighty.

I don't know about you guys but they look like they are happy in this picture:

I'm just kidding! Honestly, I don't care who they put in the radio or tv slots because I understand those kinds of things have to do with maketing and making money. Remember....that's what the Phillies are all about. What I don't like about this that they may be trying to push Harry out a little early.
There is nothing like a nice sunny Sunday with the breeze coming through the windows hitting you in the face while you put your feet up and hear Harry Kalas announcing the game.

As bad as the initial report sounded, the response by scott palmer does at least suggest that they know they're in for trouble if they do shove him out. Unfortunately it doesn't quell the queasy feeling that they may push ahead with their plans and when Harry doesn't stay, hold up their hands and go 'we didn't push him!'

simple answer is to bombard them with e-mails going no. they've a PR expert on board, so he'll soon work out its a bad idea if he has to wade through a see of negative responses.

(Unless he can't read. A good phillies pr hire would be someone who couldn't read and was mostly deaf.)

WTF is that thing on Wheeler's head?

BRAVO "RickSchuBlues" you hit it dead on w/your comments! you should email montgomery directly!!

Yesterday I e-mailed Larry Shenk about Harry the K and LA. Today I got a response back from Larry Shenk. I hate Wheeler, he must have something on somebody.

Here's what I sent to Larry Shenk:

'Please push to keep Harry teamed up with LA on play by play. Is there any way to get rid of the very annoying Chris Wheeler?'

And here's the response I got back:

'Thank you for taking the time to contact the Phillies. We appreciate your interest and input.

First, please be assured that there is not the slightest truth to the suggestion that the Phillies do not want Harry Kalas to continue broadcasting our games. We are well aware that Harry is a treasure not only for the Phillies but for the entire Delaware Valley. We are both lucky and proud to have this Hall of Fame announcer in the booth, now and in the future.

Second, as you know, Tom McCarthy has taken a broadcasting job with the New York Mets. His departure caused us to re-examine our broadcasting lineup. One thought was to have the announcers do less cross over between radio and television. That remains an option, along with several others under consideration.

No final decision has been made, but it is important that we think about all the possible ways we might achieve our ultimate goal of providing the best broadcast package for our fans. In making these decisions we fully understand the connection broadcasters make with fans. It is one of baseball’s strengths and we don’t want to do anything to diminish those connections.

Again, thanks for expressing your opinions.

Larry Shenk

Vice President, Public Relations'

Well, it looks like Shenk has the form letter ging out. I sent an email to Scott Palmer and got THE EXACT same email back...from larry Shenk.

This is what I sent to Scott....

I don't expect you to read nor reply to this, but I need to get this off my chest. If the Phillies forcefeed us Wheeler and push Harry out of town it will be an abomination and it will be the final tipping point in the Phillies self defeating quest to drive the fans away.

PS: WTF is that on Wheeler's head?

metallica? seriously dude? i would have never thought.

Wow! This story has taken off big time! I predict that there will be another announcement about this within a few days. Management is tone deaf, but when the din is painfully loud, they do get it.

Oisin - was that a freudian slip? PR guy having to WADE through the responses?

conlin's column today nails it all.

...And Justice for All IMO is a weak album. Master of Puppets is their best.

Hey, quit hating on my music!

AJFA is a great album, what are you talking about, That Dude? they could have mixed the bass in, but aside from that, it don't stink. Sure its not master of puppets, but Check Your Head isn't Paul's Boutique either.

Any album w/o bass cant be good. As to Check your head and Paul's boutique....yawn....but then again it's all subjective. Excuse me while I listen to the mastery of Van Halen's Fair Warning. is that on Wheeler's head? lol

you tipped your hand, brother. no appreciation for the beasties is a negative.

man would i be upset if harry was shoved out the door. when i come home from college, i know i'm home when i hear harry the k scream "THAT BALL IS OUTTA HERE!!" plus i have his autograph, so that's cool.

i have nothing against chris wheeler, he's a lot better then those awful braves announcers on TBS.

I have a few things to confess:

I am not native to the area, moved here in 1986. Have lived here off and on ever since.

I hate the rotating announcers on the broadcasts. I have never personally experienced it in any other city.

I have no love for Harry, but respect his place in Phillies history. He has a right to go out on his terms. I hope it's sooner rather than later.

Everyone else on the broadcast is horrible.

That's just the beginning of the problems with the production and the production values of the games.

To begin, Comcast or whoever is producing needs to sweeten the crowd sounds, raise the volume. The broadcast always sounds dead, even when there's a big crowd. Listen for it this season.

This is shaping up to be a fun season. I hope they can capture and keep an audience.

some of my fondest memories as a kid are laying on my bedroom floor, listening to my little radio, listening to the phillies games with my windows wide open and a nice summer breeze coming in. i have harry kalas' autograph and i consider him a pivotal part of phillies broadcasts. harry should get to go on his own terms.

ps. remember when the phillies hired harry's son todd kalas? that guy was terrible!

no team is more adept at screwing up the seemingly unscrewup-able. Kudos, Dave Montgomery. That Wharton edumacation has paid off!



wtf is on chris wheelers head?

The Phillies need broadcasters like By Saam,Bob Prince, Harry Cary.. the Scott Graham phony home run calls and screaming have to go!....I actually think they should give Larry Andersen a shot @ play by play! would probably be better then the predictable, politcally correct crap we are getting now!...AND THAT WEASEL WHEELER HAS TO DO!!!..this guy has to be related to ownership somehow...I actually get nautious listening to wheels and Scott Graham,,,when the phils play the Mets Or Yanks, I listen to the broadcasts.

The Phillies need broadcasters like By Saam,Bob Prince, Harry Cary.. the Scott Graham phony home run calls and screaming have to go!....I actually think they should give Larry Andersen a shot @ play by play! would probably be better then the predictable, politcally correct crap we are getting now!...AND THAT WEASEL WHEELER HAS TO GO!!!..this guy has to be related to ownership somehow...I actually get nautious listening to wheels and Scott Graham,,,when the phils play the Mets Or Yanks, I listen to their broadcasts

Wheeler is such a kiss ass!

cHRIS WhEELER HAS TO BE BLOWIN SOMEONE IN THE FRONT OFFICE....ONE OF THE OWNERS???, there has to be some head bt wheeler somehwere,,,what a WEASEL,oh and nice hair Chris

Wheeler & Graham have to GO!!! Now!!

How come Wheels looks so jumpy when he is on camera with Harry?

Giles is a senile old bastard...but really the Phillies need a little clubhouse brawling I think to get things going,,these spoiled bastards make way too much money, they need to be like the old Oakland athletics o the early 70's...winning multiplke world series while kicking the shit out of each other in the clubhouse!!!

bring back 1 year contracts!! and you'll see how fast these bastards will start running and diving after fly balls,,,me...I am going back to games in Trenton & Reading where the players are bustin their ass to get to the majors....Hats off to Aaron Rowand,,maybe he will get lucky and get traded back to the White Sox where they have a real who has an accent but you understand what he is saying,,,instead of the Goober we have...whats our goober manager getting paid?? far less then what Bowa was, I am sure

In answer to why wheels is jumpy when doin tv with Harry...Hey you would be jumpy too if between innings someone was holdin you by your shirt collar and stuffing his shoe up your ass!

keep Larrry Andersen & Harry...the other buttfuckers have to go!

They need to clear house in the phillies broadcast booth,,,except for Larry Andersen,,,Harry when he wants to go..but that Little rugheaded weasel has to go

Scott Graham, as Harry says...'Is OuTTa Here!!!!!"...thank god!

I moved out of the Philly area in 91 and missed listening to the Phillies broadcasts. By, Harry, Richie. That was the definitive Phillies announcer team.

When Wheller showed up, I lost almost all interest in the broadcast itself whenever he was on the air. From the first time I heard him, I never understood what it was about him that I didn't like, but I knew it was a deep feeling.

Maybe I was picking up on the disdain oozing out of the other broadcasters? Anyway, I never knew till today that I was not the only one who hated listening to 'Wheels.'

It absolutely amazes me that a team like the Phillies - who relies heavilly on it's fan base would continue to field someone that is universally disliked, and try to lose someone who is a Phan Phavorite.

But who am I kidding? Ryan Howard has become a star and is headed for superstar status, I expect the Phillies will trade him for a lump of cheese any minute now. That's the Phillie management logic we all know and disrespect.

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